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1. Please the water when you brush your teeth.

A. take down B. turn up C. take away D. turn off

2. — It's time for the weather report. Could I _____________ the TV, Dad?

— Go ahead, please. I also want to know about the weather for tomorrow.

A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down

3. When you leave the reading room, you should remember to ______ the lights.

A. turn on B. turn down C. turn off

4. Jimmy has sixteen broken bikes to _______ and give away to kids who don’t have bikes.

A. fix up B. set up C. put up

5. -- Smoking is bad for your health.

--You're right. I decide to_________.

A. take it down B. find it out C. turn it off D. give it up

6. My grandpa is sleeping. Will you please _____the radio?

A. turn down B. turn up C. turn on

7. Mrs. Wang always asks us to _____ conversations in the English classes.

A.make up B.turn up C.end up D.look up

8. We should learn how to ______well with people around us.

A. get along B. get down C. get to D. get up

9. — I don’t think we can find a new day to work out the problem.

— But we’d better not A. end up B. hand out C. give up D. put out

10. Lee all night in order to watch the football match between France and Italy.

A. put up B. stayed up C. got up D. showed up

11. It’s cold outside. You’d better ______ your coat.

A. put on B. take off C. put away

12. —Excuse me, Sir. But smoking is not allowed here.

— Sorry, I didn’t see the sign. I’ll my cigarette at once.

A. put out B. put away C. put up D. put off

13. Maggie wanted an evening job that would allow her to ______ her son during the day.

A. look at B. look around C. look after D. look out

14. —Allen, your bedroom is in a mess?

—Sorry, Mum I’llA. put on B. put away C. put out D. put up

15. Don’t forget to take your bag when you

A. get off B. take off C. turn off D. put off

16. Cao Wenxuan’s new book has just

A. come over B. come down C. come on D. come out

17. David wrote a story about teenage life, and it ____ as a book in 2003.

A. went out B. came up C. grew up D. came out

18. My sister is ill. I have to _______her at home.

A. look at B. look up C. look after D. look for

19. —Hi, Ann! I won the first prize in the 'English Speech Contest.

—Congratulations! And I guess your parents must _____ you.

A. be mad at B. be proud of C. be angry with D. be impolite to

20. —Why did you come back so early today?


—The English party was _____ till next Friday.

A. put up B. put off C. put out D. put down

21. Attention please. The plane will ______ in five minutes.

A. take out B. take after C. take off D. take care

22.If you love what you are doing and work hark, you will _____ anything difficult and succeed.

A. get to B. get over C. get on D, get up

23. The workers in the Huashan Mountains have to ______ rubbish to keep the mountains clean.

A. turn up B. pick up C. mix up D. give up

24. The sports meeting will be ____ because of the bad weather.

A. put on B. put off C. put up

25. He failed in the math test and looks sad. Let's

A. put him up B. set him up C. cheer him up D.clean him up

26. Let me your phone number and I'll call you when I'm free.

A. cut down B. turn down C. look down D. write down

27. By the time I locked the door, I realized I ____my keys at home.

A. had repaired B. had changed C. had forgotten D. had left

28. Many social workers went to Ya’an to help clean water and food to local people to reduce their pain from the earthquake.

A. put out B. come out C. work out D. give out

29. Here is the book. First _________ it and then tell me what you think of it.

A. look into B. look through C. look up D. look after

30. —Dinner is ready. Help yourself!

—Wow! It _______ delicious. You are really good at cooking

A looks B sounds C tastes D feels

31. In April, the weather in some places in Shanxi was really changeable. People still remember they have ________ four seasons in a week.

A. organized B. experienced C. described

32.David Burt’s dream in China is to go into the west and an early childhood school there.

A. clean up B. look up C. give up D. set up

33. Scientists are trying their best to _______ ways to treat the terrible disease called H7N9.

A. come up with B. look forward to C. talk about D. give up

35. The child doesn’t need any help. He is old enough to ________ himself.

A. put on B. wear C. dress D. take care

36. —Can I smoke in the dining hall?

—Sorry. It's not_________.

A. promised B. realized C. allowed D. reminded

37. — Mr Li, I can't understand everything in class.

— Don't worry! I'll ________ the main points at the end.

A. record B. review C. require D. remember

38. I will meet Jane at the station, Please____________ what time she will arrive.

A. count B. choose C. check D. catch

39. It is helpful to ___________ a good habit of reading in language learning.

A. take B. show C. develop D. match

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