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1—4 BACB 5—9 ABCCA 10—14 BCABC

26—30 BCACB

41—45 BCDBD

51—55 BDACA 56—60 CBBCB

63. don’t speak 64. play 65. go

15—20 BCACAA 21—25 BBCAD 36—40 CACDC 46—50 BACAC 61. has 31—35 ACDCA 62. doesn’t like 66. Do; play 67. doesn’t; do 68. Where; have 69. Yes; does 70. How many

71—75 GECDB

86. stays 76—80EDBAC 88. gets 89. says 81. twelve/12 82. in Shanghai 83. at half past six 84. four 85. drawing 87. comes 90. think Betty’s favorite Day Betty’s favorite day of the week is Saturday. She gets up at nine o’clock on Saturday and she doesn’t do any homework. She doesn’t eat lunch at school. She has lunch at home with her father and mother. She goes to see her friends in the evening. She is happy on Saturday.



1—5 CBBAB 6—10 ABCBA

41—45 DBCAC 46—50 BDACD

51—55 ACBAD

66—70 DFBGE

71. ask for

11—15 CACBA 16—20 ABCBC 21—25BDACD 26—30 CADCA 31—35 BCACB 36—40 CABAD 56—60DBCAB 61—65 BADBD 74. so that 75. take away

72. far from 73. setting up 76. Students’ self-protection /Students’ Safety / How to face danger

77. traffic accidents

79. exit

81. before

86. stopped

91. 参考范文 Jixian: Wild animals in danger

Last century, there were many wild animals like wolves in the forests in the north of Jixian. But nobody see them because they are in great danger. Why? The number of the wolves is getting smaller and smaller (There are fewer and fewer wolves in the forests there).They have no food to eat and people are killing them.

People plant crops and build houses in their homes, they have no home now. So we suggest that the government set up nature parks to protect them. And we should try to do something to stop people killing them, and do not eat them. 78. remember the car number 80. appearance / looks/ face 83. way 88. behind 84. walked 85. down 89. far 90. all 82. road 87. too



1—5 ACBAC 6—10CBABC 11—15 ACBAB 16—20 CAB BA 21—25 CBAAB 26—30 BACDB 31—35 CADDB 36—40 BABCB 41—45 BACAB 46—50 ACBDB

51—55 ABCCA 56—60 BCBCB 61—65 CBDAC

66. C 67. B 68. G 69. A 70. E

71. looking through 72. rather than 73. trying out 74. care about 75. does harm

76. hopes and dreams

77. Computer programming

78. going on exciting trips

79. have impossible dreams

80. have similar hopes and different dreams

81. steps 82.instead 83. use 84. quickly 85. mistakes

86. easier 87.with 88. when/while 89. yourself 90. fans

One possible version

Hi! Tony,

I’m glad to know your grandpa is coming to Tianjin. Your grandpa is right. The bus service in Tianjin is really good now. There are bus lines all over Tianjin and buses can even take you to a small village. Besides, special seats are offered on buses. People do not have to spend a long time waiting for a bus and the tickets are cheap.

I like taking a bus because I think it’s comfortable and also good for the environment. So it’s a good choice for your grandpa to travel by bus in Tianjin. If you have more questions,please ask me.


Liu Jing

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