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第一部分 基础知识运用


( )1.The Greens _____ China for seven years.

A.have come to B.have been to C.have come in D.have been in

( )2.—Could you tell me _____?

—Sorry, I don’t know.

A.where are my socks B.where can I find my socks

C.where my socks are D.where my socks put

( )3.It’s necessary for you _____ exercise every day.

A.taking B.to take C.take D.takes

( )4.—_____ you _____ your homework yet?

—Yes, I _____ it ten minutes ago.

A.Did; do; finished B.Have; done; have finished

C.Have; done; finished D.Will; do; finish

( )5.Xi’an is a city with many places of interest and _____ tourists come here every year.

A.thousand of B.thousand C.thousands D.thousands of

( )6.This is the most beautiful park I have _____ visited.

A.ever B.yet C.never D.already

( )7.—Can you write the number eighty-five thousand, six hundred and twenty-six?

—Yes, it is _____.

A.85,626 B.856,620 C.58,662 D.58,626

( )8.Now most families have only one child _____ our country’s one-child policy.

A.so B.because C.because for D.because of

( )9.—David has made great progress recently.

—_____, and _____.

A.So he has; so you have B.So he has; so have you

C.So has he; so have you D.So has he; so you have

( )10.China has the _____ population in the world.

A.smallest B.most C.largest D.large

( )11.Compared with last year, our pay _____ about ¥500 every month.

A.has increased by B.has increased

C.increased by D.increased to

( )12.—It seems _____ you like to work with children.

—Yes, they are so lovely.

A.that B.what C.to D.as

( )13.In our class _____ of the students _____ girls.

A.third fifths; is B.third fifth; are C.three fifth; is D.three fifths; are

( )14.Our teacher told us that light _____ much faster than sound.

A.traveled B.travels C.is traveling D.was traveling 1

( )15.—In the old days, most teenagers had to work for the landlord (地主) in the field to help _____

their families, because their families couldn’t _____ education for them.

—What a pity!

A.support; supply B.afford; support C.support; afford D.afford; give


(A) 选择句子,补全对话,其中有两项是多余的。

A: Have you ever read the novel Jane Eyre?

B: A: What a pity! It’s a wonderful book.

B: Well, I’ve been waiting to read it for a long time, but I can’t get a copy. The library has only

three copies.

A: Well, If you like, I’ll lend it to you.

B: Thank you. By the way, when can I get it?

A: Will you please come to my house after school?

19._____ 20._____ (B) 在横线上填入适当的单词或短语,补全对话。

A: Hi, Mary! Did you go to the concert last night?

B: Yes. I with my parents. A: did you like it?

B: Wonderful. Many famous singers sang at the concert. It “Saving the Children”.

A: What does it mean?

B: The concert was held to for poor children. You know many children in the world don’t have enough food.

A: That’s true.

B: I think people all over the world them.

A: That’s right.

21._____ 22._____ 23._____ 24._____ 25._____

Ⅲ.完形填空。(15分) The United States and Great Britain took the war on Iraq (伊拉克) in late March, 2003.

over twenty days American soldiers were in Baghdad (巴格达市), the of Iraq. They ended the government (政府) of Saddam. Iraqis died in the war. Saddam was at first. No one knew he’s dead or alive.

In some parts of the city there was no light because of the war. Some oil wells (油井) were set on fire. 2

Now the Iraqis need food, water and . Many soldiers and people who were hurt in the war need medical care. People also need to find their family members.

After the war, some Iraqis broke into Saddam’s palace, government buildings, and stores. They many things from Iraqi Museums. Many Iraqis are angry that the U.S. soldiers didn’t stop the robbers (抢劫者). So far there is 34 no government of Iraqis.

The reason for American soldiers taking the war is that they are weapons of mess destruction (大规模杀伤性武器). But by June 6th, 2003 they hadn’t found any at all.

