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课时作业(十三) Unit 7 Section A

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Unit 7 Section A

(20分钟 50分)


1.Chinese are the first to use p.

2.The fewer cars we have,the less p3.The e4.People p5.Every country should play a part in keeping the world pⅡ.用所给词的适当形式填空(5分)

1.You’re too fat.You should eat(little).

2.The local people had to move away because of the serious3.There will be4.Are there any tall(build)in your hometown?

5.People(not ride)bikes to work in 100 years.


1.In the future,many students will studycomputers.

A.at;on B.in;on C.at;to

2.She will be an actressA.on B.after C.in

- 1 - D.at;from D.at

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3.—If there areair pollution.

—Yes,the air will be fresher.


B.fewer;less D.fewer;fewer C.less;fewer

4.—Will this kind of plants live100 years old?



C.to;will B.to be;are D.to be;will

5.Three years ago,Sallysoccer,but today she.Shein three years.

A.played;doesn’t play;will play

B.played;don’t play;will play

C.plays;won’t play;will play

D.played;doesn’t play;plays


1.There will be a birthday party next Friday.(改为否定句)

There 对画线部分提问)

Tony tonight?

3.I think there will be robots in their homes.(改为一般疑问句)

you be robots in their homes?

4.There is going to be fewer trees in the city.(改为同义句)

fewer trees in the city.

- 2 -

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5.— 根据答语,完成问句) —I think she will be an artist.



A:What do you think you will be in ten years?


A:Why will you be a driver,not a doctor?

B:I don’t like to go to school and I do badly in my studies. A:But your parents are both doctors and they hope you’ll be a doctor,too.

B:I hate to be a doctor.I like driving.To be a driver is very cool.

A:B:I’ll play basketball if I’m free.

A:B:What will you be in ten years then?

A:B:Good idea.But you must work hard.And what sport will you play?


- 3 -

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What will my life be like in ten years?

In ten years,I think I’ll be a lots of interesting students,and I’ll also beto make friends with foreign teachers.I think I’ll live in Beijing in ten years.Buta Chinese,I hope that I can all the places of interest in our country.I’lla pet dog at home in ten years,because I don’t have free time now.And I am sure I’ll alsomany good friends in ten years.I’ll learn judo(柔道),because that is one of my dreams.I’ll look after my health,food every day.I will work hard from now on!

1.A.doctor B.reporter C.teacher D.waiter 2.A.ask 3.A.sad 4.A.as

B.meet B.bad B.for B.see B.sell B.have

C.call C.good C.with C.build C.keep C.be

D.hear D.able D.like D.predict D.grow D.do

5.A.tour 6.A.buy

7.A.play 8.A.Badly C.Luckily 9.A.or

B.Probably D.Usually C.but

D.so D.healthy



B.cheap C.expensive

- 4 -

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Ⅰ.答案:1.paper 2.pollution 3.earth 4.plant 5.peace

Ⅱ.答案:1.less 2.pollution 3.fewer 4.buildings 5.won’t ride Ⅲ.答案:1~5.ACBDA

Ⅳ.答案:1.won’t be 2.What will;do

3.Do;think there will 4.There will be 5.What;will be


Ⅵ.答案:1~5.CBDAA 6~10.CBBDD


- 5 -

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