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)1.-------Will you get there by ________train? --------No, I’ll take _______taxi.

A./ ; a B.a ; the C. / ; / D. the ; a

)2.-------Do you know Taiwan,Jenny?

--------Yes, of couse. Taiwan is ______island. It belongs to China.

A.a B.an C.the D. /

)3.Look! There is ______picture on _______wall.

A. / ; the B.a ; / C.a ; the D.the ; the

)4.________girl over there is Jim’s sister.

A.An B. A C. The

)5.------What’s _______date today? -------It’s June 26th.

A. / B. a C. the D.an

)6. Peter likes playing ______football very much,

but he doesn’t like ______football I bought foe him on his birthday.

A.the ; the B. / ; / C.the ; / D./ ; the

)7. ------What’s the matter with you?

--------I caught _____bad cold and had to stay in ______bed.

A.a ; / B.a ; the C.a ; a D. the ; the

)8.The boys and the girls often play _______piano in ______afternoon.

A./ ; the B./ ; / C.the ; the D.the ; /

)9.-------Where is Xiao Ming? --------He is having _____rest over there.

A. a B.the C.an D. /

)10.He is ______honest boy,so we all like him.

A.a B.the C.the

)11. _____sun can’t be seen at ______night.

A. A ;a B.A ; / C.The ; a D. The ;/

)12.A friehd of mine was in_______hospital. We went to_____hospital to see him.

A. / ; / B.the ; the C./ ; the D.the ; /

)13. We have meals three times ____day.

A.the B.a C. an D. /

)14.______Great Wall is famous in _______world.

A. / ;the B. / ; a C.The ; the D.The ; /

)15.This is _______song I’ve told you about. Isn’t it _______beautiful one?

A.the ; a B.a ; a C.the ; a D. a ; the

)16.------Are you ______Chinese or Japanese?

--------Chinese. But I was born in Japan.

A.an B. / C.a D.the

)17._______young must look after ______old.

A.The ; a B.A ; the C. The ; the D. A; a

)18. There is _____ h” in the word hour”.

A.a B.the C.an D. /

)19.The Changjiang River is one of _______longest river in the world.

A. the ; / B. / ; / C.the ; the D. the ; a

)20.My mother does ________at home.

A. washing B.washings C.the washing D.a washing )21.I have never seen ______wonderful picture.

A.such a B.such an D.so a D.such

)22.______number of the students have gone to Changhai.

A. / B.The C.An D.A

)23. What ______fine weather we have these days!

A.a B. the

C.a D.an

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