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Module 4 Seeing the doctor

Unit 1 I haven’t done much exercise since I got my computer . Doctor : How can I help you ?

Daming : I feel ill . I’ve got a stomachache and my head hurts .

Doctor : How long have you been like this ?

Daming : Since Friday . I’ve been ill for about three days !

Doctor : I see . Have you caught a cold ?

Daming : I don’t think so .

Doctor : Let me take your temperature …Mm , there’s no fever . What kind of food do you eat ? Daming : Usually fast food .

Doctor : Do you have breakfast ?

Daming : No , not usually .

Doctor : That’s the problem ! Fast food and no breakfast . That’s why you’ve got a stomachache .

Daming : What about the headache ?

Doctor : Do you do any exercise ?

Daming : Not really . I haven’t done much exercise since I got my computer last year . Dcotor : You spend too much time in front of the computer . It can be very harmful to your health .

Daming : OK , so what should I do ?

Doctor : Well , don’t worry . It’s not serious . First , stop eating fast food and have breakfast every day . Second , get some exercise , such as running . And I’ll give you some medicine . Take it three times a day .

Daming : Thank you , doctor .

Now complete the table about Daming .


Module 4 Seeing the doctor

Unit 2 We have played football for a year now .

Healthy living

1. I was not feeling very well so the doctor checked my heart and said I needed more exercise . I

have never been very active , and I do not like sports . I have always wanted a pet , so my parents gave me a dog for my birthday . Now I get exercise by taking him for a walk every day . I have had him for three months now and I feel really healthy . ----Anna

2. Our teacher decided to start a girl’s football team and I thought :” What a great idea !” I was

the first member of the team . We have played football for a year now and we all feel very fit . Our teacher is the coach , and she also takes part in the same training with us . She is in excellent condition too . ---- Wangwei

3. In the last few years ,I went to work by underground . When I got to work , I always felt very

sleepy and I was not happy . I bought a bike in January . Science then , it has become part of my life . Now I ride to wok every day . It is my daily exercise . I arrive at work with a smile on my face .---- Thomas

4. Feeling weak after a long illness , I wanted to exercise more . Then a friend suggested , “ Why

don’t we go for a run before school ? “ So we started running a week ago . But I do not enjoy running , and when I get to school ,I feel awful . My legs hurt and I am hot all over . Perhaps I am too weak to do any exercise . What do you think ? ----Richard

Complete the notes .


1. She was not feeling .

2. She needed .

3. She got every day . Wangwei

4. She was the of the football .

5. and all the members feel . Thomas

6. 2

Module 4 Seeing the doctor

7. in January .

8. on his face . Richard

9. He started running .

10. He does not running .

11. to go for a run .


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