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Unit 5(P56,U5,8A)

Wild animals

1 Would you like to live in the wild, Eddie?


2 Why not? Wild animals are free and happy.

I don’t think so. They may become dishes on the table any time.

3 So could you please not eat them?

No way

4 Please have the pity on them, Eddie.

I may die without them. In fact, these are not wild animals, Hobo. (P56,U5,8A)


Millie and her classmates are takling about their favourite wild animals.

Millie: What wild animal do you like best, Kitty?

Kitty: I like monkeys best. They’re so clecer and funny. What about you, Simon?

Simon: I like lions best. They’re strong and they can run very


Millie: They’re the kings of the animal world.

Simon: Yes, they are. What wild animal do you like best, Peter? Peter: I like pandas best. They look so cute.

Millie: Pandas are my favourite animals too.


A Giant pandas

The story of Xi Wang

I first saw the baby panda when she was only ten days old. We called her Xi Wang. This means “hope”.

When Xi Wang was born, she weighed just 100 grams and looked like a white mouse.

At four months old, she weighed about eight kilograms and started to go outside for the first time. Eight months later, she was not a small baby any more and weighed over 35 kilograms. In the beginning, Xi Wang drank her mother’s milk. When she was six months old, she began to eat bamboo. When she was 20 months old, she learnt to look after herself.

Sadly. Giant pandas face serious problems in the wild. For example, it is very difficult for pandas to have babies, and many

baby pandas die when they are very young. Also, giant pandas live mainly on a special kind of bamboo. However, the bamboo forests are becoming smaller and smaller. As a result, pandas may not have a place to live or food to eat.

Giant pandas are now in danger. We should take action right away. Here are some ideas.

.help pandas have more babies

.build more panda reserves

.make laws to protect pandas

There are now only about 1600 pandas in the wild. If we do nothing, soon there may be none left. However, we do believe that where there is Xi Wang, there is hope. (P58,U5,8A)


Speak up: It’s a great pity! (P64,U5,8A)

Millie: Mum, I read a book about wild animals today. Some of them are now in danger.

Mum: I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a great pity!

Millie: Yes. Many animals lose their lives because people hunt them. They sell the animals’ fur, bones or other parts of the body.

Mum: What a shame! We shouldn’t buy fur coats any more.

Millie: Right. I think everybody should act to protect wild animals.

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