( )26.A.For B.After C.By D.During

( )27.A.city B.town C.capital D.village

( )28.A.Thousand B.Thousands C.Thousand of D.Thousands of

( )29.A.tired B.run C.gone D.forgotten

( )30.A.whether B.when C.how D.that

( )31.A.spaceships B.flowers C.people D.medicine

( )32.A.an idea B.a way C.a plane D.a bridge

( )33.A.bought B.borrowed C.stole D.brought

( )34.A.still B.ever C.yet D.already

( )35.A.looking at B.looking for C.giving up D.putting down



Do you live in a city? Do you know how cities began? Long long ago, the world had only a few thousand people. These people moved from one place to another. They moved over the land, hunting animals for food.

No one knows how or when these people learned about growing food. But when they did, their life changed. They did not have to look for food any longer. They could stay in one place and grow it.

People began to live near one another, so the first village was established (建立). Many people came to live in the villages, and these villages became even larger.

When machines appeared, life in the villages changed again. People built factories. More and more people lived near the factories. The cities began.

Today, it’s strange that some people are moving back to small villages. Can you tell me why?


( )36.People moved from place to place to hunt animals.

( )37.The story says,“No one knows how or when these people learned about growing food. But when they

did, their life changed.” In this sentence, the word “they” means people.

( )38.When machines appeared, life in the cities changed again.

( )39.All people like to live only in big cities.

( )40.People built factories after the cities grew big.


Many people go to school for education. They learn languages, history, politics, math and so on. Others go to learn a kind of skill so that they can make a living. School education is very important and useful. Yet, no one can learn everything at school. A teacher can’t teach his students everything. The teacher only teaches them how to read and how to think. But the students themselves need to learn much more outside of school. 根据短文内容,填写正确的单词或句子。


41.As a student, we go to school for _____________.

42.Jim wants to find a job, at first, he’d better go to school _____________.

43.If we want to know the development of our country, we must learn much _____ and _____ of school.

44.In class, the role of a teacher is _____________.

45.The student who _____________ is the best student.

第三部分 写作(30分)


(A) 根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1.In one place I saw children ________ (work) for a cruel boss.

2.I have been to Hong Kong ________ (one).

3.There are some less ________ (develop) countries in Africa.

4.China’s economy is ________ (increase) rapidly.

5.Have you spent the whole day ________ (consider) it?

(B) 根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。

6.Kate’s mother has gone a_____. She is in New York now.

7.Can you d_____ what is surfing and water-skiing in English?

8.In the past, my grandparents couldn’t a_____ education for my father.

9.Keep working hard, and you will s_____ some day.

10.I’m very happy, because I live in a p_____ world, where there is no war.


请根据提示写一篇题为The Population Problem的短文。(80词左右)

提示: 1.人口问题是当今世界上最大的问题之一;





参 考 答 案 及 解 析


第一部分 听力

Ⅰ.1.B 2.D 3.E 4.C 5.A

Ⅱ.6.A 7.B 8.C 9.C 10.C

Ⅲ.11.A 12.B 13.C 14.A 15.B

Ⅳ.16.A 17.C 18.B 19.C 20.B

Ⅴ.21.dog 22.three/3 23.follow 24.work 25.wrong

第二部分 基础知识运用

Ⅰ. 1.D for seven years前面要用延续性动词。has been to到过某地;have been in在某地; come是非延续性动词,后面不可接表一段时间的短语。

2.C 本题考查宾语从句的语序,从句为陈述句语序。

3.B 本题考查It’s+adj.+for sb.+to do sth. 这一结构。

4.C 第一句话有yet,应该用现在完成时;第二句根据时间状语ten minutes ago来判定, 应该用一般过去时。

5.D thousand前有具体数字时,不加s。当它加s时,与of搭配成固定结构,表示“成 千上万”。

6.A ever 曾经,never从来没有,already一般用于肯定句,yet一般用于否定句和疑问 句。

7.A 本题考查数字的读法。

8.D so, because是连词,连接结果状语从句或原因状语从句,而because of+n./v.-ing。

9.B 前者so+主语+be动词/助动词/情态动词表示确实如此,后者so+be动词/助动 词/情态动词+主语表示也是这种情况。故选B。

10.C 句中population为“人口,居民”的意思,常用形容词large或small来表达人口 的多少,众所周知中国人口最多,故选C。

11.B 本题考查increase by+倍数/分数,表示“增加??倍或百分之??”;increase to+ 具体的增长后的数字,表示“增加到??”;increase表示增加、增多可直接跟宾 语。据题意选B。

