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七年级英语 Unit12

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Unit 12 What did you do last weekend?
Period 1:Section A 1a—2c



Please guess what the teacher did last weekend?

Please match the activities with the pictures.

a d e f b c
Please look at the pictures again and describe each picture with a sentence. You can guess when these activities happened. eg. Lucy did her homework on Sunday morning.

☆ Before listening. Please read the sentences in the picture. ☆ While listening. Please listen to the tape and fill in the blanks with “morning” “afternoon” or “night”. If you don’t have enough time, you can only write the first letter. After listening it, you need to complete the words. ☆ After listening. Please look at the picture again, make your conversation, student A is Lucy, Student B asks Lucy about her weekend. Model: B: Hello, Lucy. May I ask you some questions about your weekend? A: Yes, of course. B: What did you do last Saturday morning? A: On Saturday morning, I played badminton. B: What about Saturday afternoon? A:…

Please introduce Lucy’s weekend in your group.

I.逻辑排序 1.What did you do last weekend? 2.Yes. 3.I visited my grandmother. 4.Did you have a good weekend? 5.What about you, Carol? 6.I played soccer.

Answers: 4 2 1 3 5 6

II.补全对话 Dick: Hello, Mary! Mary:1____________________________ Dick: 2.___________________________ Mary: It was bad! Dick: Why? Mary: 3.___________________ 4.______________________ Dick: It was great. Mary: Really? 5._________________________ Dick: I went to the beach. A: What about you? B: Hello, Dick! C: How was your weekend? D: I studied for the science test. E: What did you do?

Answers: B C D A E

1.Recite the new words and useful expressions. 2.Write a short passage about your weekend.

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