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一、 in + 年、月、季

on + 日

at + 点

e.g.1 on a cold winter morning; _______ May, 2008

二、 on Christmas Day; at Christmas

三、 for + 一段时间 How long …….?

in + 一段时间 How soon ……?

四、 above 不垂直不接触

over 垂直不接触

on 接触

五、 in English 用英语

in one’s own words 用某人自己的话

e.g.1 He speaks English well. He writes the paper in English.

六、get on the bus get off the bus

get into the car/taxi get out of the car/taxi

七、 in front of 在…前面

in the front of 在…前部

e.g.1 He sits ___________ the classroom, doing his homework.

八、 near beside next to close to

八、 across 从..面上通过

through 从里面通过

九、between 两者之间

among 三者、三者以上

He is the best one among all the students in his class.

十、 on one’s way to…

on one’s way home/here/there

十一、 固定搭配:

用..材料: with

at least/ at most in time run out of be keen on in a hurry think of by the way in surprise try on for example live on to one’s joy for the time being on time in addition with great care on business


1. Wushu is becoming more and more popular _______ foreigners. ( 2002)

A. among B. for C. in D. to

2. Betty, let’s make a cake _______ some flour, sugar, butter and milk. ( 2008)

A> at B. of C. in D. with

3. Steven and William are keen ________ playing computer games.

A. to B. with C. on D. at


1.Mrs. Brown came to China ____ 1996.

A.from B.of C.to D.in

2.The room was full ____ smoke after the big fire.

A.of B.with C.in D.for

3.Here are some presents ____ you ____ our best wishes.

A.to; with B.for; with C.of; about D.for; for

4.Both Mr Green and Mrs Green were born ____ June, 1956.

A.in B.at C.on D.for

5.The little boy is always interested ____ science.

A.with B.by C.in D.at

6.Li Lei often gets up ____ seven o'clock on Sundays.

A.on B.in C.at D.for

7.They arrived early ____ a Tuesday morning.

A.on B.at C.in D.of

8.Macao(澳门)will return to our motherland ____ December 20th, 1999.

A.on B.at C.in D.for

9.----When were you born? ----I was born ____ August 25, 1983.

A.on B.in C.at D.to

12.The visitors ____ Japan arrived ____ Beijing Station last Tuesday morning.

A.from; at B.of; to C.from; to D.of; on

13.The teacher will be back ____ an hour.

A.in B.after C.on

15.It's cold outside. Please your warm clothes.

A. put in B. take off C. put on D. put up

16. his friends.

A. on, from B. in, of C. at, to D. from, for 

17.The classroom is quite different that one.

A. of B. from C. with D. like 

18.Look, you'll see a bridge 

A. on B. above C. over D. in

19.–Your coat looks nice, Is It cotton? -Yes. It's Shanghai.

A. made of, made by B. made of, made in

C. made for, made in D. made from made by 

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