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7A Unit8导学案(3)

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英语导学案 (7A Unit8)

课题: Reading II

课 时 目 标

1. To learn the text for more details

2. To use the expressions about clothes and shoes in daily life

课 前 导 学

预习课文完成英汉互译 1.cotton sports clothes

2.一件丝绸男衬衣 3.a pair of comfortable trainers

4.他的红黄相间的领带 5.a black wool skirt

6.看起来既神气又时髦 7.thanks for coming


9.young people’s favourite


课 堂 活 动

Step 1 Revision

Revise the expressions about clothes and shoes.

Step 2 Intensive reading

Read the text and explain them sentence by sentence, find out the language points. Make sentences with the useful phrases and expressions. Then give the Ss enough time to memorize them.

Step 3 Practice

1. Divide the class into groups of four. Get them to give a fashion show.

2. The group members discuss the show together, each plays a role, encourage them to use the stage property, setting, or use PPT, so that they can add the real situation.

3. Tell Ss to use the expressions in the text on P94.

4. Get Ss to act out their shows.

课 堂 反 馈


1. 我们将展示给你不同样式的鞋子。


We are going to show you

2. 这个游戏在学生中很受欢迎。

The game students.

3. Millie穿着一件粉红色的衬衫和一条灰色的裤子。

Millie is wearing a and a


4. Daniel和Amy今天都穿着蓝色的牛仔裤。

Daniel and Amy wearing blue jeans today.

5. 她看上去又时髦又漂亮。

She and .


Kitty in a red boots.


1.Simon has some nice football cards(改为一般疑问句)

nice football cards? 对划线部分提问)

is his sister?

3.Please carry the chairs into the next room.(改为否定句)

Please the chairs into the next room.

4.Daniel’s shirt is 对划线部分提问)

Daniel’s shirt?

5.Her trousers matches her blouse.(改为同义句)

Her trousers her blouse.

6. Daniel doesn’t go shopping on Sun对划线


Daniel shopping on Sunday?

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