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9A U5 Period 3 Reading(2)

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Unit 5 Films Period 3
Reading Two

II. Can you find out the phrases in the text?
only…but also 1. 不但……而且…… not ____________

2. 哀悼失去了……

____________ mourn the loss of

put one’s effort into… 3. 尽所有的努力…… ____________ the lead role of… 4. 扮演……的主角 play ____________

last appearance 5. 最后一次露脸 make the ____________
6. 超越 ____________ go beyond

one’s attention 7. 吸引某人的注意 attract ____________
the beginning of 8. 标志……的开始 mark ____________ 9. 不久以后 ____________ shortly after

10. 获得奥斯卡最佳女演员奖 win an Oscar for Best Actress ____________
11. 专心致力于 devote…to ____________

honoured with 12. 获得……的荣誉 be ____________

13. 与……密切合作 work ___________ closely with

14. 去世
15. 花费……做…… 16. 给某人颁奖

pass___________ away
spend…doing ___________ present sb with sth ___________

17. 在她整个演艺生涯中
throughout her acting years _________________________

Audrey Hepburn是永远的、最棒的女 演员之一。她不仅在美国,在全世界 都很出名。当Hepburn在1993年去世 的时候,全世界都在哀悼失去了一个 了不起的美人,一个了不起的女演员 和一个了不起的人道主义者。

Hepburn于1929年5月4号出生于比利 时。她在很小的时候就开始上芭蕾舞 课。她热爱跳舞而她那时的梦想就是 成为一名优秀的芭蕾舞演员。在她进 入电影行业以前,她把所有的精力都 投入了芭蕾舞训练。在她成为一名好 莱坞巨星前她还成为了一名模特。

在1951年,当参演Monte Carlo Baby 时,Hepburn遇见了著名的法国作家 Collette。 Hepburn的美貌和魅力吸引 了这位作家的注意。 Collette写了一部 叫做Gigi的小说。这部小说后来被排 演成一部舞台剧。 Collette坚持认为 Hepburn是这部戏主角的完美人选。 这件事标志着Hepburn完美演艺生涯 的开始。

不久以后,Hepburn被选中在好莱坞 电影《罗马假日》中扮演主角,一位 年青的公主。它是一次巨大的成功而 且Hepburn立刻成名。她因在这部电 影中的角色而获得了一次奥斯卡最佳 女主角。后来,她参演了戏剧Ondine 并因此获得了一次Tony奖。

Hepburn一生中还获得了四次奥斯卡 提名。其中一些Hepburn所参加的著 名电影还包括Funny face,Breakfast at Tiffany?s 和My fair lady。在1989年, Hepburn在她的最后一部电影Always 中最后一次露面,她扮演一位天使。 一些人认为她在扮演她自己,因为对 他们来说,她本人就是一位天使。

贯穿她的整个演艺生涯,她仅参演了 一部电视连续剧,Gardens of the world with Audrey Hepburn。通过向 我们展示自然界的美丽, Hepburn想 要提醒我们应该保护环境。

Hepburn取得的成绩超越了电影行业。 人们不仅把她

当做一位了不起的女演员, 而且也把她当做一位了不起的人道主义 者来怀念,因为她把好的大量时间都奉 献给了慈善事业。她把生命中的最后几 年用来和联合国儿童基金会紧密合作来 帮助世界不同地区的贫穷儿童。她因在 该领域做出的努力而多次获奖。在1992 年,美国总统因她的慈善工作授予她 the Presidential Medal of Freedom。

在1991年,Hepburn发现她患了癌症。 在1993年1月10号,她最后一次在她的 花园散步。十天之后, Hepburn在睡 梦中安详地去世了。享年63岁。

II. Language Points
1. She is famous not only in the
USA, but also in other parts of the world.

(1) not only…but also… 意为“不

又……”,用作并列连词, 连接

He plays not only the piano but also the violin.

He not only sings well but also
dance Beautifully.

