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I have a happy family, there are five family members. They are father, mother, grandpa, grandma and me. We are kind to each other.

When I was four, I was short, fat and lovely. I played with toys all the time and I never did homework. Mom didn’t have to care about my score. When she finished work, she always played with me. She was young and slim at that time. My father was thin and tall and short-sighted. He often sang songs for me and danced hip-pop, he often made me laugh. Grandpa and Grandma were young at that

time. Grandma was beautiful, young and Grandpa was handsome.

But great changes have taken place in my family.

I am tall and pretty now. Also, I study a lot. Mom has to care about my score and I always break her heart. She is still very pretty, but she is not as young as before. Father is still tall, but he becomes fat now. Grandpa and Grandma are old now, and

they start to play Taichi.

See, great changes have taken place in our family, but we still love each other!







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