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点火把文化培训学校 八年级 英语试卷(2)


1. Lucy spent all A. a B. the C. an D. /

2. it.

A. visit, to visit B. to visit, to visiting

C. visiting, to visit D. Visit, to visiting

3. ---Remember___ me this afternoon.

---Sure. I will call you then.

A. calling B. to call C. call D. called

4. ---___bad weather! It’s raining again.

---So it is. We have to stay at home.

A. How B. What a C. What D. What an

5. You look tired. You’d better ___ up late.

A. stay B. not stay C. to not stay D. not to stay

6. The teacher did what she could ___ that child.

A. helps B. helped C. to help D. helping

7. There ___ a number of animals in the zoo. The number of them ___ two thousand.

A. is; are B. are; is C. is; is D. are; are

8. Do you mind if I smoke here? ______

A. Pardon, I do B. Yes, not at all C. No, I do mind D. I’m sorry, but I do

9. Korea is ___ Asia. It’s ___ the northeast of China and ___ the west of Japan.

A. in; to; on B. in; on; to C. on; in; to D. to; on; in

10. A stone hit ___ and he fell down on the ground.

A. at Tom’s head B. on Tom’s head C. Tom on the head D. Tom at the head

11. Don’t make much___. The baby is sleeping.

A. sound B. voice C. noise D. crying

12. ___ Browns were having dinner when the telephone rang.

A. A B. An C. The D. /

13. I think___ of the materials I listened to at the beginning of the exam ___easy.

A. Three fourths; is B. third four; are C. three fourths; are D. three fourth; are

14. You___ arrive late for work. The boss___ be angry with you.

A. can’t; can B. mustn’t; may C. must; may D. can; must

15. ----Must I finish the project by 9:00 ?

----No, you___. You can finish it tomorrow.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. won’t

16. We live quite near. I often hear the lady___ at her son

A. shouting B. shouts C. shouted D. shout

17. The knife___ to cut things.

A. uses B. use C. is using D. is used

18. David wanted to know____.

A. what do I like B. what I likes C. what did I like D. what I liked

19. If it___ tomorrow, I___ at home.

A. rain; stay B. rains; will stay C. raining; will stay D. will rain; will

20. What would you like to eat ?


点火把文化培训学校 八年级 英语试卷(2)

I don’t mind . ___ whatever. You’ve got.

A. Something B. Everything C. Anything D. Nothing

二.完形填空 A student once said how 1 it was to put advertisements in the newspapers.“Last week,”said he,“I lost my dictionary in a London shop.Because it was a present.I spent twice of its cost 2 advertising,but didn’t 3 .”

“How did you write your advertisement?”asked one of his classmates. “Here it is,”said the student, 4 his pocket a piece of advertisement from a newspaper.His classmate took it and read,“Lost from the city shop last Sunday evening,an English-French dictionary.The one 5 finds it will receive ten dollars on leaving it at No.10 Water Street.”

“Now,”said his classmate,“I don’t think your advertisement can work.The way 6 the words are used is very important.Let us try for your dictionary again,and if it can’t bring your dictionary back,I’ll buy you a new one.”

He then took a piece of paper out of his pocket and wrote,“If the man who was seen to take a dictionary from the city shop last Sunday evening doesn’t want will return the dictionary to No.10 Water Street.We know who he is.”

This appeared in the newspaper,and on the next morning,the student 8 when he opened the door.In the doorway lay at least twelve dictionaries,and his own was among the number.Many of them had 9 on them saying that they had been taken 10 mistake,and begging the loser not to say anything about the matter.

( )1.A.useful B.useless C.usefully D.uselessly

( )2.A.in B.on C.of D.with

( )3.A.get back it B.get it back C.give back it D.give it back

( )4.A.took out it B.took out from C.taking out of D.taking out from

( )5.A.which B.where C.whom D.who

( )6.A.that B.which C.in that D.in which

( )7.A.get into B.get out of C.give any D.bring any

( )8.A.was surprising B.was surprised C.surprised D.had surprised

( )9.A.notes B.a note C.a message D.a piece of paper

( )10.A.at B.in C.by D.with



Jamie was born in a small village in the north of England. He is nine years old. He likes playing basketball very much. When he is free, he always plays basketball with his friends in the open air. Sometimes he walks in the forest and picks some flowers by himself.

