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八年级英语下册 Unit 5 If you go to the party , you’ll have a great time(第6课时)Self-check导学案

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Unit 5 If you go to the party , you’ll have a great time(第



能力目标:1.语法:训练使用if 引导的条件状语从句。

2.学习用if 引导的条件状语从句和will/be going to,展望未来,写身边的人和事。

重点词语: agent,around the world,make a living,against,charity,chance,all the time,injured, sincerely,

lawyer,tonight,mobile phone,






1. Don’t leave your books on the table. Please________.

A. take away it B. take them away C. take away them D. take it away

2.Chidren shouldn’t spend ________ time _______ computer games. A. too much, playing B. much too, playing

C. too many, play D. many too, play 3. My sister was dancing________ I was singing.

A. when B. while C. because D. so

4. ____ difficult for us ____ the match.

A. We’re, to win B. We’re, winning C. It’s, to win D. That’s, to win

四、合作探究 1. around the world = all over the world. People around the world love peace.

2. make a lot of money. make 译为“获得,挣得”

e.g She makes 500,000 yuan a year.

3. join与take part in 的区别。

1)join用来表示加入某个团体,组织等。join the Party/army/club

2)take part in指参加会议或群众性活动。take part in the sports meeting

4. be famous for 因??而著名

be famous as 作为??而著名(主语为as后内容)

Lu Xun was famous _____ his articles.

Lu Xun was famous _____ a great writer.

The area is famous ______ its green tea.

The area is famous ______ a green tea producing place. 5. make a living (by) doing sth.= live by doing sth. 靠??为生 He makes a living by drawing/selling fruits.

make a living as + 身份 He makes a living as a writer. (靠写作为生)

6. chance可作

机会,机遇. have/get a chance/chances to do sth.

They have chances to win the match.

I missed a chance to talk with him.

. by chance 偶然;意外地;碰巧


7. have a difficult/hard /good time doing sth . You will have a difficult time knowing who your real friends are.

8. against prep.

1) 反对,反意词为for (支持)

That’s against law. Many people are against the plan.

We are for peace and against war.

2) 靠着,倚着. He stood against the door.

五、学以致用 必做题.



( )1.Will you give him a chance(机会) ____ the important meeting tomorrow.

A. to take part in B. take part in C.to join ( )2.Why not ____ your teacher for help when you can’t finish ____ it by yourself? A.ask, write B.to ask, writing C.ask, writing

( )3.In Britain, you must be 18 ____ you want to drive a car.

A.because B. so C. if



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