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1. How many building are there in your school?

2. How many milk is there in your bottle?

3. There is any orange juice in the glass.

4. There are some bread on the plate.

5. He has a little friends in his new school.

6. He has a few milk in the bottle.

7. Mr. and Mrs Green take them children to the park.

8. Mr Green take his son to the park.

9. I call her Betty and she call me Mary.

10. We are friends and we called her Lingling.

11. I know the girl call Lingling.

12. Where book is yours ? The book on the desk.

13. My uncle don’t work at the hospital.

14. Are there some dictionaries on the shelf?

15. He likes watch TV in the evening.

16. Miss Gao teach English in a school in Shanghai.

17. Her friend come from England and he is English.

18. Do your father work at the police station ?

19. My parents like walk after supper.

20. My mother buy vegetables on her way home every day.

21. They get up early in Monday morning.


22. This is you parent .

23. What on the table ? There are some tomatos.

24. The child are play in the playground.

25. The old policeman have break at a quarter to ten.

26. He has a little friends in his new school.

27. He uncle do well in basketball.

28. The gym is between the classrooms building.

29. I go to school on weeday , and not on Sunday.

30. My friend have some meat and rice to supper.

31. I like English very well, so I am not good at it .

32. It is time go to bed. Please close the light. (关灯)

33. It is a interesting English lessons.

34. What is the history lesson ? It is half past nine.

35. Classes starts at forty past nine .

36. Would you like eat any hamburgers ?

37. Is juice and milk unhealthy drink ?

38. Cola is a healthy drink.

39. What is the weather today ? It is snow.

40. My mother favorite food are noodles.

41. His parents job are doctors.

42. There is some sheep in the farm.

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