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第一课时(Unit 3)


1.pierce_______________2.license______________3.silly______________4.earring______________5.instead of ______________

6.stay up___________7.concentrate_____________8.concentrate on____________ 9.study______________ 10.design__________


1.a sixteen-year-old child ___________2.get to class late ___________3.be strict with sb. __________.be strict in sth.___________

4.fail a test _________5.at present _________6.have Fridays off ________7.an old people’s home _________8.pass a test ________

9.the other day ______________10.concentrate on…______________11.reply to ______________12.get ears pierced ___________

13.a part-time job __________14.go to the mall __________15.driver’s license __________16.not serious enough ____________

17.instead of____________18.on school nights ____________19.go to the movies ______________20.stay up ______________



Teenagers should ________ ________ ________ choose their own clothes.

2. 青少年不应该被允许扎耳朵。 3.我认为16岁的孩子不应该被允许开车。

_ should be allowed to drive.

4.你应该停止戴那无聊的耳环。 You should ________ ________ the silly earring.

5.他似乎没有许多朋友。 He doesn’t ________ ________ have many friends.

6.他需要时间做家庭作业。 He ________ time ________ do his homework.

7.他们以交谈代替做家庭作业。 They talk ________ ________ doing homework.

8.在十点以前我必须到家。 I have to be home ________ 10:00 pm.

9.我也没有被允许上学的晚上外出。 I am not allowed to go out ________ school nights, ________ .

10. 我不被允许熬夜到11点。 I am not allowed to ________ ________ ________ 11:00 pm

11.皮特应该被允许以后参加考试。 Peter should be allowed to take the test ________

12.父母不应该对青少年要求太严。 Parents shouldn’t be too ________ ________ teenagers.

13.谈论我们在校有的规定。 ________ ________ the rules that we have in/at school

14.年轻人应该看起来时髦。 Young people should ________ smart.

15.那有利于学习。 It’s ________ ________ studying

16.设计自己的服装。 We would like /want to wear ________ ________ clothes


1. You should stop______(wear) that silly cap.

2. They are talking instead of _____(do) homework.

3.That woman seems _____ (work) in a shop.

3. He was so ______(sleep) that he fell asleep soon.

4. He wants to have his bike ______(mend) this afternoon.


1. I believe that Lucy is allowed to perform a play for the old people.(改为否定句)

2. It took him two hours to finish reading the novel.(改为同义句)

He the novel.

3. Parents should allow their children to choose their own clothes.(改为被动语态)

Children to choose their own clothes.

4. How many units must we learn this term? (改为被动语态)

this term?

5. I was asked to clean up the room by my teacher.(改为主动语态)

to clean up the room.



( L --- Lucy; K---Kim)

L: Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year, Kim?

K: 47._______________ L: What are you going to do?

K: 48._______________ L: Why do you want to learn Chinese?

K: 49. ______________ Well, Lucy, did you make your resolution?

L: Oh, sure. 50._________________

K: How are you going to do that?

L: I’m going to study harder.


with, difference, anymore, wonder, be, do, family, interest, friend, daughter

. They often say, “Play more, read more, and watch more.” Sometimes when I am doing my homework at night, my dad will say to me, “Do not do it play!” Sometimes I am puzzled andabout the reason. Then they will answer, “You are a big girl now. You can do what you’rethey don’t want to do. Things are different气氛). I like my parents very much, and I think they are very cool.


21.——How is _____film you saw last night? ——You mean_____one, Lost in Thailand(泰囧)?That’s wonderful!

A.a; the B. the ;the C. the; \ D. \; the

22.I don’t know if he _____to the English corner, but I’ll ask him about that when he_____to the class.

A.goes; will come B. will go; will come C. Goes; comes D. will go; comes

23.We have noticed the problems, and_____ will be discussed at the meeting.

A.You B. It C. They D. Us

24.The plane to Chengdu_____ just now. You have to wait until tomorrow.

A.took off B.took after C. took out D. took away

25.People are talking about the old houses _____Jackie Chan bought in Anhui twenty years ago.

A.Which B. Where C. Who D. When

26.I like to read English in the garden because the flowers in it smell_____.

A.good B. well C. bad D. Badly

27.The old man is a good swimmer, and even now he often swims_____Tuojiang River after supper

A.over B. through C. to D. across

28.——_____I finish my homework now? ——No, you_____. Your work is over today.

A.Can’t,must B.Must, don’t have to C.May,couldn’t D.Couldn’t,could

29.Could you please tell me_____a great actress?

A.how Zhao Wei has become B. How did Zhao Wei become

C.how became Zhao Wei D. How does Zhao Wei became

30.If you_____an English teacher, how_____you teach your students English?

A.were,will B.were,would C.are,did D. are,would

31.I’m happy to see great_____have taken place in my hometown. Many new roads have been built.

A.experiences B.advantage C. Dream D.changes

32.——You have been in Neijiang very long? ——Yeah,___ my parents came here.

