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1. If you give me time, I ________ (find) the solution. 2. If you want to pass, you _________ (have to) study hard. 3. What _________ (happen) if they don’t agree with each other? 4. Beckham is a famous football ________(play).

5. My father made a living by _______(sell)small toys when he was young. 6. Did the children enjoy_______(they)in the party last Sunday?

7. The college graduate enjoyed _______(teach)in the poor mountain area 8. He______(have)a great time if he ______(come)to the party tomorrow. 9. I think tomorrow is a good time______(have)the party, Everyone______(have) fun at that time.

10. Half the class _______(stay)at home on the weekend now. 11. I will also be able _______ (work)outside sometimes. 12. What about _______(listen)to the radio? 13. The______(three)shirt is the nicest of all. 14. This bag is much_______(big)than that one.

15. Most students spent more than one hour_______(write)the composition. 16. All of us were surprised____(see)how Americans abused the Iraqi prisoners. 17. I don't know if he __(come)tomorrow, but if he __(come)tomorrow, I'll let you. 18.________ (join)the Lions, and you_______(become)a great soccer player. 19. In the past, Peter ______(spend )a lot of time every day_______(play)football. 20. If he_____(stay)at home, he'll be sorry. 21. I am learning how_______(swim). 22. Many of my friends are_____(lawyer).

23. ______(watch)TV too much is bad for your eyes.

24. Could you tell us the ______(different)between these two styles of music?

二. 句型转换

对划线部分提问) _____ ______ _____ bring ______if you go to the party?

2.Study hard, and you'll pass the English exam.

______ ______study hard, ______pass the English exam 3.Wear jeans, and we won't let you in.=

_____ ______wear jeans, we won't let you in.

4. I will study English hard. I will teach English in a school.(用if合并) _______________________________________________________________


1. 他如果看电视太久了,他的父母会不高兴。

If he _________ TV too much, his parents __________ __________ unhappy. 2. 如果他有空,他会帮助你的。If he _____________, he __________ you. 3. 如果我们不去开会,会发生什么?

_____ _____ _____ if we ____ go to the meeting?


( ) 1. --- ____ your friend _____ the guitar at the concert?--- Yes, he will. A. Will; plays B. Shall; play C. Will; play D. Do; play ( ) 2. If he ______ go to college, he will have to work.

A. to B. does C. doesn’t D. isn’t

( ) 3. There are many tall trees on _______ side of the street.

A. both B. all C. either D. neither

( ) 4. --- Why not ________ for help when you were in trouble?--- Next time, I will. A. you ask B. ask C. asking D. to ask ( ) 5. Uncle Wang sits ________ the bus. He is the driver.

A. in front B. in the front C. in front of D. in the front of ( )6. If you go to the party, you ___ a good time.

A. would have B. have C. will have D. had ( )7. Don't bring food to school. If you do, the teachers will _____.

A. take it away B. take them away C. take away it D. take away them ( )8. Please ________ your big dictionary when you come here. A. bring B. take C. carry D. fetch

( )9. Don’t ______ jeans to the party. A. put on B. wear C. wearing D. dress


( )10. Jim asked me _______ him with his math. A. help B. helping C. helped D. to help

( )11. -What are you going to do tomorrow? -______. A. Nothing much B. Much nothing C. Not anything D. No thing ( )12. If we get there early, we ________ things to a shop.

A. buy

B.bought C.will buy D.would buy

( )13. They ________watch TV after school.

A.sometimes B.sometime C.some times

D.some time

( )14. The text is very hard for you. There are _____ new words in it.

A.a few

B.a little C.few D.little

( )15.____of the two new books are interesting .

A. All B. Both C. Any


( )16.They didn’ t go to bed ______ they finished their homework.

A. until B. because C. when D. if ( )17.Thank you for ______ me the news. I’ m glad to hear that.

A. tell B. telling C. tells D. told ( )18.Is there ______ I can do for you?

A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing ( )19.My watch is not here. Maybe ______ took it. A. somebody

B. anybody C. everybody D. nobody

( )20. This work is ________ for me than for you.

