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代词-修改后单独 - 副本

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在线基础英语精品课程 动词--By Chloe

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动词verb 表示行为动作的词叫做动词。动词分为 实义 动词 系动词 助动词 情态动词

1 实义动词 实义动词分为及物动词和不及物动词。及物动 词后面直接带宾语;而不及物动词后面可不 带宾语,就有完整的意思;若要带宾语,其 后需要加一个介词,然后再跟宾语。 Do you like apples? Everyone has ten fingers. Students read books every morning. Look! They are writing. I want to travel around the world. They talked about the plan.

有些词既可以做不及物动词又可以做及物动词。 Let’s begin. We begin our classes at 7:00 every day. He arrived yesterday evening. He arrived in Shanghai yesterday evening.

2 系动词

在句中,系动词和它后面的表语(形容词、名词 或不等式等)一起构成谓语,说明主语的状态、性质、 特征或身份。 常见的系动词有:be, feel, taste, smell, look, sound, get, become, turn, seem, keep The book is very useful. I’m not feeling well today. Your idea sounds interesting. Her face turned red. Spring is coming. The weather is getting warmer and warmer. The soup tastes a little salty. 注:系动词不能用于进行时态和被动语态。

3 助动词
助动词在句中不能独立做谓语,必须和其他动 词一起构成各种时态、语态以及各种时态、语态的 否定句和疑问句。 常见的助动词有:do, does, did, will, shall, have, has, had等。 I don’t have any hobbies. He doesn’t like running. Did you discuss the problem at the meeting. I have been here for twenty years. By the time I got to the train station, the train had left.

4 情态动词和助动词一样不能单独做谓语,但 可以表示能力、可能性、允许、建议或猜测 等。常见的情态动词有:can, could, may, might, must, need, will, would, shall, should, have to, had better, used to等。情态动词后跟 动词原形。 The girl can speak English very well. May I borrow your maths book? Would you please turn on the TV?

1 动词的现在时形式指的是动词原形和动词的第 三人称单数形式。
变化规则 一般动词直接加s 以s, x, sh, ch, o结尾的词加es 以辅音加y结尾的词,把y变i加es 例子 Like-likes, run-runs, turn- turns. Teach-teaches, relax-relaxes Carry-carries, try- tries

2 动词ing形式一般由v+ing构成,其变化规则如 下:
变化规则 一般动词直接加ing 以不发音的字母e结尾的动词去掉加ing 以重读闭音节结尾的词,双写最后一个 字母加ing 例子 Look-looking, read-reading Write- writing, come-coming Swim-swimming, plan-planning

3 过去时指的是动词在一般过去时中的形式,即 过去式,一般由v+ed

变化规则 一般动词直接加ed 以e结尾的词直接加d 以辅音加y结尾的词,把y变i加ed 以重读闭音节结尾的词,双写最后的一 个字母加ed 例子 Watch- watched, help-helped Live-lived, dance-danced carry-carried, try- tried Stop-stopped, stop-stopped

4 过去分词

过去分词和过去式一样,也有规则和不规则变 化两种形式;规则变化和过去式的变化一样; 不规则的变化即形式变化没有规则。

动词和介词或副词一起构成的短语称为短语动词。动 词短语也分为及物和不及物两种。及物的短语动词可 以直接跟宾语;不及物的短语动词可不带宾语,就能 表达完整的意思,也可带宾语。 Look out! There is a snake in front of your right foot. I’m sure that my dream will come true in the future. We should look after our parents well when they are old. Please pass the pair of shoes to me. I get along well with my classmates at school.

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