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二、1. His hat was blown down the street by the wind. 2. she will be taken to hospital tomorrow. 3. Mr brown has been appointed as treasurer by the chairman. 4. Those dishes ought to be washed right away. 5. The door was found closed. 6. This question is being discussed at the meeting.

7. These books must be returned within two weeks. 8. Medicine used to be sold here. 9. Some friends of hers have been asked to join us. 10. The teacher was asked to explain the difficult sentences again. 11. Have your bicycle been found? 12. The light has been left on. 13. I was told to wait here for him.

14. He is being sent abroad by the government. 15. Five bridges will be built over the river by the government. 16. The children is being taken care of by the mother. 17. 5000 cars are produced by the factory every day. 18. The door had been locked. 19. English is spoken almost all over the world. 20. What are being built?

将下列句子改为主动语态形式 1. We should paint the room. 2. He explained the situation to us. 3. Is the postman sending the letter to America. 4. They chose Tom to be the monitor. 5. The teacher asked the students a very difficult question. 6. They were cleaning the room. 7. The manager has not signed the papers.

8. My mother bought me a new coat. 9. They are looking for the missing child. 10. The police will surely arrest the thieves. 11. We ought to teach children how to be polite. 12. They are going to plant one hundred trees. 13. You should water the flowers threes times a day. 14. They found him lying on the floor. 15. We must turn off the lights at ten o’clock.

1. There is nothing here. Everything has been taken away. 2. She is loved by everyone. 3. The film is directed by him. 4. Helen was sent to this school by her parents when she was 9. 5. He was considered as a good teacher. 6. He was born in 1919. 7. This bridge will be completed next year.

8. All the doors must be locked. 9. My car has been repaired. 10. This question is being discussed at the meeting. 11. The children are being looked after by their aunt. 12. This class is taught English by Mr Brown. 13. He was seen together with LiHong. 14. The tickets have been sold out before the film begins.

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