12.A 本题考查句式It seems that … 表示“似乎??”。

13.D 本题考查分数的表达法,其结构是分子为基数词,分母为序数词,分子大于1时, 分母加s。

14.B 宾语从句陈述客观事实/真理,应用一般现在时态。故选B。

15.C support作动词表示“维持,供养,负担(费用)”,afford常接在can, could, be able to之后,表示“担负得起??费用,损失”。

Ⅱ. (A)16.E 17.D 18.G 19.A 20.F

(B)21.went there 22.How 23.was called/named 24.raise/collect money 25.should help

Ⅲ.26.A for和during 都可以加一段时间,但during后直接与时间连用,由于文中时间前有over故排 5


27.C Baghdad是伊拉克的首都。

28.D thousands of表示不确定数字,意为“成千上万”;如果前面有具体数字,thousand 不变复数,其后也不加of。

29.C 本题中be gone表示“消失,逃亡”。

30.A whether引导宾语从句,表示“是否”。

31.D 饮水、食物和药品是战争期间的必需品。从下一句“Many soldiers and people who

were hurt in the war need medical care”也可推断得出。

32.B 本题中way指“方法”。

33.C 从后文中robber一词可知这些人从伊拉克博物馆掠走了许多文物。

34.A still表示“仍然”,其他三词都用于完成时态。

35.B look at, 表示“看”;look for, 表示“寻找”;give up, 表示“放弃”;put down, 表示“放下”。



36.T 由These people moved ... animals for food. 可知本句正确。

37.T 由上下文得知本句中的they指的是人们。

38.F 由文中When machines appeared, life in the villages changed again. 可知改变的是villages中的


39.F 由Today, it’s strange that some people ... villages. 可知本句错误。

40.F 由People built factories. More and more people lived near the factories. The cities

began. 可知本句错误。


41.education 42.to learn a kind of skill

43. in; outside

44.to teach the students how to read and how to think

45.learns much more outside of school


46.B 这是一封倡议书,应该是出现在报纸上面。

47.A 由阅读全文可推断得出。

48.D 由第三段文字得知。

49.C 只有C项与最后一句是同义。

50.B A项指英语角,B项是希望工程,C项指夏令营,D项指岗位培训,只有B项符



51.They can be found in Africa, South America and parts of Asia.

52.Seventy-five percent/75%.

53.Not having enough food; living in poor housing conditions; suffering from many kinds of diseases; getting little education.(答对其中两点即可)

54.Yes, there will.


第三部分 写作


Ⅰ.(A)1.working 2.once 3.developed 4.increasing 5.considering

(B)6.abroad 7.describe 8.afford 9.succeed 10.peaceful

Ⅱ.11.developed 12.development/developing 13.by 14.to spend 15.to live



Dear Alice,

Thank you for inviting me to take part in your birthday party. I’d like to come, but my mother is ill. I have to stay at home to look after/take good care of her. So I can’t come. Happy birthday to you!




Hello, everyone. As we know, many Iraqis become homeless people because of the war. Some of them are children. Some used to be rich, but now they lose warm houses and have not enough food to eat. The children have no chance to go to school. The hard living conditions make the homeless children become child laborers. What do you think of their terrible life?

Let’s make a wonderful program to help these children live a normal life. I think we should call on (呼吁) ending the war. We support these poor child laborers by raising money. So they can live in warm houses, get good educations and live happy lives. We hope there will be smiles on their faces. If you’d like to join the program, please come to our community.


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