A.difficult B.the most difficult C.most difficult D.more difficult ( )21.Lily _________ stay at home because of the bad weather. A.had to B.must to C.must D.should

( )22.There is __________ junk food here,and it is __________ terrible. A.too much,too much B.much too,much too C.too much,much too D.much too, much too

( )23.—Do you enjoy __________ here? —No,I want _________ there by bike. A.walking,to go B.to walk, to go C.walking,going D.to walk, going ( )24.We couldn’t see the road clearly _________ the heavy snow. A.because B.because of C.so D.though

( )25.We stopped _________ and _________ because we were tired and thirsty.

A.working,to drink B.to work, drinking C.to work, to drink D.working,drinking

( )26.—_________ do you go to school by bike? —Only four times a week. A.How many times B.How often C.How long D.How soon

( )27.He likes playing _________ tennis,and he dislikes playing _________ drum. A.\, \ B.\, the C.the,\ D.the,the ( )28.Lisa is _________ than her sister.

A.more smarter B.much smarter C.more smart D.very smarter ( )29.She often pratices _________ English by _________ to the foreigners. A.speaking,talking B.to speak, to talk C.speaking,to talk D.to speak, talking

( )30.He is different _________ his brother,but he is similar _________ his father. A.from, from B.to, to C.from, to D.to, from ( )31.We don’t need a lot of driends _________ they are good. A.as many as B.as much as C.as long as D.as more as ( )32.When did you _________ home yesterday?

A.reach to B.get C.arrive at D.arrive in ( )33.He often _________ jokes and makes us _________ .

A.talks,laugh B.tells, laugh C.talks, to laugh D.tells, to laugh ( )34.Thanks __________ me!

A.for tell B.to tell C.to telling D.for telling ( )35.— ________ is it from your home?

—10 minutes by bus.

A.How far B.How long C.How often D.How soon ( )36.It’s interesting _________ other people _________ their talent. A.to watch, to show B. to watch, show C.watch, to show D.watch, show

( )37.Parents usually _________ a role in _________ their kids. A.play,helping B.make, helping C.play,help D.make,help

( )38.Students should study hard to make their dreams _________. A.come out B.come up C.come true D.come on


( )39.I can’t stand _________ the noisy music,let him it. A. hearing, stop B.to hear,stop C.hearing,to stop D.to hear, to stop

( )40.—Would mind _________ Mickey Mouse? —No, I enjoy _________ it. A.watching, watching B.to watch, to watch C.watching, to watch D.to watch, watching ( )41.Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon _________ sound. A.and B.of C.with D.in

( )42.—Who can sing the most beautifully? —_________. A.It’s up for B.That’s up to you C.It decides for you D.It decides to you ( )43.If I have _______ ,I can do __________. .

A.enoght time, enogh well B.enough time,well enough C.time enough, enough well D.time enough,well enogh ( )44.We had a good time ________ because of the fine weather. A.to dance B.at dancing C.dancing D.of dancing ( )45. _________ it rained heavy, _________ went on visiting. A.Though, but B.But, though C.Though, \ D.Because, \


1.Did you decide ___________________(visit) your grandparents? 2.There are many ____________________ (different) between them. 3.I can’t stand _________________ (hear) the bad news.

4.Lucy and Lily are the ____________________ (win) of the talent show. 5.This shirt isn’t as ___________________ (good) as that one. 6.He is the ________________________ (bad) student in his class.

7.The news _____________________ (be) so terrible that we all can’t stand. 8.I really enjoyed ____________________ (walk) around town. 9.It is good to relax by ___________________ (use) internet. 10.Did you have fun __________________ (play) at the party?


