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Unit1 Topic1


M: Good morning, Steve. Nice to see you! S: Good morning. Nice to see you, too. S: I’m going to play basketball.

S: My favorite player is Lin Shuhao. And yours?

S: Twice a week.

S: I want to be a basketball player like Lin Shuhao.

M: I hope your dream will come true (实现).

Unit1 Topic2

2. 选择适当的句子,补全对话。(有两项多余)

A:It’s Sunday tomorrow. 1. B:Oh, I am going to watch a football match. It’s between Korea and China. A:Wonderful! I really hope we’ll win this time. 2. B:At 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I have two tickets here. 3. A:Of course I’d love to. But I can’t. We will have a basketball match tomorrow afternoon. B:What a pity! 4. ? A:A team from No. 2 Middle School. B:5. A:In our school.

B:Good luck to you and your team then!

A:Thank you. See you later.

B:See you.

3. 从Ⅱ栏中选出与Ⅰ栏相对应的句子。

Ⅰ栏 Ⅱ栏

( ) 1. Could you give me a hand? A. Never mind. I guess you were busy.

( ) 2. Don’t be late for class again. B. Sure.

( )3. Would you mind putting litter into the dustbin? C. Sorry, I’ll do it at once.

( ) 4. When shall we meet? D. Let’s make it half past three.

( ) 5. I’m sorry I didn’t call you last night. E. I’d be glad to.

( ) 6. Michael, will you join us? F. Sorry, I won’t.

4. 选择适当的句子,补全对话。(有两项多余)

Miss Li: Hello, everyone. I have something exciting to tell you.

Students: Great. 1.______________

Miss Li: Our school will hold a school sports meet. Every class must take part in it. Students: 2._____________

Miss Li: Next Friday. We only have one week to prepare for it.

Wang Feng: 3.___________:

Miss Li: Yes, of course. The high jump and the long jump are important part of the sports meet. Li Ming: Will there be basketball games during the meet?

Miss Li: Sure. 4._________

Li Ming: I hope our teachers will win.

Miss Li: Me, too. Would you like to cheer them on?

5. 填入适当的句子,补全对话。

Mike: Hello! 1. Jack: This is Jack speaking.

Mike: Hi, Jack. This is Mike. Are you free this afternoon?

Jack: Yes, what’s up?

Mike: I have two film tickets. 2. Jack: Yes, I’d love to. 3. Mike: At 3:00 this afternoon.

Jack: 4. Mike: Let’s meet at my home.

Jack: OK. 5. Mike: See you.

6. 选择适当的句子,补全对话。(有两项多余)

Mike:Hi, Jim. Jim:I am going to the gym. Mike: Jim:I’m going to take part in the football match there. Mike:Of course. I’ll go there to cheer you on. Jim:Oh. It’s very good. Mike:Yes, I do. But I don’t play it very well. Jim:You need more practice.

Mike:Yes, you’re right. Jim:At five o’clock.

Mike:Oh, it’s ten past four now. Let’s hurry.

7. 选择填入适当的句子,补全对话。

A:Hello! Peter! 1. ___________________

B:Tomorrow? Yes, I’m free. What’s up?

A:The film Mom, Love Me Again is on in the theater. 2. ___________________ B:Yes, I’d love to. 3. ___________________

A:It will begin at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.

B:4. ___________________


:Let’s make it 2:00 at the school gate.

B:OK. 5. ___________________

A:See you.

8. 从Ⅱ栏中选出Ⅰ栏相对应的句子。

Ⅰ栏 Ⅱ栏

( ) 1. I hope our school basketball team will win on A. Sorry, I won’t.

Friday. B. I’m going to learn driving.

( ) 2. What’s your favorite sport? C. Football, of course.

( ) 3. Would you mind not talking when our teacher D. Me, too.

is speaking? E. Good idea

( ) 4. Shall we go to the zoo next Sunday? .

( ) 5. What are you going to do next week?

Unit2 Topic1

9. 选择适当的句子,补全对话。

A: Good morning, Doctor Li.

B: Good morning, Kangkang. 1. __________

A: I have a headache and cough day and night.

B: 2. ___________ A: About 2 days. B: Let me see. Oh, you have a cold. A: 3. ___________ B: Nothing serious.

A: 4.___________

B: Take some medicine and have a good rest. You’ll get better soon.

A: 5. Good bye!

10. 选择适当的句子,补全对话。(有两项多余)

A: Good morning, Xiao Li.

B: Good morning, Xiao Wang.

A: 1. _________

B: I’m feeling better now.

A: What did the doctor say?

B: The doctor said my leg was hurt. I can’t stand up.2.________ A: 3._______ How did it happen? B: On my way home yesterday, I stepped on a banana peel and slipped. A:_4. __________ B: I think everyone should obey the city’s Hygienic Rules (卫生条例). Littering is a very bad habit.

A: You’re right. 5.______ Don’t worry about your lessons. We’ll help you.

B: Thank you very much.

A: You’re welcome.

Unit2 Topic2


A:Good morning, Doctor Wang.

B:Good morning, young man. What’s wrong with you?

A:I have a stomachache.


A:It began about 2 days ago.


A:No, I seldom have breakfast.

B:Oh, it’s not good. 13.

A:Yes, I like fast food very much.


A:Every day.

B:I see. You have a bad eating habit. You’d better change it.

A:OK. 15. Thank you!

Unit2 Topic3

12. 选择适当的句子,补全对话。(有两项多余)

A: Hello! I’d like to speak to Kangkang.

B: 1. A: 2. B: He has a bad stomachache. A: 3. How did it happen? B: He ate out for fast food with his friends yesterday. He felt terrible as soon as he came back. A: That’s terrible. 4. I want to see him.

B: Not far. It’s on Xinhua Road. You can find it


A: I hope he will get better soon.

B: 5.


A: Hell! Could I speak to Kangkang?

B: Sorry. 1.____________ A: Oh dear! 2. ___________ B: Sure. Go ahead. A: 3. __________ please tell him to call me back. B: 4._____________ A: Yes, he does. B: OK. 5. _____________

A: Thank you so mush. Goodbye!

B: Bye!


Ⅰ栏 Ⅱ 栏

( )1. Why not drink some hot water? A. Certainly. Go ahead.

( )2. How often do you play computers? B. One and a half hours.

( )3. Must I hand my homework in tomorrow? C. No, you don’t have to.

( )4. Can I use your red pen? D. Twice a week.

( )5. How long do you exercise every day? E. Good idea.

15. 选择适当的句子,补全对话。(有两项多余)

(B is at A’s home)

A:It’s very cold this morning. Would you like a cup of hot milk?

B:Sorry. 1. A:With sugar? B:2. I don’t want any sugar. A:But I know you usually like tea with sugar. B:Yes. But the doctor told me it’s bad for my health. A:I see. Here’s some home cooked food. 3. B:No, thanks. I had breakfast an hour ago. 4. A:Help yourself to some fruit,then. B:5.

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