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寒假提高课(unit4Where is my schoolbag)

短语巩固:on the sofa 在沙发上 under the table 在桌子下面 In the schoolbag 在书包里 come on 快点儿,加油 语法:


go to bed 上床睡觉 make the bed 铺床

in bed 躺在床上/卧病在床 on the bed 在床上

练习:一个红色的箱子在床上。 A red box is ______ ____ ______.

他卧病在床。He is ______ _______.

到上床睡觉的时间了。 It is time to ______ ______ _________.

2、I don't know.的相关用法:

当主语是第一人称,第二人称,所有的复数人称,实意动词实意动词前加 do not,构成don't。 当主语是第三人称单数和所有的单数名词时,在实意动词前加does not,构成doesn't。 练习:I _____know the girl.

He _________know my name.


He always asks question in class.

练习:My books and tapes______ in the bookcase.


Ⅱ. 单项选择 (每小题1分,共15分)

1. —________ is the baseball?

—It’s under the bed.

A. Where B. How C. What D. Where’s

2. Please ________ me to the school.

A. take B. bring C. call D. need

3. —Is my book on the dresser?

—________. I can see it.

A. No, it isn’t B. Yes, it’s C. Yes, it is D. No, it is.

4. —Where are the pencils?

—________ are on the desk.

A. It B. The C. Them D. They

5. —________?

—They’re our soccer balls.

A. What’s that B. What are those C. Who are they D. Where are they

6. —Where ________ my pens?

—Sorry, I ________ now.

A. is; don’t B. are; not C. are; don’t D. are; doesn’t

7. This is ________ pen. ________ pen is nice.

A. a; The B. the; A C. an; An D. the; /

8. —Is the bag on the table?


A. It’s under the table B. No, it isn’t

C. Yes, they are D. They are on the sofa

9. —Where are his pencils?


A. Yes, they are B. It’s on the desk

C. I don’t know D. No, they aren’t

10. Where ________ the CDs?

A. are B. am C. is D. be

11. —Where is the baseball ?

—It’s ________ the table ________ the floor.

A. on; under B. on; on C. on; under D. under; on

12. My mother ________ the room.

A. is on B. is in C. in D. on

13. Please take these things ________ your mother.

A. too B. at C. to D. in

14. —Is your jacket on the sofa ?


A. Yes, I am B. Yes , it is C. Yes, she is D. Yes, you are

15. —________?

—They are on the bed.

A. Where are my keys B. What are these

C. Are they your keys D. Where is the key

Ⅲ. 选择方框中的单词补全短文,其中有两项多余 (每小题1分,共5分)

Hello! This is room. In my room there is a bed, a desk a chair. My bed next to the desk. My shoes and soccer ball are the bed. There are pictures on the wall. They’re very nice. Oh, there is a clock and a map on the wall, too.

Ⅳ. 句型转换(每小题1分,共10分) 对划线部分提问)

________ ________ the ruler? 对划线部分提问)

________ ________ his books?

3. Our books are on the sofa.(改为否定句)

Our books ________ ________ on the sofa.

4. This is my room.(改为一般疑问句并做否定回答)

—________ this ________ room?

—________, it ________.

5. Where is your bag?(改为复数句)

Where ________ your ________?

Ⅴ. 根据汉语提示完成下列句子 (每小题2分,共10分)

2. 帽子在梳妆台上。

The hat is ________ the ________.

3. “我的双肩背包在哪里?”“在书桌下面。”

—________ is my backpack ?

—It’s ________ the desk.

5. 笔记本在地板上。

The notebook is ________ the ________.

Ⅵ. 完形填空 (每小题1分,共10分)

Look, this is bedroom. It is old house, but it is very nice. There a clock and some pictures the wall. There is on the desk.His backpack is the chair. His coat is on the bed. Where is baseball? It is the door. What’s that? Oh, a cat! It a hat.

1. A. Jim B. Jims C. Jims’ D. Jim’s

2. A. a B. an C. the D. the

3. A. is B. am C. are D. be

4. A. at B. on C. in D. for

5. A. keys B. a book C. a set of key D. a books

6. A. on B. in C. between D. out

7. A. a B. the C. an D. /

8. A. behind B. in C. under D. between

9. A. That’s B. It C. Its D. It’s

10. A. look like B. look C. looks like D. look after 阅读理解 (每小题2分,共20分)

There is a library(图书馆) in our school. It is near our classroom. It is on the first floor. Our school library is not very big, but it is nice. There are many books in the library. Some are in Chinese. Some are in English. I like reading very much. I often go their to borrow(借) books. The librarian(图书管理员) is a woman. She is very kind. We can choose(选择) any books from the library .

1. The library is in ________.

A. our city B. our factory C. our school D. his school

2. The school library is ________.

A. big B. not small C. not big D. not nice

3. In the library there are ________ books.

A. more B. much C. few D. many

4. Some books in the library are ________ English.

A. on B. in C. at D. with

5. You can ________ books from the library.

A. borrow B. take C. buy D. bring


Guilin is _1_ of China. It is very beautiful. It is really a good place to _2_.

I went to Guilin on May 1st and _3_ yesterday. The weather was hot and humid there. I went into the caves, I _4_ it was cool in the caves and it made me _5_good. There were many different _6_ stones in the caves. Some were big, some were thin, some were straight, some looked like shy girls, some looked like _7_penguins, some looked like big mushrooms. They were very _8_. The people there were _9_ and Chinese food was delicious, too. I _10_ there. I love Guilin.

1. A. in the north B. in the south C. to the north D. to the south

2. A. to have fun B. to have a fun C. to have time D. to have a time

3. A. come B. come back C. came D. came back

4. A. am feel B. feel C. felt D. was feel

5. A. feel B. to feel C. felt D. feeling

6. A. kind of B. kinds of C. kind D. kinds

7. A. cute B. ugly C. scary D. clever

8. A. interest B. interested C. interesting D. interests

9. A. friends B. friend C. friendly D. more friendly

10. A. had a good time B. have a good time C. has a good time D. am having a good time 补全对话(从方框中选择合适的句子完成下列对话。)

A: Hi, Susan!


A: Is my computer game on the table?

B: No, it isn’t. It’s on the bookcase.

A: Oh, OK. Are they on the bookcase, too?

B: They’re on the chair.

A: Oh. So, where is my pencil case?


A: And where’s my backpack?

B: It’s under the table. And your baseball is under the chair.

A: Oh, OK. And where are Mom’s keys?


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