1. Not only Mr Lin but also his son joined the Party two years ago. 两个相对称的并列成分。例如: (连接两个主语) 2. I not only play tennis but also practise shooting. (连接两个谓语动词) 3. He plays not only the piano but also the violin. (连接两个宾语) 4. They speak English not only in class but also in the dormitory. (连接两个地点状语)

1. not only … but also 应连接

(2) not only…but also… 连接两个主 语时, 谓语动词要和与but also后 的主语保持人称和数的一致。 Not only the students but also the teacher is going to the zoo tomorrow. Not only the teacher but also the students are going to the zoo tomorrow.

(3) both…and… 意为“既……

又……”或“……和……”, 用在
肯定句中, 谓语用复数形式。

Both my father and I are going
to attend the charity show next Friday.

We visited both Beijing and

? 注 1 : She not only sings well but also dances beautifully. doesn’t only sing well = She _________ but also dances beautifully. 注 2 :句子 He not only plays the piano but also the violin. 不是好的文体,因为 but also 之后 的成分与 not only 之后的成分不 对称。

famous 的用法 1. be famous for 意为“以……而 出名”,其主语可以是人也可以 是物。 China is famous for its long history. 2. be famous as 意为“以……著 称”、“以某种身份而闻名/出 名”

is famous as e.g. Lu Xun ____________a writer. famous for e.g. Lu Xun is _____________his works.

2. She loved dancing and her dream was to become a successful ballet dancer. “be+不定式”结构,表示即将要发生的 动作。 I am to have tea with Bill this afternoon. As I was to leave the next day, I went to

bed early on Tuesday evening.

3. She had put all her effort into ballet
training before she entered the film industry. ① effort 用作可数名词,意为“努力”、 “努力的尝试”,常与不定式连用。

常见搭配有: make efforts to do sth


② enter 意为“进入”,相当于go into, come into。注意:enter后面不能加 into. I entered the room quietly. All the students stopped talking when the teacher entered the classroom.

4. Audrey?s beauty and charm attracted the writer?s attention. attract用作及物动词,意为“吸引”、 “引起注意”。主语既可以是人,也 可以是物。” The charity concert attracted a lot of audiences. I tried to attract his attention, but failed.

be attracted by “被(……等) 吸引”。
e.g. We are attracted by her beauty.

5. Colette insisted that Audrey was the perfect girl to play the lead role

in the play.
1) insist 用作及物动词, 意为“坚持

认为”、“坚持说”, 指说话人


The young man insisted that he was not there when the accident happened. He insisted that his answer was right. 2) insist on 意为“坚持”、“强调”、 “坚决主张(做某事) ”, 其宾语常用 名词或动名词形式。

6. Shortly after, Audrey was chosen to play the lead role of a young Princess in the Hollywood film Roman Holiday. 1) shortly 用作副词,意为“立刻”、 “不久”。相当于soon, right away. The guess will arrive shortly. 2) shortly after 意为“不久以后”, shortly before 意为“不久以前”。

The school was built shortly after the war.
We arrived shortly before the film began.

3) play a role in … 在……起作用
Mike played an important role in the charity party. Susan played the lead role in the class activity.

7. She wanted to remind us that we
should protect the environment by

showing us the beauty of the nature.
remind 用作及物动词, 意为“使…… 想起”。 常见搭配为: remind sb of sth /remind +that 从句.

8. People remembered her not just as a great actress, but also as a great humanitarian who devoted much of her time to charity. 1) remember... as... 意为“把……当 做……来记住/纪念”。 I remembered Bill as a hard-working student.

2) devote的用法 devote用作动词, 意为“献身于”、 “致力于”, 后面一般要跟oneself, one?s life, one?s time, one?s efforts 等。 常与介词to连用, 后面要跟名词或动名 词。 Simon devoted lots of time to this question. Nick has devoted himself to teaching since he left school.

9. Ten days later, at the age of 63, Audrey passed away, peacefully, in her sleep. pass away 意为“去世”、“逝世”, 与die同义,是一种比较委婉的说法, 一般用于名人或伟人。 Our great chairperson, Mao Zedong, passed away, but he is still in people?s heart.

