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一. 宾语从句的种类



1. 由that引导的宾语从句。That只有语法作用,没有实在的意义,在口语


He said (that) he wanted to stay at home.

She doesn’t know (that) she is seriously ill.

I am sure (that) he will succeed.

2. 由连接代词who, whom, whose, what, which和连接副词when, where, why, how引导的宾语从句。这些连接代词和连接副词在宾语从句中充当某个成分。例如:

Do you know who (whom) they are waiting foe?

He asked whose handwriting was the best.

Can you tell me where the No.3 bus stop is?

I don’t know why the train is late.

3. 由if或whether引导的宾语从句。If和whether在句中的意思是“是否”。 if、whether 一般情况下可以互换,但在构成whether…or not 句式只用whether例如:

I want to know if (whether) he lives there.

He asked me whether (if) I could help him.

二. 宾语从句的语序


I hear (that) physics isn’t easy. Can you tell me how I can get to zoo?

Please tell me when we’ll have the meeting.

I don’t know ________(是否) he will come to my party or not.

变为陈述句语序: Why are you so late ?

Where do you live ? What’s wrong with Kate ?

三. 宾语从句的时态

1. 如果主句的时态是一般现在时,宾语从句该用什麽时态就用什麽时态。如:

I don’t think (that) you are right.

Please tell us what they bought in the mall yesterday.

Can you tell me how I can get to the railway station?

2. 如果主句的时态是一般过去时,宾语从句只能用相应的过去时态(一般过去时, 过去进行时, 过去将来时,过去完成时)。例如:

He asked what time it was.


He told me that he was preparing for the sports meet.

He asked if you had written to Peter.

He said that he would go back to the U.S. soon.

3. 如果宾语从句所陈述的是客观真理,其时态常用一般现在时。例如:

Our teacher said that January is the first month of the year.

Scientists have proved that the earth turns around the sun.


1 Miss Green didn’t tell us _______ in 2009.

A. where does she live B. Where she lives

C. where did she live D. where she lived

2.Would you please tell me ________?

A. when did he come home B. where he would play football

C. if he had seen the film D. why he didn’t watch the game

3.I don’t know when __________.

A. will the train leave B. the train will leave

C. would the train leave D. the train leave

4.---We don’t know _____________.

---It is said that he was born in Sweden.

A. what he is B. if he lives here C. where he comes from D. which country is he from 1. I hear easy.

A.that math isn't B.if math isn't C.what math is

2. She told me her teacher.

D.Mr Green was D.that math A.Mr Green is B.that Mr Green is C.if Mr Green was

3. Do you know to that post office?

A.How much is it B.how far it is C.how far is it

4.I don't know . D. how long it is

A.what's his name B.what name is his

C.what his name is

5. Do you know D.what was his name so worried?

A.why is your friend B.why was your friend

C.why your friend is

6. Do you know B.whose child is he D.how is your friend A.whose child he is

C.whose child is he D.who's child he is

7. He asked which picture 2

A.Is Mike's B.Mike's was

C.was Mike's D.Mike's is 8. I didn't know A.is she in the classroom. B.if she is C.if was she D.if she was

for Xi'an tomorrow? 9、Does anybody know A.if is Licy leaving B.if Lucy leaves

C.that Lucy is leaving

10、Do you know D.that Licy leaves back soon?

A.when she will come B.if will she come C.if she will come D.if she comes

11、I heard badly hurt.

B.if his son was C.that his son was

to see his brother?

C.he go D.he is

D.if his son was A.that his son is 12. Can you tell me how often A.does he go B.he goes 13. The teacher didn't tell me to have a test next week.

A. if we are going B. if we were going

C.that we are going D. we are going


( )1. Do you know _______ during the coming summer holiday?

A. what will Tom do B. what did Tom do C. what Tom will do D. what Tom did

( )2. I want to know_________.

A. what is his name B. what’s his name C. that his name is D. what his name is

( )3. Do you know ________ I could pass the exam?

A. that B. whether C. what D. which

( )4. Jim doesn’t understand ____________.

A. which is the way to the museum B. why his wife always goes shopping

C. what is the way to the museum D. why does she always go shopping

( )5. ---Could you tell me ______ she is looking for?

A. that B. whose C. who D. which

( )6. Mr. King didn’t know _______ yesterday evening.

A. when does his son come home B. when his son comes home

C. when did his son come home D. when his son came home

( )7. Could you tell me _______ the bike this morning?

A. how does he mend B. how he mends C. how he mended D. how did he mend

( )8. ---I’m waiting for the mail. Do you know ________ it will arrive?

---Usually it comes by 4: 00.


A. how B. where C. when D. what

( )9. ---Excuse me, would you please tell me ________?

---Certainly. Go straight along here. It’s next to a hospital.

A. how we can get to the post office B. how can we get to the post office

C. how get to the post office D. how could we get to the post office

( )10. ---Can I help you?

---Yes. I’d like a ticket to Mount Emei. Can you tell me ______ take to get there?

A. how soon will it B. how soon it will C. how long it will D. how long will it

( )11. He wanted to know ___________.

A. whether he speaks at the meeting B. when the meeting would start

C. what he’s going to do at the meeting D. where would the meeting be held

( )12. ---Could you tell me _________ the Bamboo Garden?

---The day after tomorrow, I think.

A. when will you visit B. when you will visit

C. when would you visit D. when you would visit

( )13. Would you please tell me _________ next, Mr Wang?

A. what should we do B. we should do what

C. what we should do D. should we do what

( )14. You can’t imagine _________ when they received these nice Christmas presents.

A. how they were excited B. how excited they were

C. how excited were they D. they were how excited

( )15. I want to know ________ you will come back at 8:00 tomorrow.

A. that B. when C. where D. whether

( )16. ---Could you tell me ____________?

---Sorry, I don’t know. I was not at the meeting.

A. what does he say at the meeting B. what did he say at the meeting

C. what he says at the meeting D. what he said at the meeting

( )17. ---Could you tell me _________ last night?

---Er, I was watching Euro 2004 at home.

A. what you were doing B. what were you doing

C. what you are doing D. what are you doing

( )18. The teacher asked the students __________.

A. if they were interested in dinosaurs

B. when was Albert Einstein born

C. what they will do with the computers

D. how many trees they have planted

( )19. Every morning the patients are asked if ________ their temperature taken.

A. they had had B. have they had C. they have had D. had they had 4

( )20. It’s up to you to decide _______ you’ll go there, by air or by road.

A. how B. why C. that D. when


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