1. Mary is eighteen years old.(同义句)

Mary is __________________________________ girl. 2.We walked for another two hours.(同义句) We walked for ________________________ hours. 对划线部分提问) _______________________ do you go to dance? 4.Do you want to come? (同义句)

_______________ you ________________ to come? 6.Tom isn’t as good as Tim at playing the drum.(同义句)

Tom is ______________ at playing the drum __________________Tim. 7.She is taller than any other student in her class.(同义句) She is ________________________ student in her class. 8.I think my mother is smarter than my father.(否定句)

I __________________ my mother ____________________ smarter than my father. 9.What do you think of the movie?(同义句)

___________________________________ the movie?


76. Mary’s brother is as __________ (health) as her sister. 77. My pen is new,but hers is ___________(new) than mine.. 78. It’s necessary for us ______________ (learn) English well. 79. The storybook is ____________________ (interest) of the three. 八.句子转换

1.I always eat junk food.(改为完全否定句) 2对划线部分提问) _________ ________you go to the movies? 3对划线部分提问)

________ _________he 4.对划线部分提问) 3



Beijing to Chengdu? 2、我不想再吃这些不健康的食物了。

I want to eat the foods . 3、对于学生来说,均衡营养非常重要。

a diet.

十 用所给词的正确形式填空

1. I am going to ___________ (be) a doctor when I grow up.

(violin) when he grows up. 3.He goes back home (week). 4.What’s the 5. The


1. 李伟昨天制定了他的新年计划。

Li Wei his New Year’s yesterday. 2. 他打算怎样成为一名职业篮球运动员?

is he going to 3.最好的决定就是没有任何决心。

The best is to have no 4. 我打算努力学习并取得好成绩。

I am going to study and good grades. 5.下一年你打算做什么?

are you to do next year?


对划线部分提问) is he going to ?

2.My father wants to be a pilot. (写出一般疑问句)

your father to be a pilot?

3.It’s a good time to make resolutions at the beginning of the year.(写出同义句) The of the year is a good time for resolutions. 4.Will you make a model plane for her? (写出同义句) you to make a model plane for her? 5.The resolution is so hard that he can’t keep it. (写出同义句) The resolution is hard for him keep.


1.I can’t stand (listen) to the noisy music.

2.There (be) some exciting news in today’s newspaper. 3.Would you mind (open) the window?

4.Did you watch 6.Do you want (watch) the news?

7.Sally thinks soap operas are (educational) than sitcoms. 8.I hope 9.Yao Ming is a 10.I think Xi Yangyang is as (famous) as Mikey Mouse.


1.I hope to find out what’s happening around the world.(同义句) I hope to find out what’s around the world. 2.They may not be very excited.(同义句) they very excited. 3.Do you want to watch the news?(同义句)

you to watch the news? 4.He never wants to watch a game ?(完成反意问句)

对划线部分提问) John to watch talk show?

6.Over 80 years ago,he first appeared in the cartoon Steamboat While.(同义句) 80 years ago,he first appeared in the cartoon Steamboat While. 4

7.What do you think of talk show?(同义句) do you talk show?

8.The other cartoons are not as famous as Mickey?(同义句) Mickey is the other cartoons. Mickey is the other cartoons.

Mickey is of all the cartoons.


( )1.I don’t mind you with your English. A.help B.to help C.helping D.helps ( )2.I can’t stand the terrible TV show. A.watch B.watching C.to watch D.watched ( A.comes out B.comes up C.comes over D.comes true ( )4.we should Lei Feng.

A.learn from B.learn with C.learn to D.learn after ( )5.Let’s there.

A.sit,stand B.to sit, to stand C.to sit,stand D.sit,to stand ( )6.She often plans something to help others. A.to do B.does C.do D.doing ( )7.—What happened —I happened meet my old friend,Lucy. A.to,to B.with, to C.to,with D.with,with ( )8.They are trying A.look for B.to look for C.to find out D.find out ( November 18,1978,Mickey became foumas. A.In B.At C.On D.Of ( ,he made 87 cartoons with Mickey.

A.In 1930s B.In the 1930’s C.In the 1930 D.On the 1930s ( . A.successful,successful B.successfully,successfully C.successful, successfully D.successfully,successful

( )13.I saw two an apple when I came by.

