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七上U3T1Getting TogetherSC

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Unit 3 Getting Together

Name : Jane Age: 12 From: Canada Class: 4 Grade: 7 Phone number: (010)92676929

Jane is my good friend.


Listen and answer the question. (影片1)

Does Jane often help me study English?

Read 1a again and mark True (T) or False (F). 1. Jane and I are classmates. (T ) 2. Jane is from the U.S.A. (F ) 3. I like English very much. (F ) 4. My English is not good. (T ) 5. Jane helps me with my English. (T )

Find the key words and retell the passage using the key words. Jane , Canada, English, same, many, a lot, I, at all, poor, helps, study, each other

人 第一人称 第二人称 称 分类 主格 复 单 单数 数 数 I me we us




they them

you you he she it you you him her it


用法口诀: 人称代词分两格,主格宾格来分说;


Choose the right words to fill in the blanks, then practice with your partner.

1. A: B: A: B:

Excuse me , are you from Canada? Yes, I am. Is Mr. Lee your English teacher? Yes, he is. We like him very much. (I/me, he/him) 2. A: We want to give this letter to Miss Wang. But we don’t know her . Could you help us ? B: No problem. She is the teacher in red. (we/us, she/her)

Listen, read and learn

like ... very much /a lot

like ... a little (not )like ... very much

(not )like ... at all


Listen and finish 3b


likes … very much


doesn't like

doesn't like ... at all

Wang Hong Chen Yang Li Gang
Liu Ming

√ √ √ √

Guessing game
1. Let Students draw "faces" to express preferences to English. 2. Let other members guess using the patterns. Do you like English very much? Does he/she like English a little? 3. Let one sum up the preferences and report in class.

Yes, he likes it a lot.

Do you like English?

Does he like English?

Yes, I like it very much.


Make a survey and complete the chart about preferences for colors and report.
red yellow green blue student A student B student C student D student E student F

Report like this In our group, A likes red and blue a lot. But he doesn't like yellow very much. He doesn't like green at all. B likes ...

Sing this song

1. Expressing preferences …like… a lot …like… a little …does like… at all 2. Learning personal pronouns I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they, me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them

1.Recite the new words.
2.Write the report of survey.

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