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福建省泉州第一中学九年级英语全册 Unit 2周练

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Unit 2周练

第一部分 听力(20分)


1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4._____ 5._____


( )6.A.She’s well. B.She’s ill. C.She isn’t here.

( )7.A.Yes, it has. B.No, it doesn’t. C.Yes, it is.

( )8.A.No, thanks. B.Yes, thank you. C.Yes, very much.

( )9.A.Good idea. B.Yes, please. C.No, thanks.

( )10.A.I’m doing my homework.

B.I was watching TV. C.I have finished my homework.


( )11.What do many places in the world need today?

A.More sea water. B.More clean water. C.More fresh water.

( )12.How many ways does this passage tell us to get fresh water from the sea water?

A.One way. B.Two ways. C.Three ways. ( )13.Which way costs more money, but works faster than the sun?

A.The way of heating the sea water.

B.The way of making the sea water cold.

C.Neither of the above.

( )14.What does the passage mainly talk about?

A.What do many places in the world need.

B.Why to turn salt water into fresh water.

C.How to turn salt water into fresh water.

( )15.Which way is the best to get more fresh water?

A.Heating the sea water.

B.Making the sea water below zero.

C.The way to spend the least money but to get the most fresh water.


( ) 16.How does Mr. White usually go to work?


A.By train. B.By plane. C.By bike.

( ) 17.When does Mr. White usually leave his home to the office?

A.Half past seven. B. Half past eight. C.At eight .

( ) 18.Where does Mr. White work?

A.At home.

B.In a restaurant.

C.In an office

( ) 19.Where was Mr. White when it was 8: 05 one morning?

A.In a restaurant.

B.At home.

C.In an office.

( ) 20.Why didn’t Mr. White seem to be in a hurry?

A. Because he thought he was in his office.

B. Because he hadn’t finished his breakfast.

C. Because he didn't have to work on that day.

第二部分 基础知识运用


( )21.—Would you like to have _____?

—No, thank you. I’ve had enough.

A.anything more B.something more C.more anything

( )22.The driver was badly hurt _____ the traffic accident.

A.because of B.ought to C.with the help of

( )23.This washing machine is very easy to use. _____ can learn to use it in a very short time.

A.Somebody B.Anybody C.Nobody

( )24.We have known each other _____ ten years ago.

A.for B.ever C.since

( )25._____ everybody likes watching TV in my family. My parents like doing outdoor activities.

A.No B.Not C.None

( )26.We must plant more trees after we _____ every year.

A.cut off them B.cut them off C.cut them down

( )27.The cleaners must keep the street _____.

A.from getting dirty B.to dirty C.to get dirty

( )28. —It smells terrible. What has happened here?

—Look, there is much waste gas _____ from the chemical factory.

A.pour B.pouring C.poured

( )29. --Tom, I want to see your pet dog.

--But it _____for two months.

A. is dead B.has died C.has been dead

( )30.Lily always helps others _____ she is very busy.

A.but B.and C.although



A: Hi, Jane. Would you like to help save the environment?

B: I’d like to. 31

A: Well, first, you can start by turning off the lights when you leave a room. B: Yes. That’s easy. 32 What’s next?

A: Second, you can ride a bicycle. Don’t take a bus or a taxi if you don’t have to. B: 33 What else?

A: Third, try to recycle paper.

B: Mmm. Newspapers, magazines, we have a lot of paper at home. Good idea. A: The fourth idea is to turn off the shower(淋浴器) when you’re not using it. B: 34

A: Yes. Get wet, turn off the shower, put the shampoo (洗发剂) in your hair and

then turn on the shower and wash it out.


Today we can see that many people are cutting down the trees in the forests.

A lot of rich lands have 36 deserts. If we read newspapers, we’ll learn that the forests on the earth are getting 37 all the time. We have cut down so many trees 38 we need wood and farmland. Some scientists say that there will not be any great forests 39 20 or 30 years.

What will happen if the forests disappear? A lot of plants will die out and many kinds of animals will 40 their homes. In many places the new farmland will 41 the old desert soon. Crops will not grow there. There won’t be enough 42 , and the weather will get hot and dry. If the climate of the earth changes, life will be 43 for everyone. More and more rich farmland will disappear. We will suffer a lot from both droughts (干旱) and floods.

Humans have come to realize the 44 of protecting the forests and animals. Everyone should try his best to make a contribution (贡献) to taking care of the forests. Stop 45 more trees and make the world greener!

( )36.A.become B.becomes C.becoming

( )37.A. less and less B.smaller and smaller C. more and more small

( )38.A.while B.so C.because

( )39.A.in B.at C.on

( )40.A.find B.lose C.build

( )41.A. look at B. look up C..look like

( )42.A. rain B.sunshine C.wind

( )43.A.easy B.hard C.happy


( )44.A.importance B.radiation C.influence

( )45.A.to cut down B.cutting down C.planting



Every four years, the greatest athletes(运动员) from all over the world get together in one city to take part in the world sports meeting—the Olympic Games. The holy flame (圣火) is carried from one place to the next. In 2008, the holy flame was carried to Beijing, the capital of China.

When Beijing was chosen as the host city to hold the Olympic Games in 2008, all the Chinese people were very happy, excited and proud. They showed their excitement in different ways when they heard the news. Some people cheered, jumped and shouted.

In Beijing we built a new Olympic village with hotels for athletes and stadiums for matches.

