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Unit 1 Can you play the guitar? Section A

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Small game

Can you spell it?

ulcb rat
simw oinj

club ehcee art ngshliE swim suicm join rawd

English music


Let's learn some new words.

sing /si? /


/d?ns/ /dɑ:ns/

swim / swim /

draw / dr?:/


play chess

speak English /spi:k/

play the guitar




play chess

speak English

play the guitar



--- Can you…? --- Yes, I can. --- No , I can’t .

--- Can he/she…? --- Yes, he/she can. --- No , he/she can’t .

swimming club

music club

chess club

English club

art club

- What club do you want to join?
- I want to join the…… - Can you……?

English club

chess club

art club

swimming club

music club



Unit 1

What can these people do? Match the words and the people.

Can you play the guitar ?

e 1. sing_____ g 2. swim _____ d 3. dance ____ b 4.draw _____
5. play chess c _____

a 6. speak English ____ f 7. play the guitar _____


Listen and number the conversations [1-3]

A: Can you swim ? 2 B: No, I can’t . A: I want to join the art club . 3 B: Can you paint ? A: Yes, I can . A: I want to join the music club . 1 B: Oh, can you sing ? A: Yes, I can .

1.Lisa wants to join the _____ chess club, but she can’t play _____. chess

2.Bob wants to join the English ______ club. He likes to speak _____. English
3.Mary likes music. She can ____ ____. Bob sing and dance likes music, too. They want to join the _____ music club.

1.What club do you want to join? 2.What can you do in the club?


-What club do you want to join?
-I want to join the swimming club.

-Can you swim?
-Yes,I can.

sing, swim, dance, draw, play chess, speak English, play the guitar
English club, art club, music club, chess club ,swimming club

Can you …? Yes, I can./No, I can’t.

I want to join …
He/She wants to join …

Can you say these in English? 1.下象棋

play chess play the guitar


3.英语俱乐部 English club 4.艺术俱乐部 Art club

5.加入音乐俱乐部 join the music club
6.我想加入音乐俱乐部 I want to join the music club

7.你会游泳吗? Can you swim? 8.她会弹吉他吗?会。 Can she play the guitar? Yes, she can. 9.你们会画画吗?不会。 Can you draw? No, we can’t .
10.他们会说英语吗?会。 Can they speak English? Yes, they can.

join ? -What club do you want to _______

- I want to join the swimming _______ (swim) club.
-What can you do ?

swim - I can ________.
club -I want to join the music ______. -Can you sing? can’t But I can ______. -No, I ______. dance

Let’s talk
What can you do ?

What club do you want to join?

speak English I can speak English, I want to join the English club.

I can …,I want to …

Music Club
I can …,I want to …

play the guitar



play chess
I can …,I want to …

I can …,I want to …


Read the conversation and answer the 2c questions. 1. What club does Bob want to join? A sports club.

2. Wha

t club does Jane want to join? The English club and the art club.


Read again and answer:

1. What can Bob do? He can play soccer. 2.What can Jane do? She can speak English very well and draw.


Role-play the conversation

Fast reading
1. What club does Bob want to join? He wants to join the sports club. 2. What club does Jane want to join? She wants to join the story telling and art clubs.

Listen and follow
1. What sports can Bob play? 2. Can Jane tell stories well? 3. Does Jane like to draw?


Role-play the conversation

Jane: Hi, Bob. What club do you want to join? Bob: I want to join a sports club. Jane: Great! What sports can you play? Bob: Soccer. Jane: So you can join the soccer club. Bob: What about you? You’re very good at telling stories. You can join the story telling club. Jane: Sounds good. But I like to draw , too. Bob: Then join two clubs, the story telling club and the art club! Jane: OK, let’s join now!

Pairwork: Make your own conversation with your partners. A: Hi, …. What club do you want to join? B: I want to join the … club.

A: Great! What can you do?
B: I can…. A: So you can join the … club. B: What about you? You’re good at…. You can join the … club.

A: Sounds good.( but I like to …, too.)
(B:….) Let’s join now.

? 试总结:情态动词有人称和数的变化吗?也就是说 动词需要进行变化吗? sing ? He/She/I/You/They can _______(sing). ? 一般疑问句:直接把can提前到句首。 Can you sing? Yes,I can./No,I can’t. ? 否定句:直接在can后面加not 结构:主语+can’t(can not) +动词原形
I can’t sing.

Grammar Focus
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

can’t=can not

Can you swim? Yes, I can. No ,I can’t. Can he play chess? Yes, he can. No ,he can’t. Can you and Tom play chess? Yes, we can. No ,we can’t. Can Jane and Jill swim? Yes, they can. No ,they can’t. What can you do? I can dance./I can’t sing. What club do you want to join? We want to join the chess club.

Exercise : 3a.Write questions and answer with the words and phrases.
1. Wu Jun/ speak English/speak Chinese Can Wu Jun speak English? No, he can’t ,but he can speak Chinese. 2. Mike/ play basketball/ play tennis Can Mike play basketball? No, he can’t ,but he can play tennis. 3. Jane and Jill/ dance/ sing Can Jane and Jill dance? No, they can’t, but they can sing. 4.Grace/ play soccer/play volleyball Can Grace play soccer? No, she can’t, but she can play volleyball.

3b. Complete the poster with the words in the boxes


Students Wanted for School Show We want students for the school show. Can you dance Can you______ sing _________or______? the guitar? play tell stories? Please talk to Mr. Zhang Can you ____ after school.
应聘者所需的才能 活动联系人

play sing tell dance

Name Li Xin

what can you do do Kung Fu

Report : Our school have a school show. We want

to join it. Li Xin can do the Chinese Kung fu. Mary can play the guitar, Jim can … and I can …

3c What can your group do in the school show? Make a list.
Show show
Sunday 6:00 p.m. In the music room

Name Lin Xin

what can you do? do kung fu

What can you do?
Come and show us!


A: What can you do? B:I can do Kung fu.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. I can play the guitar.( 改成否定句) 2. She can dance and sing.(改成否定句) 3. Tom and Gina can speak English and Chinese.(改成一般疑问句,并作肯 定回答) 4. Cindy can swim well. (改成一般疑问句,并作否定回答) 5. I can play chess.(对划线部分提问) 6. Sally wants to join the swimming club.(对划线部分提问) 5. 这个女孩能弹钢琴跟下象棋。 6. Jack能讲故事,因此他想要参加讲故事俱乐部。 7. 我妹妹擅长于画画,她想参加美术俱乐部。 8. 我喜欢说英语,我想要参加英语俱乐部。

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