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Starter Units 1-3


morning afternoon how fine name list what map orange jacket key quilt pen ruler spell please color red yellow green blue black white the


早上好 下午好 晚上好 谢谢你 Me too. You too.

in English black and white


1、Good morning , Alice! 2、Hello , Frank !

Good morning , Cindy! Hi ,Cindy ! How are you ? 3、Good evening ,Alice! I’m fine , thanks .

Good afternoon ,Eric!

4、What’s this in English? 5、What’s this ? It’s a key . It’s V.

Spell it ,please. What color is it ? K-E-Y. It’s red .


1、五个元音字母及其在开音节和闭音节中的发音规则; 2、指示代词(this that these those)的用法与区别。

Unit 1 My name’s Gina.


clock nice meet question answer look first last boy girl telephone phone card family Numbers 0-9.


telephone number phone number

first name last name family name 身份证 What’s = I’m= name’s =


1、What’s your name ? 2、What’s his name?

My name’s Jenny . / I’m Jenny. His name is? / He’s ? Nice to meet you! What’s her name?

Nice to meet you , too! Her name is ? / She’s ? 3、What’s her telephone number? 4、What’s his first name?

Her telephone number is ? / It’s ? What’s his family/last name?

重点语法: 1、英文名Tony Brown中Tony为first name(名),Brown为last name或family name(姓)。


Unit 2 Is this your pencil?


pencil book eraser pencil case a set dictionary no excuse me baseball watch computer game notebook ring call lost school


in English pencil sharpener play baseball computer game lost and found a set of keys call Allen at 4561534 call sb. call 4561534


1、Is this your pencil? 2、Is that his book? Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

Is this my pen? Is that her eraser? No, it isn’t. No, it isn’t. 3、What’s this in English? It’s a pen.

How do you spell it? P-E-N.


1、指示代词(this, that); 2、形容词性物主代词的用法。 3、以be动词“is”开头的一般疑问句。

Unit 3 This is my sister.


sister mother father parent brother friend grandparent those these aunt son cousin daughter uncle picture dear for photo here


thanks for look at in the picture talk about

family tree a photo of write a letter (to)


1、This is my brother. 2、That is my sister. These are my parents. Those are my sisters. 3、Here is my family photo .


1、指示代词(these, those); 2、名词的复数形式

A、一般情况下加-s,如book — books ; B、以e结尾的词加-s,如case — cases ;

C、以s、x、sh、ch等结尾的词加-es,如watch — watches ;

D、以辅音字母加y结尾的词,要改y为i,再加-es,如family — families ; E、以“f”或“fe”结尾的词,改“f”或“fe”为“v”,再加-es ;

F、部分以o结尾的词加-es,如tomato — tomatoes ;potato — potatoes ; G、少数名词的复数形式是不规则的,如man — men ;woman — women .

Unit4 Where’s my backpack?


where table bed sofa chair drawer plant under they on know bag math video tape hat take thing to can bring some need floor room desk


alarm clock video tape watch TV where’s = 在桌子底下 在沙发上 在背包里 在地板上 take?to? bring?to?


1、Where is my baseball? 2、Is it under the desk? It’s in the backpack. No, it isn’t.

Where are her keys? 3、Can you bring some things to school? They’re on the table. OK. (Yes, I can.)



1、介词on, in, under的用法。如on the chair, on the dresser; in the box, in the backpack; under

the desk/table .


Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?


have soccer ball tennis Unit 6 Do you like bananas? 重点词汇: like banana hamburger tomato orange ice salad strawberry pear food egg apple chicken breakfast lunch dinner fruit vegetable runner eat well run star healthy racket ping-pong volleyball basketball list furniture

play well sound sport also conversation

many club more class

interesting boring fun difficult 重点短语:

relaxing has great collection French fries ice cream

but only them every countable noun uncountable noun

lots of healthy food

重点短语: 吃午饭 吃早餐

soccer ball play tennis 列清单 去野餐

play basketball doesn’t =

let’s = play sports 重点句型:

every day on TV 1、Do you like salad?

网球拍 乒乓球拍 Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

3、Does he like pears?

重点句型: Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t.

1、Do you have a TV? 2、Does he have a soccer ball?

Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t. 重点语法:

Do they have a computer? Does she have a ping-pong ball? 1、可数名词与不可数名词。

Yes, they do. / No, they don’t. Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t. 2、可数名词的复数形式。

3、Let’s play soccer.

That sounds good/ interesting. Unit 7 How much are these pants?