A.mice,eating B.mouses,eating C.mice,ate D.mouses,ate ( )14.Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon sound and music. A.and B.with C.in D.of

( )15.He always tries to face any and met some things. A.danger,dangerous B.danger,danger C.dangerous,dangerous D.dangerous, danger

( )16.We should eat many fruits apples and oranges. A.for example B.such as C.so as D.such like ( )17.There isn’t in today’s newspaper. A.something new B.new something C.anything new D.new anything ( )18.Mr Wang didn’t come,so Mrs Wang . A.took him place B.took his place C.took of him D,became him

( )19.At the party,Lucy like a Mickey Mouse to make us . A.dressed up, laugh B.dressed up,to laugh C.dressed on,laugh D.dressed on,to laugh ( )20.I think the actress well. A.did Mulan’s role B.did Mulan’s way C.played Mulan’s role D.played Mulan’s way ( )21.The actors in the movie.

A.was good B.did a good job C.did good D.played good ( )22. —I think Boonie Bears(熊出没)isn’t as as Pleasant Goat(喜羊羊). —I agree with you. Boonie Bears is than Pleasant Goat. A.famous,more famous B.famous,less famous C.more famous,less famous D.less famous,more famous

( )23.Kong Fansen is A.an, exciting B.an,excited C.a,exciting D.a excited ( )24.—What do you the movie? —It is very educational. A.think of B.like C.like of D.think



1.He is 2.Did you have fun (learn) something? 3.Nelly practiced (win). 6.It’s necessary for us (learn) English well.

7.He is (different). 8.I’m


1.I like singing. My sister likes singing,too.(合并为一个句子) My sister and I 2.Sue is twelve years old. Gina is fourteen years old.(合并一个句子) Sue is Gina. Gina is Sue.

Sue isn’t Gina. Gina isn’t Sue. 3.I think he is good at playing soccer.(改为否定句)

I he good at playing soccer. 4.John enjoys swimming. Peter enjoys swimming,too.(合并为一句) swimming.

5.Jim is twelve years old. Tim is twelve years old,too.(合并为一句) Jim is 6.Huang lei isn’t good at tennis as Larry.(同义句)

Larry is Hunag Lei.

7.The English Stududy Center needs for primary school student.(提问)

the English Study Center for primary school student? 8.Larry works harder than Huang Lei.(改为否定句) Larry harder than Huang Lei.



( )1.She is talented music but I am good sports. A.in, at B.at,in C.at,at D.in,in ( )2.It’s very important for him me laugh. A.to make B.making C.makes D.made

( )3. _________you don’t give up(放弃),your dreams will come true. A. As long as B. As soon as C. As well as D.As often as

( )4.If you want to be a student helper,please call him 443—5667. A.at B.in C.of D.on

( )5.This is my friend. He is less outgoing than I am. A.much B.much more C.more D.very ( )6.Tara and her sister quiet and they sports.

A.are both,both like B.are both, like both C.both are, both like D.both are,like both

( )7.If you want to be a student helper, you must be good A.at B.with C.for D.in

( )8.Tom can play drums,but Sam can play tennis. A.the,the B.the,/ C./,the D./,/ ( )9.Lily’s books are new than .

A.we B.us C.our D.ours

( )10. —Have you seen the funny movie Let the Bullet Fly?

—Yes,it made me ___________ many times. A.laugh B. cry C. Sleep D. sing

( )11. It’s important _________ us _________ _English well.

A. of; learning B. for; to learn C. Of; to learn D.or; learning

( )12. Betty and Mary are in _________ school,but they are in __________ Classes.

A. same;different B. same;the different C. the same; the different D. the same;different

( )13.—Let’s go shopping at the new mall. —Why not shop online? It’s ____. A. expensive B. more expensive C. Less expensive D. less cheapest

( )14. Now, some robots(机器人) are ____________ to do the same things ______ people. . A. enough smart;as B. enough smart;for C, smart enough;as D: smart enough;with

( )15. The fantastic music made the students______relaxed. A. feel B. feels C. felt D, to feel

( )16. Someone says“ Time is money. “But I think time is_________ important than Money.

