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1) 做表语:
He was very amusing.
That book was rather boring.
exciting, interesting, encouraging, disappointing, confusing, touching, puzzling.
2) 作定语:
上面所出现的现在分词都可以用作定语, 修饰一个名词:
That must have been a terrifying experience.
I found him a charming person.
现在分词短语还可以放在名词的后面修饰名词, 相当于一个定语从句:
There are a few boys swimming in the river.
There is a car waiting outside.
3) 作状语:
Following Tom, we started to climb the mountain.
Opening the drawer, he took out a box.
Taking a key out of his pocket, he opened the door.
现在分词短语还可以表示原因, 相当于一个原因状语从句:
Not knowing her address, we couldn’t get in touch with her.
Being unemployed, he hasn’t got much money.
现在分词短语还可以表示时间, 相当于一个时间状语从句:
Hearing the news, they all jumped with joy.
Returning home, he began to do his homework.
Jim hurt his arm while playing tennis.
Be careful when crossing the road.
Having found a hotel, we looked for somewhere to have dinner.
Having finished her work, she went home.
例如, see, hear, catch, find, keep , have 等.
I see him passing my house every day.
I caught him stealing things in that shop.
I smelt something burning.
She kept him working all day.
1) 作表语:
We were so bored that we couldn’t help yawning.
She felt confused, and even frightened.
They were very pleased with the girl.
I’m satisfied with your answer.
He is not interested in research.
2) 作定语:
She has a pleased look on her face.
The teacher gave us a satisfied smile.
cooked food a written report
fried eggs boiled water
frozen food armed forces
required courses fallen leaves
finished products a forced smile
the risen sun new arrived visitors
What’s the language spoken in that country?
They’re problem left over by history.
The play put on by the teachers was a big success.
Is there anybody injured?
Do you know the number of books ordered?
Seen from the hill, the city looks magnificent.
Given good health, I hope to finish the work this year.
They came in, followed by some children.
Depressed, he went to see his elder sister.
When treated with kindness, he was very amiabl

过去分词也同样可以作宾语的补语, 接在某些动词后面
I will have the clothes washed tomorrow.
When they get back home, they found the room robbed.
1. __________ with the best students, I still have a long way to go.
A. Having compared B. To compare
C. Compared D. Compare
( ) 2. The music of the film _________ by him sounds so ___________ .
A. playing, exciting B. played, excited
C. playing, excited D. played, exciting
( ) 3. __________ against the coming hurricane, they dared not leave home.
A. Warned B. Having warned
C. To warn D. Warn
( ) 4. In __________ countries, you can’t always make yourself _______ by speaking English.
A. English-speaking, understand B. English-spoken, understand
C. English-speaking, understood D. English-speaking, understood
( )5. After _____________ the old man, the doctor suggested that he ___________ a bad cold.
A. examining, should catch B. examined, had caught
C. examining, had caught D. examined, catch
( ) 6. _____________ , Tom jumped into the river and had a good time in it.
A. Be a good swimmer B. Being a good swimmer
C. Having been good swimmer D. To be a good swimmer
( ) 7. ________ how to read the new words, I often look them up in the dictionary.
A. Having not known B. Not to know
C. Don’t know D. Not knowing
( ) 8. As his parent, you shouldn’t have your child ___________ such a book.
A. read B. to read
C. reading D. be reading
( ) 9. He returned from abroad ______________ that his mother had been badly ill.
A. heard B. having been heard
C. having phoned D. having been phoned
1. C 2. D 3. A 4. C 5. C 6. B 7. D 8. C 9. D

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