1.When I entered into the office nobody was there .

2.They devoted themselves to teach us.

teach 改成 teaching
3.Not only Sandy but also Sue like eating po

tato chips. like 改成 likes 4.Harry potter is a well-know film in the world.

5.He’ll play a leader role in my latest drama.

leader 改成


? 填词: ( 注意形式 ) attracts 1.The Great Wall ______________ more and more people to Beijing. 2.Fei Junlong put all his effort ____________ into the flight of “Shen 6”. devoted 3.Many soldiers ____________ their lives to our motherland during the Anti-Japanese War. 4.We should take some actions to environment protect the _______________.

5.Before you ___________ the enter teachers’ office, you should knock on the door. 6.Liu Xiaoqin played the lead ___________ role in the play “The last night of Miss Jin.” 7.The ___________ text of this final book is a detective story. 8.My grandmother ____________ mourn for her dead pet dog for many years.

1 Everyone is attracted by her beauty beautiful ) ___________( 2 He had a serious traffic accident and died because of ___________ of much loss blood.( lose ) 3 My brother began to work at this big peacefully after he finished company ____________ college.( short ) 4 The people don’t want any wars. They shortly wish to live ____________. ( peace ) 5 When did Audrey make her final appearance in films? ( appear ) _______________

III. Fill in the blanks using the right phrases in proper forms. not only…but also…, put one?s effort into, pass away, play the lead role, mark the beginning of
put their effor into 1 All the players and runners _______ training before the 10th National Games. played the lead role in the film 2 Ge You __________________ “No thieves in the world.”

not only…but also…, put one?s effort into, pass away, play the lead role, mark the beginning of away the 3 When Zhou Enlai passed __________, whole country mourned the loss of a great politician(政治家). not only good at studying, 4 Jim is ________ but also plays football quite well. _______ marked the beginning of 5 The year 1949 ______________________ the new life of Chinese people.


单词巩固– 根据课文内容填上合适的词

favourite Audrey Hepben was one of Hollywood’s ________ actresses. She had been a model ______before she became an lasted actress Her successful career ______for _______. about forty filmingMonte Carlo Baby, she met years. In 1951, while _______ Colette. The writer was attracted ________ by Audrey’s beauty and charm and insisted that she was the right person to lead Shortly play the _____role in Gigi. ________after, Audrey was chosen to play the lead role in Roman Holiday and it ________ earned ________her as Oscar for Best Actress. She also won the Tony Awards for the play Ondine. During her lifetime Audrey earned four more Oscar nominations. ________, She made her _____appearance in films in 1989. She final played the role _____an angel in the film Always. of

Hollywood?s all-time best one of greatest actresses not only…but also other parts of t

he world

die/died/dead/dying/death mourn the loss of lose/lost/loss begin to do=begin doing take ballet lessons at a very young age Her dream was to become a successful ballet dancer. put one?s effort into doing sth. enter=get into the film industry Hepburn?s beauty and charm

attract the writer?s attention be made into/be made of/be made from/be made in/be made to do insist that+从句/insist on doing sth. the perfect girl to do sth. mark the beginning of shortly after be chosen to do play the lead role of a big success immediately=at once

win an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in this film during her lifetime four more=another four make one?s final appearance to sb. throughout her acting years one TV series/a series of By showing us the beauty of nature remind sb. of/that/to do achieve/achievement go beyond

devote…to sth或doing sth. work closely with UNICEF close/closely be honored with in this area present sb. with sth. the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the age of 63 pass away sb. of great charm say firmly be remembered for

last for about forty years the right person to do sth. be based on或upon

Translate the sentences into English. 1. Mary不仅是一位歌唱家,还是 一位作家。

2. 葛尤在电影《手机》里扮演主角。
3. 我尽力按时完成这项工作。

4. 在他们到来之前,我们已经吃过早饭。 5. Ann致力于保护野生动物。 6. 周恩来总理虽然逝世了,但仍然活在我 们心中。

7. 这张照片使我想起了那次愉快的旅游。

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