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Module 2 Experience

Unit 1 I’ve also entered lots of speaking competitions Tony : Hi , Lingling . What are you doing ?

Lingling : I’m entering a competition .

Tony : What kind of competition ?

Lingling : A speaking competition .

Tony : Great . It’ll help you improve your speaking . And maybe you will win a prize . Lingling : Yes , the first prize is “ My dream holiday “ .

Tony : Have you ever won any prizes before ?

Lingling : No, I haven’t . I’ve always wanted to go on a dream holiday . But I can’t afford it . The plane tickets are too expensive .

Tony : Well , good luck ! I’ve also entered lots of speaking competitions , but haven’t won any prizes . I’ve stopped trying now .

Lingling : Look ! Here’s a writing competition . Around the World in 80 Days . To win it , you need to write a short story about a place you’ve visited .

Tony : That sounds wonderful , but I’ve never travelled a lot . How can I write about it ? Lingling : Don’t worry .It doesn’t need to be true ! You can make it up .

Tony : That’s interesting , I’ll try . I hope I will win , then I will invite you to come with me . Lingling : Sorry ! The first prize is only the book called Around the World in 80 Days !


Module 2 Experience

Unit 2 They have seen the Pyramids.

Mike Robinson is a fifteen –year-old American boy and his sister Clare is fourteen . At the moment , Mike and Clare are in Cairo in Egypt , one of the biggest and busiest cites in Africa . They moved here with their parents two years ago . Their father , Peter , works for a very big company . The company has offices in many countries , and it has sent Peter to work in Germany , France and China before . Peter usually stays in a country for about two years . Then the company moves him again . His family always goes with him .

The Robinsons love seeing the world . They have been to many interesting places . For example , in Egypt , they have seen the Pyramids , travelled on a boat on the Nile River , and visited the palaces and towers of ancient kings and queens .

Mike and Clare have also begun to learn the language of the country , Arabic . This language is different from English in many ways , and they find it hard to spell and pronounce the words . However , they still enjoy learning it . So far they have learnt to speak German , French , Chinese and Arabic . Sometimes they mix the languages . “ It’s really fun ,” said Clare .

The Robinsons are moving again . The company has asked Peter to work back in the US. Mike and Clare are happy about this . They have friends all over the world , but they also miss their friends in the US. They are counting down the days .

1. How long have the Robinsons been in Egypt ?

2. Why do they live in Cairo ?

3. What have they seen and done in Egypt?

4. What do Mike and Clare find difficult about Arabic ?

5. Who do they miss in the US. ?

6. Are they looking forward to going home ?


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