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初中英语导学案8A Unit1(02)

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初中英语导学案8A Unit1

课题:Reading (I)


1.To guess general ideas from the key words and context.

2. To skim the text for overall meanings and finish the exercises for comprehension. 教学重点:

1. words: willing ready singer almost eyesight round smart sense bored joke advertisement

2. To get the general meaning of the text.


课 前 导 学



1. 我好朋友中的一员

2. 愿意做某事 3.乐于助人

4. 成长 5. 有机会做某事

6. 感到无聊 7. 好的幽默感

8. 想起 三、根据课文内容回答下列问题:

1. Is Betty slim?

2.What kind of person is she?

3. What does she want to do when she grows up?

4. How tall is Max?

5. Why does he have poor eyesight?

6. What kind of person is he?

7. Is May pretty?

8. Why is she a true friend?



Play a song of “Shining friends”, then ask them the name of the song to preparing for talking about “friends”.

II. Free talk:

T: All of us have friends, and we all have best friends. Why is she/he your best friends? III. Check their prevision- Words in this article.

willing ready singer almost eyesight

sense bored joke advertisemen

Ask some of them to read the words then correct their pronunciation. IV. Presentation:

1. Watch videos about the three best friends in Reading Part. Do “T” or “F” exercises at the same time.

2. Fast read the articles and answer the questions:

1). Is Betty generous? Why do you think so?

2). Is Betty helpful? How do you know that?

3). How tall is Max?

4). Why does Max have poor eyesight?

5). Why is May a true friend?

3. Read the article carefully and complete the table.


4.Retell the article according to the table.

5. Talk about their best friends.

V. Summary:

What kind of person is the best friend?

VI. Testing standard (课堂反馈)

VI. Homework:

1. Retell the text about the three best friends.

2. Recite the new words in the text.

课 堂 反 馈



1. Betty is as_________ (苗条) as I am, I think.

2. Li Yuchun is one of the best __________(歌手) in China.

3. I’ll buy a pair of glasses because of my poor ___________(视力)。.

4. He’d like to share everything with his friends. He is g____________.

5. She never tells lies(说谎三、单项选择。

( )1. I think Jim is as _______ as I am.

A. fater B. fatter C.fat D. fattest

( )2. Don’t watch TV __________.It’s not good for your health.

A. too many B. too much C. much too D. many too

( )3. The man left the office angrily without ___________ “goodbye”!

A. says B. said C. saying D.s peaking

( )4.The boy didn't go to school ____________his illness(疾病)。

A. because B. because of C. if D. but

( )5. Mr Li often makes us__________in his class, so we all like him.

A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughing D. laughed


I have three good friends in my class . They are Anne , Peter and Jenny . Now let me introduce(介绍) them to you .

Anne is a funny girl . She loves to tell jokes . She likes watching TV and singing pop songs . Peter is very helpful . He is always ready to help people . He likes playing football and basketball .

Jenny is a good student . She is smart . She likes reading and swimming .


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