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一. 填入适当的副词

1.I like her______much.(very,more)

2.He works_____harder than Tom.(many,much)

3.I was in Xi’an 2 years______(before,ago).

4.Many people hope to live________(safe)

5.The question is difficult.You can’t work it out_______(easy).

6.English is ________(wide)used in the world.

7.The story is______(real) an interesting one.

8.He put on his coat and went out_______(quick).

9.It’s snowing and you must drive_____(careful).

10.Alice asked me_______(polite) to put things away.

11.Please keep __________(quietly).The baby is sleeping.

12.Lin Tao did very_______(good)in the high jump.

13.You can’t speak _______(loud)here.

14.She sings as_____(good) as her mother.

15.He runs_______(fast)than you.

16.Who works_______(well) in your class.


1.How______the children are playing.

2.Jack studies very__________

3.Lucy writes as_______as Lily.

4.My father_______goes to work by bus.

5.I looked for the key________.

6.He arrived________as usual.

7.The problem is very difficult.You must think it over_______.

8.You’d better stay at home.It’s raining _______outside.

9.Lucy is old __________to go to school.

10.He works a little___________now.

11.________,he wasn’t badly hurt.

12.Write down your name_________.

13.I’ll see him at the school gate__________.

14.They are________late for school.

15.I’m_________ sorry to hear that.

16.He is at________now.


1.The kite is flying_______in the sky.

A.tall B.high C.tally D.highly

2.The more you learn,the_______you can get a job.

A.easy B.easier C.easily D.more easily

3.It’s __________nice of you to help her.

A.really B.true C.real D.truly

4.The food is ________hot that I can’t eat it.

A.quite B.very C.so D.too

5.The wind is blowing_______

A.hard B.hardly C.very hardly D.much hard

6.Could you come______usual?

A.early than B.earlier as C.as early as D.earlier

7.The song sounds_____.

A.well B.wonderful C.hardly D.terribly

8.Who sings____,Rose or Kate?

A.well B.good C.best D.better

9.She writes______than I.

A.more careful B.much careful C.much more carefully carefully

10.He speaks English_______ his aunt.

A.as well as B.as good as C.as better as D.as best as D.much

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