“One World, One Dream” is our slogan for the 29th Olympics. It expresses the wishes of 1.3 billion Chinese people for a peaceful and better world tomorrow.

( ) 46. The Olympic Games is held every _____ years.

A. five B. three C. four

( ) 47. Beijing hosted the 29th Olympics in _____.

A.2007 B.2008 C.2012

( ) 48. _____ was built for the 29th Olympics in Beijing.

A. Hotels B. Stadiums C. Olympic village

( ) 49. When Chinese people heard the news that Beijing would hold the 29th Olympics,

they _____.

A. cheered B. shouted C. both the above

( ) 50. The slogan for the 29th Olympics is _____.

A.“Good, better, best” B.“Faster, higher, stronger”

C.“One World, One Dream”


New rules and behavior standards (行为规范) for middle school students came out in March. Middle school is going to use a new way to decide who the top(最好的) students are. The best students won’t only be the ones who have high marks. They will also be the kids who don’t color their hair, smoke or drink. The followings are some of the new rules. Tell the truth. Have you ever copied someone else’s work in an exam? Don’t do it again! That’s not something an honest (诚实的) student should do. If you have played computer games for two hours in your room, don’t tell your parents you were doing your homework at that time.

Do more at school. Good students love animals and care for other people. April is Bird-loving Month in China. Is your school doing anything to celebrate? You should join! In that way, you can learn more about animals and how to protect them. When more people work together, it brings more fun for everyone.


Be friendly to others. Have you ever quarreled (吵架) with your teammates when your basketball team lost? Only working together can make your team stronger. Be friendly to the people you are with. Try to think of others, not only yourself.

Be open to new ideas. Have you ever thought that people could live on the moon? Maybe you’ll discover Earth Ⅱ someday. Don’t look down on new ideas. Everyone’s ideas are important. You should welcome them, because new ideas make life better for everyone. Protect yourself. Has someone ever taken money from one of your classmates? Don’t let it happen to you. If you have to go home late, you should let your parents know. Use the Internet carefully. The Internet can be very useful for your studies. But some things on the Internet aren’t good for kids, so try to look at web pages that are good for you. You can use the web for homework or fun. If you can’t find any good web sites for children. Here are two: http: // kids.eastday.com, http: //www.chinakids.net.com.


( )51.The new school rules will help kids by telling them what is right and what is wrong.

( )52.According to the passage, we know we should love animals and protect them.

( )53.Good web sites for children can be a waste of time.

( )54.As a student, we should tell the truth, even when we have done something wrong.

( )55.The passage tells us the new rules and standards about how to be a top student.


The ladies club always has a meeting every Friday afternoon and some ladies come to talk to each other about some important things. After that, they have tea and ask questions.

One Friday, a lady came and talked in the club about the food problem. “There is not enough food in the world for everybody,” she said, “more than half of the people in the world are hungry, and when these people get more food, they have more babies, as a result they never stop being hungry. Somewhere in the world, a woman is having a baby every minute, day and night. What are we going to do about it?” She waited for a few seconds. Then one of the ladies said, “Why don’t we find that woman and stop her?”


56.What do ladies often do in the ladies club?

They often _____ a meeting, talk, have tea and _____ questions. 57.What did the lady come to talk about one Friday?

She came to talk about the _____ _____.

58.What did the lady think about the food problem?

Some people never stop _____ _____.

59.What is the second lady’s answer to the first lady’s question?


She said they should _____ that woman and stop her _____ having babies.

60.Do you think the second lady’s answer is helpful? _____, it _____. 6

初三英语周练 Unit 2 Topic1&Topic2 (2013.11.2)




(5分)56.______ ______57.______ ______ 58.______ ______

59._______ ______60.______ _______

第三部分 写作


(A) 根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。(5分)

61. There is a s_________ running through my hometown, many children swim in it in summer. 62. I am wearing a hat to p_________ my face from the sun.

63. Spitting anywhere in public is bad b_______.

64. What terrible air! It is difficult for me to b____________.

65. The greenhouse effect causes the l__________ of the ocean to rise and the climate of the earth to change.

(B) 根据句意及汉语提示填写单词或词组。(5分)

66. As we know, none of us likes ____________ (污染).

67. Trees can stop the wind from ___________ the earth _________(刮走).

68. A lot of rich land has already__________________(变成) desert.

69. Remember________________(关掉) the tap when you are not using it.

70. Don’t throw rubbish around, it _________________(对??有害) our environment.

(C) 根据句意,填入适当的不定代词或不定副词(5分)

71. I think I must find____________ to do.

72. Don’t put your bike here. Put it _____________ else.

73. ____________ went to the movies except David.

74. _____________ of the questions is easy to answer.

75. Lily, ______________ wants to see you out side the gate.


77. Air ____________ is the most serious problem at the moment.

78. As we know, China is still a _____________ country in the world.

79. In the ____________,it is hard for us to obey the strict rules.

80. Do you know America is one of the world’s largest _____________ of oil.


81. Did your father go to Japan?(改为现在完成时)

________ your father ________ to Japan?


82. The teacher said to Mr. Wang,“Your son has many strange questions.”


The teacher_________Mr.Wang that _______son _______ many strange questions.

83. Michael asked,“Are you feeling better now,Jane?”(改为间接引语)

Michael asked ________ _______ _______ ______ feeling better _________. Ⅲ.书面表达。(10分)

根据提示,以“Saving the Earth”为题,写一篇80词左右的短文。

提示: 1. 人类只有一个地球,如何保护环境已成为世界最大难题之一;







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