重点语法: 重点词汇:

1、以助动词do,does开头的一般疑问句。 pants sock

2、一般现在时态。(表现在的状态,或经常的、习惯性的动作,或主语具备的性格和能shorts sweater

力等。) clothes come

3、动词的三人称单数形式(在一般现在时态中,当句子主语是第三人称单数时,动词要price afford

变成“三单”形式) color black

规则基本同名词变复数,只不过以“o”结尾的动词都加-es 。 green blue

big small

dollar yuan

help want

each anybody


people other 2、Do they like French fries? Yes, they do. / No, they don’t. 4、What do you like for breakfast? I like ?. shirt T-shirt shoe skirt store buy very sorry white red yellow pink short long sale sell welcome example our see

yourself from ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen

twenty thirty (从四十到一百: ) 重点短语:

basketball game volleyball game Scholl Day how old

Happy Birthday October tenth


how much on sale

Here you are. You’re welcome have a look at a good price can’t afford RMB


1、-Can I help you ? -Yes, please. I want ? -What color do you want ? -I want ? -Here you are.

-How much is it ? - ? -I’ll take it .Thank you . -You’re welcome .

重点语法: 1、问价格。


Unit 8 When is your birthday ?


when birthday February March June July October November first second third fourth

fifth sixth ninth tenth thirteenth fourteenth seventeenth eighteenth thirtieth happy old speech art festival year year(s) old

2、-How much is the red sweater? -It’s eight dollars.

-How much are these black pants? -They’re ten dollars. 3、It’s=It is

They’re=They are month January April May

August September December date seventh eighth eleventh twelfth fifteenth sixteenth nineteenth twentieth birth age party trip Chinese music contest

September 5th speech contest school trip Feb.11,1847


-When is your birthday ? -When is her birthday ?

-My birthday is November 11th. –Her birthday is September 5th.


1、问生日在哪天; 2、基数词与序数词; 3、月份名称。

Unit 9 Do you want to go to a movie ?


go movie kind find

action comedy thriller documentary someone who student funny sad exciting really often think learn about history with favorite actor new successful weekend too


Beijing Opera go to a movie want to do sth. see a comedy see an action movie learn about different kinds of on weekends


1、Do you want to go to a movie ? 2、Does he want to go to a movie ? Yes ,I do . / No ,I don’t. Yes ,he does . /No ,he doesn’t. 3、Does she want to go to a movie ? 4、What kind of movies do you like? Yes ,she does . /No ,she doesn’t. I like action movies and comedies. 5、I like thrillers but I don’t like comedies.

6、She often goes to see Beijing Opera with her father . 7、Mike’s father likes it ,too.



1、名词单复数形式。 2、连词and ,but 的用法。

3、以助动词do ,does 开头的一般疑问句。 job am afternoon evening

homework letter around start write tell me soon best wish Saturday

Unit 10 Can you play the guitar?


guitar drum piano violin dance sing paint draw join swim chess speak kid our or then be rock band show Sunday pm(p.m.) kung fu may little e-mail address why


play the guitar play chess play the drum a little

e-mail address join the art club speak English call sb. at ? rock band do Chinese kung fu


1、Can you speak English ? 2、Can she speak English ? Yes ,I can. /No ,I can’t . Yes ,she can. /No ,she can’t . 3、What club do you want to join? 4、What can you do ? I want to join the basketball club. I can play the violin. 5、Can you play the drums well ? No ,I can’t.


1、情态动词can的用法; 2、介词的用法。

Unit 11 What time do you go to school ?


time shower usually work hour brush teeth after bus hotel all night love listen home morning


what time go to school

take a shower brush one’s teeth go to work get to

go to bed do homework go home eat/have breakfast at five o’clock listen to sb.

eleven thirty around six fifteen thanks for watch TV


1、What time do you get up ? I get up at six o’clock . 3、Thanks for your letter .

重点语法: 1、问时间; 2、时间的表达。

Unit 12 My favorite subject is science .


subject science description word city dad Wednesday Thursday Sunday busy tired ask around America before hobby


on Monday be busy doing sth. be strict with sb. favorite subject science teacher TV show after lunch after class


2、What time does he eat breakfast ? He eats breakfast at seven o’clock . P.E. because teacher who Monday Tuesday Friday Saturday next strict any dog so China today life


1、What’s your favorite subject ? 2、Why do you like math ? My favorite subject is math . Because it’s interesting .

What’s his favorite subject ? Why does he like art ? His favorite subject is art . Because it’s fun .





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