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birthday party

What’s this ? What color is it?

How much is it?

How much is this pair of trousers? It's......


one first(1st) three third(3rd) five fifth seven seventh nine ninth eleven eleventh thirteen thirteenth fifteen fifteenth

two second(2nd) four fourth(4th) six sixth eight eighth ten tenth twelve twelfth fourteen fourteenth

sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two

sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth twenty-first(21st) twentysecond(22nd)

基变序,有规律, 一、二、三单独记。 -th ,四加起, 遇到ve, f 替, 后跟th莫迟疑。 只变个位就可以。 八去t来、 九去 e 。 -ty变为 tie, 若想表示几十几,










October November December

New Year’s Day


Spring Festival


Women’s Day Tree Planting Day March

April Fool’s Day


May Day


Children’s Day


Party’s Day


Army’s Day


Teachers’ Day September

1月15日 January the fifteenth (15th) 4月30日 April the thirtieth (30th) 7月8日

July the eighth (8th)

10月1日 October the first (1st)

5月29日 May the twenty-ninth (29th)
2月14日 February the fourteenth (14th)

A: When is your birthday?
B: My birthday is on July seventh.

A: When is your birthday? B: My birthday is on November 11th. A: When is li Peisai’s birthday? B: His birthday is on September 7th.

NAME: li Peisai DATE OF BIRTH: March 21st AGE: 15
A: When is your birthday,Peisai? B: My birthday is on September 7th. A:How old are you? / What’s your age? B:I’m fifteen (years old).

如果生日只说是某年,某月,怎 么表达呢? 例如:她生日在1999年。 他生日在11月。

in 年 in 月 on 日 at 时间
It’s in 1992. 在1992年。

It’s in May.在五月。 It’s on Sunday. 在周日。 I always go home at 8 o’clock. My birthday is on February 11th,1999.

Exercise 2. Fill in the blanks with “in” or “on”. on June 15th. My birthday is ___ in May, 1999. His sister was born ___ on the morning of We have four classes ___ October 10th. in 1985. Tom was born ___

When is his birthday?

His birthday is On January 18th.

周杰伦 英文名:Jay 生日:79年1月18日

When is her birthday?

赵薇 出生日期 1976年3月12日

Her birthday is on March 12th.

1、把下列基数词变为序数词。 two_ second twelve_twelfth five_ fifth
2、按要求变换句子。 1、My birthday is August fourth(提问) is

three_ third twenty_ twentieth thirty-one_ thirty-first

nine_ ninth eight_ eighth

2、Nick is ________ How


_________ is Nick? old


3、My father’s birthday is on January 10th.(一般疑问句并做否定回答)

Is _______ your father’s birthday January on 10th? No,______ it isn’t _____ _______

When is New year’s Day?
It’s on January 1st. Whe

n is Women’s Day?

It’s on March 8th. When is May Day?
It’s on May 1st.

When is Children’s Day?
It’s on June 1st. When is Teachers’ Day?

It’s on September 10th.
When is Christmas Day? It’s on December 25th.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

When is New Year’s Day(元旦)? It’s on January 1st. When is Women’s Day(妇女节)? It is on March 8th. When is April Fool’s Day(愚人节)? It’s on April 1st. When is Working People’s Day(劳动节)? It’s on May 1st. When is National Day(国庆节)? It’s on October 1st. When is Christmas Day(圣诞节)? It’s on December 25th.

When is National Day? It’s on October 1st. It’s our country’s birthday. When is my birthday?

My birthday is on March 8th.

It’s in March.

February 1. Spring Festival (春节)is in January _________ or _______.
2. Tree Planting Day (植树节)is in _______. March 3. Mother’s Day is in ______. May

October 4. National Day (国庆节)is in ________.
September 5. Teachers’ Day is in ____________.
? ? ? ?

Christmas Day(圣诞节) is in _________. December April April Fool’s Day (愚人节)is in ________. June Children’s Day (儿童节) is in ________. June and Students have summer holiday(暑假) in _____ _____. July November Thanksgiving(感恩节) is in _________.

Ⅱ用月份名词填空: 1. January _______ 1st is New year’s Day. 2. ______ March 12th is Planting Day(植树节) April 1st is Fool’s Day.(愚人节) 3. ______ 4. ______ 1st is Labour’s Day.(劳动节) May June 5. ______ 1st is Children’s Day. 6. The last(最后的)three months of a October _________,and November December are _______ ________. 7. New school year begins(新学年开始于
in ________. September

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

一、用适当的单词填空 1.June the ___________ is Children’s Day. 2.What’s the ___________ today. It's October 6th. 3.Teachers' Day is ___________ ___________. 4.___________ is the Army Day. 5.___________ ___________ is April Fool's Day. 6.___________ ___________ is Christmas Day. 7.___________ ___________ is New Year's Day. 8.Women's Day is ___________ ___________. 9.___________ ___________ is International Labor Day. ? 10.___________ ___________ is our National Day.

? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ?
? ? ?

二、句型转换 1.I was born on September 11th.(就划线部分提问) ______________________________________________ 2.I’m fourteen years old.(就划线部分提问) ______________________________________________ 3.We have an Art Festival each year.(变成一般疑问句) ____________________________________________ 4.She likes basketball game.(变成否定句) ______________________________________________ 5.Lillian and Betty’s birthday is in August.(变成同义句) ___________ birthday is in August. 6.Is Teachers’ Day in October?

(作出完整回答) ______________________________________________ 7.When is your birthday?(根据自己的情况回答)

a speech contest
A:Do you have a/ an…? B:Yes, We do. A:When is it? B:It’s… A:Do you have a/ an…? B:No, we don’t.

a school trip

an art festival
A:Do you have a/ an…? B:Yes, We do. A:When is it? B:It’s… A:Do you have a/ an…? B:No, we don’t.


a basketball game

Dialogue 1
A: When is the basketball game?
B: It’s on October 2nd.

Dialogue 3
A: When is the speech contest?
B: It’s on September 29th.

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