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1. The man asked me if I _______ him the way to the bus stop.

A. can tell B. could tell C. will tell D. tell

2. He told me that he ________ a cold for three days.

A. has B. had caught C. had had D. has had

3. They wondered if their teacher ________ them another story the next week.

A. would tell B. had told C. will tell D. told

4. Could you tell me _______ yesterday?

A. what they do B. what they did C. what do they do D. what did they do

5. I knew that the sun _________ (rise) in the east.

6. Could you tell me ________?

A. where is the station B. where the station is

C. is where the station D. the station is where

7. She said ________ she would leave the message on the headmaster’s desk.

A. that B. where C. which D. what

8. ---I’m waiting for the mail. Do you know ________ it will arrive?

---Usually it comes by 4:00.

A. how B. where C. when D. what

9. ---Do you know _______ I could pass the exam?

---Sorry, I’ve no idea.

A. that B. whether C. what D. which

10. The teacher wanted to know ________.

A. why was he late for school B. how he call answer this question

C. whether his parents are strict with him D. if he co uld finish them on time


1. Do you know _______over there?

A. what happens B. what was happened C. what is happening D. what did happen

2. I am not sure _______ he will come back home tomorrow or not.

A. when B. what C. whether D. where

3. I wonder if the foreign friends ________ for Shanghai next week.

A. leave B. leaves C. left D. are leaving

4. ---Have you found any information about Tibet on the Internet?

---Yes. But I don’t know ________ it is useful for you.

A. that B. what C. if D. how

5. ---Excuse me. Could you tell me _______?

---Certainly. Go straight ahead and you’ll see it on your left.

A. where the Post office is B. when you will visit the museum

C. where is the post office D. when will you visit the museum

6. We’d like to know ______ or not.

A. whether will the sports meeting come B. it will the sports meeting will come

C. whether the sports meeting will come D. if the sports meeting will come

7. ---Could you tell me ______ you are waiting for?

---I’m waiting for my daughter.

A. what B. when C. who D. where


8. Will you please tell me _________?

A. Where Pudong Airport is B. how far Pudong Airport will be

C. how can we go to Pudong Airport D. when was Pudong Airport built

9. Do you know ___________?

A. what time would the train leave B. what time does the train leave

C. what time will the train leave D. what time the train leaves

10. He said he ______ three English songs since he came here.

A. learned B. had learned C. would learn D. has learned

11. ---Can you guess if he ________ to play basketball with us?

---I think he will come if he _______ free tomorrow.

A. comes; is B. comes; will be C. will come; is D. will come; will he

12. ---Excuse me. Could you tell me _______?


A. when can I get to the station B. I can get to which station

C. which station can I get to D. how I can get to the station

13. Have you decided _______ for London?

A. when will you leave B. when you will leave

C. when are you going D. when you are going

14. He hasn’t decided ________.

A. if he’ll go on a trip to Wuxi B. when will he go on a trip to Wuxi

C. if he goes on a trip to Wuxi D. when does he go on a trip to Wuxi

15. Father asked me ________.

A. why didn’t I ride my bike B. why I didn’t ride my bike

C. why I didn’t ride my bike D. why I did ride my bike


1. He asked me _________.

A. what was the matter with me B. what is the matter with me

C. what the matter is with me D. what the matter was with me

2. It says, on the box, ________ it is glass and heavy.

A. if B. why C. that D. whether

3. He says ________ is an interesting book.

A. that that B. / C. whether D. that if

4. Do you know if ______ back next week? If he _______ back, please let me know.

A. he comes; will come B. will he come; comes

C. he will come; comes D. will he come; will come

5. Please ask our teacher _________.

A. what is wrong with her B. where shall we live

C. why she did that for D. what is her father

6. We don’t know he is good at English, __________?

A. do we B. don’t we C. is he D. isn’t he

7. He doesn’t think I will come with you, _________?

A. does he B. doesn’t he C. will I D. won’t I


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