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1. a用于辅音发音开头的词前, 如:a book; an用于元音发音开头的词前,如:an apple, an hour. 请区别:a useful machine, an umbrella, a “u”, an “h”。
3.在世界上独一无二的事物前用定冠词the. 如:the sun, the moon, the earth。
4.the用于序数词,表方位的名词和形容词最高级前。the first, the best , in the south。
5.在复数姓氏前加the,表示××一家人,常看成复数。如:the Browns。
6.在介词短语中常用定冠词the,如:in the box ,behind the chair。
7.不能用定冠词the的几个方面: (1)在节日、星期、月份、季节、年等词前不用冠词。如:in summer, in August 请区别:in the spring of 1945. (这里表示特指,故加the)(2)一日三餐和球类运动名不用冠词。如:have breakfast ,play football
(3)一些固定词组中,如:go to bed ,go to school, by bus ,at night.
in front of 在…前面, in the front of 在…范围内的前部
in hospital (生病)住院, in the hospital 在医院里。
1.When Linda was a child, her mother always let her have ______ bed.
a. the breakfast in b. the breakfast in the c. breakfast in d. breakfast in the
2.He has promised to give up ______ hundreds of times.
a. tobacco b. tobacco c. the tobacco d. tobaccos
3.______ usually go to church every Sunday.
a. The Brown b. A Brown c. Browns d. The Browns
4.The train is running fifty miles ______.
a. an hour b. one hour c. the hour d. a hour
5.He can play almost every kind of music instrument but he is good ______.
a.at the flute b. at flute c. at a flute d. at that flute
6.The investigators found that more should be done for ______ in India.
a.those poor b. a poor c. poor d. the poor
7.You look in high spirit. You must have ______ during your holiday.
a. wonderful time b. a wonderful time c. the wonderful time d. some wonderful time
8.The city assigned a policeman to the school crossing because ______ traffic there was so heavy.
a .a b. an c. the d. one
9.A new teacher was sent to the village in place of ______ one who had retired.
a. a b. the c. an d. its
10.Virtue and vice are before you;______ leads you to happiness,______ to misery.
a. the former…latter b. a former…a latter
c. the former…the latter d. former…latter

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