A.For B. As C.When D. Since

33.His family are worried about him because they haven’t ___ letters from him for a long time.

A.accepted B. received C. written D. Collected



第二课时(Unit 3)


1.present____________ 2.at present____________3.opportunity____________4.volunteer____________ 5.local ____________

6.experience________7.member_________8.mess_________ 9.old people's home_________10.sleepy________11.reply_______


21.clean up ____________ 22.take a test____________ 23.school uniforms____________ 24.look smart ____________

25.would like to do sth. ___________26.be good for ____________27.keep sb. happy __________28.start an English club________

29.an English-English dictionary____________ 30.an English-Chinese dictionary____________31.basketball practice____________

34.at least____________

35.eight hours’ sleep/eight-hour sleep ___________36.ten minutes’ walk/ten-minute walk __________ 37.perform a play _________

40.volunteer at the newspaper office____________



more________our clothes than our studied.


a good way to ________ ________teachers ________students happy


It’s also probably a good idea for parents to ________ teenagers ________study in groups.

20.我们有时吵闹。Sometimes we ________ ________

21.我们互相学到许多东西。We learn a lot /much from ________ ________


Longer vacations would ________ us time to do things ________ volunteering


I have an ________________ ________ volunteer at the local hospital


What do you ________ ________the school uniforms?


What school rules ________ ________ ________ should be changed?

26.我不能选择买哪条牛仔裤。 I can’t choose ________ pair of jeans________ ________

27.这条裙子穿在我身上好看。 The skirt ________ good ________ me.

28.每人每晚需要有至少8小时的睡眠。 Everyone needs to have________ ________ 8 hours’ sleep every night

29.花时间更经常地做像那样的事情。 Take time to do things like that ________ ________

30.对我来说,那会是一个极好的经历。 That would be a great ________ ________me

31.在上了很长的一周课之后,许多学生感到困乏。 Many students are ________ after a long week of classes.

32.休了一天假。 Have a day ________


2.I’m sure you will3. It’s important to make a correct4. Something is wrong with my car.I’ll get it(repair).

(important) of learning English.


1.We must do the work right now.(改为被动语态) right now.

2.Kathy is a student. So is Jack.(合并为一句) Kathy

3.The man should be allowed to take a rest later.(改为一般疑问句) to take a rest later?

4.I think we need a cheaper one, too.(否定句) I__________ think we need a cheaper one, _________.

5.The teacher should allow members to use the dictionaries.(改为被动) 3


Students often talk about the rules that they must obey at school. For example, they have to is that none of the students believes the uniforms they wear different kinds will punish(惩罚)him or her. It is not allowed to take beepers(传呼机)or mobile phones into the classroom. During a test, the students should finish It’s wrong to talk about the answers with the other students. The students who are on duty the classroom before the others come to school. Any students can’t go out of the permission (允许to love the books and talking aloud is forbidden (禁止). 1. A. put on 2. A. allowed 3. A. ugly 4. A. if

5. A. careful 7. A. of

B. wear

C. on C. new C. when C. hard C. on C. on

D. in

D. allow D. beautiful D. why D. harder D. no one

B. allowing

C. allows

B. clean

B. which

B. carefully B. by B. with

6. A. everyone 8. A. put up 9. A. without 10. A. need 七、阅读理解

B. anyone

C. every one

D. in D. clean up

D. in D. needed

B. hand up C. use up

C. needing

B. needs

. We all need to dream," some scientists say.

Dreams take up about one quarter of our sleeping time. People have several dreams each night. Dreams are like short films. They are usually in color. Some dreams are like old films. They come to us over and over again. That may be because the dreamer is worrying about . Some people get new ideas about their work from dreams. They may have been thinking about their work all day. These thoughts can carry over into dreams. Sometimes we wake up with a good feeling from a 消失) quickly from memory.

Too much dreaming can be harmful (有害的). 4 . The mind is hard at work when we dream. That is why we may


34.There will bi more people in the library. Come earlier, _____you won’t have a seat.

A.but B.and C. or D.then 35.——_____would you like to choose to live in, Chengdu, Beijing or Shanghai? ——Chengdu, I think. A.How B.what C.When D.Which 36.He hurried back home_____his schoolbag.

A.fetched B.to fetch C.fetching D.fetches 37.Though he_____the book three times, he hopes to read it again.

A.read B.reads C.has read D. Would read 38.——Would you mind not throwing waste here? —— _____.

A.Sorry, I won’t do it again B. Sure, I’d love to C. Yes, of course D. No, thanks 39.Our English teacher often says to us, “_____English well is very important.”

A.Learn B. Learning C. Learned D. To learning 40.Many buildings in Lushan_____in the earthquake on April 20th. It will surely be reconstructed(重建)more beautifully. A.have destroyed B.are destroyed C.were destroyed D.are destroy


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