A. least B. Much C. even more D. much least

( )17. My friend likes singing and talking with others. But I often stay at home to watch TV. 9.Her parents are not very because she 几乎从不)helps with housework.

10.We think is through exercise.


So my friend is________ than me.

A. quieter B. more serious C. more outgoing D. more wilder ( )18,The girl shorter hair than Lisa. A.has B.have C.with D.and


1. Mike goes to see his grandparents _________(one) a week. 2. He spends more than an hour __________(exercise) every day. 3. He didn’____(hard) read or write. 4. It’s a good habit to brush your 5.To keep healthy,I decide _______ (exercise) half an hour every day. 6.Look! Your pet dog is (die).

7.Exercise is 8. Your sweater is beautiful. I want _________(buy) one,too. 9. How about 10. He usually study English by (read) it in the morning.


1.They always go to bed early,they never (熬夜). 2.I go shopping 一周三次). 3.Vegetables are (对……有好处)our health.

4.Most students use internet (为了好玩)and not for homework. 5.He plays soccer (至少) four time a month.

6.We found only 百分之十五) of the students exercise every day. 7. --_________ _______(多久一次)does your brother exercise? --Every day. 8.She is (一个五岁的) girl.

1..I always eat junk food,(改为否定句) I __________ eat junk food.

2.I seldom(几乎不)eat junk food.(改为同义句) I______ _________ eat iunk food. 3.Mary is 16 years old.(改为同义句) Mary is girl. 提问)

对画线部分提问) ________ _______ do you sleep?

6.She usually watches TV for over two hours a day.(同义句) She usually watches TV for two hours a day.

二十二. 用所给单词的适当形式填空

1. Mike goes to see his grandparents _________ (one) a week. 2. He spends more than an hour __________ (exercise) every day. 3. He didn’t go to school. He could ________ (hard) read or write. 4. It’s a good habit to brush your 5. To keep healthy,I decide _______ (exercise) half an hour every day. 6. Look! Your pet dog is (die).

7. Exercise is (health) for the mind and the body. 8. Your sweater is beautiful. I want _________(buy) one,too. 9. How about (go) shopping on Sundays?

10. He usually study English by



1. I always eat junk food,(改为否定句) I __________ eat junk food.

2.I seldom(几乎不)eat junk food.(改为同义句) I______ _________ eat junk food. 3. Mary is 16 years old.(改为同义句) Mary is girl. 提问)

do you go to school a week? 对画线部分提问) ________ _______ do you sleep? 6. Do you want to come? (同义句) to come?

7. She usually watches TV for over two hours a day. (同义句) She usually watches TV for .

8. He never goes shopping on weekend, 改为反意疑问句) 9. She has a healthy eating habit. (改为同义句) Her ________ _______ _________ healthy.


________ _______ ______she eat junk food?

二十四、根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空。(10分) 1.We decided (go) to the beach near our hotel. 2.I really enjoy (walk) around the town. 3.We wanted 4.My family (go) to the beach every summer. 5.Did you have a great time 6. Lucy usually_ ______to school early. But today she ________to school late. (go) 7. ---Where did you______ (study) last night?

---No, I__________(help)my mother_______(clean) the room. 8.Do you feel like (drink) some orange?

9.Our teacher often keeps us (read) English in the morning. 10. It’s very interesting _____ ( feed) the pets.



1. Bob is ________ ( young ) than Fred but __________ (tall) than Fred. 2. Yingtian is not as ___________ (tall) asYongxian.

3. Almost all the students' faces are the same but Li Deming looks _______ (fat) than before . 4. Which is _________ (heavy), a hen or a chicken? 5.-- How _________ (tall) is Sally?

-- She' s 1.55 metres ________ (tall). What about Xiaoling? -- She' s only 1.40 metres ______ (tall). She is much _______(short) than Sally. She is also

the _______ (short)girlin theclass.

6. He is ______ (bad) at learning maths. He is much _______ (bad) at Chinese and he is

the _________ (bad) at English.

