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medicine (药) article(文章) dustbin(垃圾箱) energy(能量)

bicycle(骑自行车) prevent(预防) finally(最后) crowded(拥挤的) dangerous(危险的) examine(检查) patient(病人) several(几个)

avoid(防止) battle(战斗) reporter(记者,新闻通讯员) brave(勇敢的) save(挽救) through(穿过) human(人类的) empty(空的)

might(可能) disease(疾病) journalist(记者,新闻工作者) tidy(弄干净) choose(选择)


Topic 2

Section A

1. stay up…late 熬夜

2. be bad/good for sb. 对某人有坏处 对某人有好处

3. wash hands before meals 餐前洗手

4. go to school without breakfast 不吃早饭去学校

Section B

1. read in the sun 在太阳下看书

read in bed 躺在床上看书

2. give up smoking 戒烟

3. show sth. to sb. 把某物出示给某人

4. stay up late at night 熬夜

5. do morning/eyes exercises 做早操/做眼保健操

6. throw litter around 到处扔垃圾

7. be necessary for sb. 对某人有必要

Section C

1. big/carefully enough 够大/够小心

enough water/sleep/books 足够的水/睡眠/书

2. Exercise on an empty stomach 空腹运动

3. keep away from 远离

4. sweep the floor 扫地

5. spit in public 随地吐痰

6. Don’t walk on the lawn 不要踩草坪

Section D

1. more important/beautiful 更重要/漂亮

faster 更快 better 更好

2. as we know 众所周知

3. eat more vegetables and less meat 吃更多的蔬菜和更少的肉

4. in different ways 不同的方式

5. It’s necessary for sb. to do sth. 对某人来说做某事很必要


Section A

1. hurry up 快点

2. go ahead 开始

3. at once 马上

4. take/follow one’s advice 采纳某人的建议

5. keep away from crowded places 远离拥挤的地方 Section B

1. just a moment

=wait a moment 等一会

2. ring sb. up = call sb. = phone sb. 给某人打电话

3. leave a message for sb. 给某人留言

4. give a message for sb.

=take a message for sb. 给某人捎口信

5. go roller skating 去滑旱冰

6. call sb. back 回电话给某人

7. 远离细菌

keep away from crowded place 远离拥挤的地方

the drugs 远离毒品

Section C

1. give a talk (about) 做关于…的报告

2. On the other hand 在另一方面

3. learn about first aid 学习急救知识

4. avoid doing sth. 避免/拒绝做某事

5. play sports=do exercise 做运动

6. say no to smoking 拒绝抽烟

Section D

1. a kind of disease 疾病的一种

2. break out 爆发

3. lose one’s life 失去(某人)生命

4. teach oneself=learn…by oneself 某人自己学习

5. take an active part in 积极参加

6. care of=take care for 照顾

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