Las Friday, Jamie finished his homework after the second class in the morning. He hurried to play basketball. The playground was wet. After some time his basketball was dirty and his hands 2

点火把文化培训学校 八年级 英语试卷(2)

were very dirty, too. It was 9:45 and the third class began. Jamie had no time to wash his hands and ran into his classroom. Mr. Black, his English teacher, told Jamie to write some new words on the blackboard. Jamie stood in front of the blackboard and started to write. Mr. Black saw his right hand was dirty.

“Oh, dear!” said the teacher. “Your right hand is dirty. I’m sure it’s the dirtiest in our class.” “You are wrong, Mr. Black,” said Jamie. Then he showed his left hand and it was dirtier.

31. From this first paragraph, we know Jamie___.

A. was born in 2003 B. likes playing football

C. doesn’t like flowers C. lives in the south of England

32. When did Jamie play basketball last Friday?

A. After the first class B. After the third class

C. Between the first class and the second class.

D. Between the second class and the third class.

33. Jamie’s hands were dirty last Friday because____.

A. the playground was wet

B. he picked flowers in the morning

C. he has no habit of washing his hands

D. there was no water to wash his hands.

34. What’s the best title for the passage?

A. Where are you from?

B. Can you play basketball?

C. You are wrong.

D. I’m sorry


October 16 is World Food Day. This day is also the anniversary(纪念日)of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO) (联合国粮农组织). More than 100 countries are holding special events. All of these aim to celebrate the establishment of the FAO in 1945. The theme chosen for this year’s World Food Day is “Water: source(资源) of Food Security .”

A UN report says that over 6 million people have died from hunger and related diseases so far this year alone. More than 850 million people, or about one in seven, around the world do not get enough food, and the need for food will increase a the world’s population grows. The UN also reports that by year 2030, the world may need 60% more food. Most of that increase will have to come from agriculture supported by water irrigation(灌溉). However, fresh water is already in short supply in many countries.

Jacques Diouf , the director of the FAO, says that there are 20 countries that do not have enough water to produce enough food for their population. Ten nations use more than 40% of their total fresh water for agriculture. He fears that the problem will only become worse as the need for water by people and by industry grows. So water is one of the most important things in the world today.

35. The underlined word “establishment” has the same meaning as ____.

A. picking up B. making up C. cutting up D. setting up

36. In the world, more than ___ people have died because of hunger this year.


点火把文化培训学校 八年级 英语试卷(2)

A. 6 million B. 2 million C. 850 million D. 100 million

37. What Mr. Diouf says shows that he most worries about ____.

A. the future of FAO B. the short of water

C. the overgrowth of population D. the development of the environment

38. The reading above implies that ___

A. fresh water for us is quite enough

B. the world’s population is getting smaller

C. we will need more water to irrigate

D. industry is the most important thing today

39. The passage is mainly about ____.

A. how to celebrate World Food Day

B. the increase of food in many countries

C. the importance of water for food

D. the UN Food and Agriculture Organization


40. I want to be a singer when a g______ up.

41. What’s your p__________ ? -----I can’t learn English well. I’m worried.

42. I was born in a small city, but I want to live in a h________ city like Beijing.

43. There are twelve m________ in a year.

44. I like playing chess, so my mother is going to buy me a chess s_________.


45. 你应该用双手接礼物。(should, both )


46. 他们已经结婚三年了。(married)

______________________________________________________________. 4

点火把文化培训学校 八年级 英语试卷(2)

47. 我们禁止在课堂上使用手机。(mobile phones)


48. 他的性格和他哥哥的不同。(character, different)


49. 你能按时到公园吗?(arrive)


50. 万物在阳光下生长得好。



A: Morning! What can I do for you ?

B: We’d like to make a trip for weekend holiday, please.

A: There are many travel paths. 51._____________

B: We’d like to choose Jinggang mountains.

A: It’s really worth visiting. 52.__________

B:We’re not sure. Which hotel do you think is comfortable?

A: The Holiday Home is very good. What’s more important, 53.__________

B: We don’t want to live in an expensive hotel. That’s what we’ll do.


B: Ok. I’ll ask my wife to fill in this form. By the way, is it all right of we pay by credit card? A:60.________Enjoy your weekend.

B:Thank you.


A: Which path do you want to choose?

B. The price is very low.

C. That’s Ok


点火把文化培训学校 八年级 英语试卷(2)

D. Would you please fill in this form in ? E. Which one do you wa

nt to buy?

F. Where will you live ?


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