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如何保持健康 范文一Autumn is coming .It’s easy for us to have an illness during the time .Here is some advice for you to keep healthy.You should do some exercise in the morning and go to bed early in the evening .You’d better drink more water every day.When you are tired ,you should eat hot yang food ,like beef.Also you should eat more fruit and vegetables every day .I hope you all have a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy. 范文二 Everyone wants to be healthy.First, a balanced diet is very important.Fresh vegetables and fruit are good for us.We shouldn’t eat too much junk food. Second, everyone needs to do some exercise,such as running and swimming. Last ,I think sleep is also important.Usually we should sleep eight hours every night.then,we will feel active during the day.Of course,there are some other ways to keep healthy. We should often wash hands(勤

洗手),keep the air fresh(保持空气新鲜) and so on.。(等等) 范文三介绍自己的生活习惯 I’m healthy and very active .I

eat healthy food and exercise every day. I often go to school by bike and sometimes walk to school.I spend one hour doing exercise in the gym every day. I like basketball very much and I play basketball with my classmates three times a week. I often go hiking with my parents once a month. I also like swimming very much. In summer I go swimming every day. I think good habits and healthy lifestyle help me get good grades .I will study better. 介绍好友Lucy的日常活动情况Lucy is my best friend. She usually does her homework for one and a half hours a day. She likes learning English, so she reads English books every day. She hardly ever watches TV. She surfs the Internet twice a week. She exercises three or four times a week. She goes to the movies once a month.. So you see, Lucy has a good lifestyle.

去北京的旅行计划My family are taking a vacation during the

Nation Day. We are going to Beijing by train.We plan to leave on October 1st.we are staying for six days. There are lots of

wonderful(=beautiful ) places of interests.we are going to visit the Tian’an Men Square,the Place Museum,and the Great Wall.We are also visiting the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube.One of the most famous food is Beijing Duck.I’m eating it this time. I am sure (=I believe/I think)I will have a good time in Beijing. 书信请朋友注意身体Dear Peter, I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad cold and a headache.I think you should go to see a doctor and take some medicine.I know these days you are very busy studing for the exams,but you should look after your health.It is important for everyone to be healthy.If you want to study better,you must keep in good health.I hope you feel better soon.

Yours ,


inpeng 医患对话A:What’s the matter ? B:I’m not feeling well. I have a sore throat. And I feel thirsty and tired. A:When did it start? B:three days ago. A: OK.Let me take your temperature(体温).open your mouth (张嘴)and say “Ah..” B:Is it serious? A:Nothing serious.just a little cold. You should take some medicine,drink lots of water and keep warm .You will be all right soon. B:Thank you

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