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( ) 1 — Can you play ________ piano?

A. a

A. watch

watching A. do, do B .does, doing

B .rice

B .at

B. shops C. doing, are doing D. do, are doing C .cakes D .bread C. of D. on D. A .meat A. in A. shop

shopping A. bad

A .learn

A. is giving

A. What

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your email. I’I’’She’s got two brothers. She’I’ve got an English friend. His name is Tony. He’s got a He’s got four grandparents, hisB. badly C. good D. better B .to learning C. to learn D. learns B. will give C. give D. gives ( )10. — B. How —Because my bike is broken. D. Why C. to shopping ( ) 2. — What’s he doing? B. watches — Yes, I can. —C. watching D. is B. an C. the D. / C. When 二.完形填空(共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

your family, Mary? ( )1 A. five B. four C. three D. two

( )2

( )3

( )4

( )5

( )6

( )8

( )9 A. get B. got C. gone D. go A. hasn’t A. / A. are B. is B. isn’t D. an D. sister C. am D. has C. haven’t D. have B. the C. a A. aunt B. aunts C. father B. tall C. big D. short D. so B. it C. there D. their

B. Ling Ling A. but B. and C. or A. he ( )7A. small ( )10 A. Lingling C. me D. Your


A) 根据短文内容,判断下列陈述正误。正确用T,错误用F。

Jim is an English boy. He comes to China with his father and mother. They come here to work. Jim comes here to study. He is in No. 5 Middle School. He gets up early every day. He isn’t late for school. He studies hard. He can read and write English well. He often helps us with our English, and we often help him with his Chinese. After class he likes playing football, swimming, running, jumping and riding. He makes many friends here. We are glad to stay with him. On Sunday he often helps his mother clean the house, mend something or do the shopping. He likes Chinese food very much. He likes living here. He likes Chinese students very much. We all like him, too.

( ) 1He gets up late every day.

( ) 2. He often teaches us English.

( ) 3. After class, he likes singing and playing basketball.

( ) 4 On Sunday he often helps his mother clean the house.

( ) 5. He doesn’t like Chinese food.

B) 阅读短文,选择正确答案。

Mrs. Green is going to give a birthday party for Mary. Mary is her daughter. She is going to be thirteen years old. A lot of friends of Mary's are going to come to the party. They are all girls. Mrs. Green is getting ready for the party. Mrs. White is helping her. “That's a nice cake." says Mrs. White. "Thank you very much." Mrs. Green is going shopping now. She's buying fruit for the party. She buys a lot of pears, apples, oranges and bananas. Then she goes home.

It's three o'clock in the afternoon. Now the first girl is coming. The party is going to start in thirty minutes.

( ) 6 . ________ is going to give birthday party for Mary.

A. Mrs. White


( ) 7 . Mary is going to be _________ years old. B. Mrs. Green C. Mary D.Mary’s

A. twenty

thirty B. ten C. thirteen D.

( ) 8 . ________ are going to come to the party.

A. Thirty boys

C. Many children

B. Twenty girls D. Mrs Green and Mrs White C. four D.three ( ) 9. The party is going to begin at _________ in the afternoon. A. two thirty


( ) 10. Mrs. Green buys some ________ for the party

A .drink B .fruit C .vegetables D. food

C) 阅读短文,选择正确的答案。

A good way to pass exam is to work hard every day. You may not pass an exam if you only work hard all the time before the exam.

If you are getting ready for an English exam, try to revise the words first. You can read the words more and practice more. If you are getting ready for a maths test, do more exercises.

Before you start the exam, read the questions carefully. Try to understand the exact meaning of each question before you pick up your pen to write. When you finish your exam , read your answers once more, correct the mistake (错误) if there are any and make sure that you don’t miss anything out.

( ) 11. The good way to pass the exam is______________.

A. to work hard every day. B. to read stories in English.

C. to be careful in doing the questions. D. to read your answers loudly.

( ) 12. If you are getting ready for an English exam, first.

A. read the words more and practice more B. try to revise the words

C. do more exercises

A. to read English stories. D. read the questions carefully( ) B. to learn rules of grammar. 13. It is not a good way __________ .

C. to speak English as much as possible (尽可能).

D. to work hard only a few days before the exam.

( )14. Before you start the exam ____________ .

A. read your answers. B. correct the mistakes.

C. write the meaning of each question. D. read the questions carefully.

( ) 15.How can you pass a exam?

A. work hard every day B. read the questions carefully

C. do more exercises


1.Her aunt is talking to my mother.(改为一般疑问句) D. A, B and C B. three

____her aunt _____to your mother?

2. The students clean the classroom every day. (用 now 改写成现在进行时)

The students _____ ______ the classroom now.

3. I am standing on the Great Wall of China .( 改为否定句)

____ ____ standing on the Great Wall of China.

4. Tony(划线部分提问). 5. He will leave the classroom after he finishes his homework. (改为否定句)

He ________ ________ the classroom after he finishes his homework.



1. Shanghai is in the ______(东方)of China.

2. We’re going to do some ___________(观光) because we like Chinese culture. 春天) summer, autumn and winter. . 早) in the morning.


6 — ________ they ________ (go) shopping this Sunday afternoon?

— Yes, they will.

7. Listen! Someone (play) the piano.

8. I often (talk) with Tom on the phone.

But now I (write) to him.

9. She looks (thin) than me.

10. London is bigger and _______( busy )than Cambridge.


五一节(May Day)即将来临,写一篇不少于50字的短文,介绍你和你的家人或朋友的假期

活动安排。下列词汇供参考下列词汇供参考:morning, afternoon, evening, stay in bed, do my

homework, get up early, revise for my test, play football, have a picnic…同学们还可以自由发挥。

My May Day holiday plan

May Day is coming soon. We will have a 3-day



_________________________________________________________ holiday.

____________________________________________________________________ _ ___________________________________________________________________ ____

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