7. Annie says Sally is the ________ (kind) person in the world. 8.He is one of the_________(friendly) people in the class, I think. 9. A dictionary is much _________ (expensive) than a story-book.

10. An orange ia a little ______ (big) than an apple, but much ________ (small) than a


11.Miss Chen is __________ _________than Mr. Wang. (popular) 12. Mr. Lin ________ ________ _________ Mr. Brown. (sad) 13. The basketball _______ ________ ________ the baseball. (big)

14. Question A _______ ________ _________ ________ Question B. (important) 15. A rose ________ ________ __________ ________ a weed(野草). (beautiful) 16. Toronto is _____ ______ city in Canada. (large)

17. Playing computer games is______ _____ _____ of all the activities.(interesting). 18. The Nile(尼羅河) is ______ ________river in the world. (long) 19. Good health is _______ _______ ________thing life. (important) 20. Taking a taxi is ______ _______ way to get to the airport. (easy)

21. Test 1 is _____ _______ _________of all the tests. (difficult)22. He is ________than any other boy in the class.(clever)

23. She is_______ than all the other students. (young) 24. The window is ________ ________ of the two. (narrow)


25. Where is the ________bus-stop? (near)

26. He is one of ________ ________ _______Politicians. (famous) 27. Tom drives much ________ ________than John. (careful)

28. The white flower is ________(beautiful). The yellow flower is ______ _______ (beautiful)than the white flower. The red flower is the _____ ______ of the three. 28. Tom can jump _______(high). He jumps _______(high) than the other boys in

his class.

29. Janet sing _______(well) in her class. She can sing ______(well) than her music teacher, too.

30. My father is ______(handsome). But my brother is ________(handsome) than him. He is ______(handsome) in my family.

31. I have ______(many) books in my class. But my teacher has _____(many) books than


32.______(they) house is much ______(old) than ______(we). 33. _____(she) dances _______(well) than ______(he). 34. _____(he) house are _____________(small) of the four.

35. Does _____(she) mother get up __________(early) than ______(you)? 36. Which eats _____(many), the mouse, the dog or the horse? 37. Are ______(we) going to play football with ______(they)? 38. Of the two girls, I find Lucy the _______ (clever). 39. Gold(黄金) is ______ (little) useful than iron(铁). 40. My sister is two years _______ (old ) than I.

41. John’s parents have four daughters, and she is the _____ (young) child. 42. The _____ (cheap) bags are the not usually the best ones. 43. The short one is by far _______ expensive of the five. 44. The boy is not so ______ (interesting) as his brother.

45. Dick sings _____ (well), she sings ______(well) than John, but Mary sings______(well) in her class.

46. She will be much ______ (happy) in her mew house. 47. This dress is ______ that.(twice, as…as…, expensive) (big),the sun,the moon or the earth?

,the black coart or the blue one?


50.This (cheap) of all. 翻译句子:

1、谁比Jim年纪大?是你。________ is _________than Jim? ________are 2、谁比David更强壮?是

Gao Shan.________ _________ thanDavid? GaoShan ________. 3、谁的铅笔更长,他的还是她的?我想是她的。

_________ pencil is_________,______or________?________is,I think. 4、谁的苹果更重,你的姐姐的还是你的弟弟的? 我的弟弟的。

______apples _____ _____,your _______ or your _______?My ___________ ___________.


_________ ________as _________as your uncle? Yes,Iam. 6、他和他的朋友Jim一样年轻。

He _______ as __________ as________ ________ Jim. 7、她和她的双胞胎哥哥一样胖吗?不,她比他瘦。

________ ________ as _________ as______ twin_______? No,_________ _________ than him.


________ more exercise,you’ll________ _________ soon. 9.我的科学很好,但是语文不好。

I ______ ________ at Science. But I don’t _________ well in Chinese. 10.你放风筝比王兵放得高吗?不,我比他放得低。

____you_______the kite_____than Wang bing?No,I______it_____than___. 11.我喜欢游泳。我所有的朋友都游得比我慢。

I like _______. All my______ _______ _________ _______than me.

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