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1. – Mum is coming by___ plane tomorrow. -- Let‘s go to _____ airport to meet her. A. a; a B. /; a C. the; the D. / ; the 2. – What ___ useful book it is! -- Yeah, it tells you how to play _____ guitar. A. an; the B. a; a C. a; the D. an; a 3.There‘s ____ apple on the table. ___ apple is for my little brother. A. a; An B. an; An C. the; An D. an; The 4.--Who‘s ___ boy in red, do you know? -- Oh. He‘s _____ friend of Tom‘s A. the ; a B. an; the C. a; the D. the; an

5.– How was __ charity show? -- It was ___ big success. A. the; a B. the; / C. a; / D. a; the 6.– Did you have ____ good time in Jiangsu? -- Yes, I did. It was ____ amazing trip. A. a; an B. the; the C. a; the D. the; an 7. --Do you know ______ Canadian singer, Justin Bieber who is very popular with Chinese middle school students? ? --Yes, he must be _____ university student now. ? A, the; a B. a; an C. the; an D./; the

8. I think it‘s going to rain. Please take___ umbrella with you. A. a B. an C. the D./ 9.– Have you ever read ___ essay on how to improve your spoken English? -- Yes, I have. Now I speak English as ____ second language. A. an; the B. a; the C. an; a D. a; a 10—Can you tell me what ____for ―flower‖ is? -- Sorry, I don‘t know______ A. Chinese; Chinese B. the Chinese; the Chinese C. Chinese; the Chinese D. the Chinese ; Chinese

11. I think ___ dictionary you lent me yesterday is ___ useful one. A. the; an B. a; a C. the; a D. the; / 12. Let‘s look at ____ bag. Can you see ___‖s‖ on it? A. at; a B. an; a C. an; the D. the; an 13.Beijing is ___ capital of China and it is ____city with many places of interest. A. a; a B. a; the C. the; a D. the; the

14.After school we usually play ___ basketball for half an hour on ____ playground. A. the; the B. /; / C. / ; the D. the; /

15. – How long does it take us to go to Shanghai? -- It takes us ___ hour more or less to go to shanghai by ___ train. A. an; a B. a; an C. an; / D. a; / 16.Ben is ____ university professor but he is __ unhappy man. A. a; an B. a; the C. an; a D. the; a 17.Miss Lin wants to lose weight. She just has ___ cup of milk for ___ breakfast every day. A. a; the B. a; / C. the; a D. the;/

18.The abacus was invented in ____ sixth century by Chinese. A. an B. the C. / D. a 19. There is ___ iphone 4 on the desk. Is it ____ style that you want to own. A. a; a B. an; the C. the; the D. a; an 20. We can see ___ full moon on ___ evening of August 15th every year. A. the; a B. a; a C. a; the D. the; the

21--Could you tell me who invented ___ telephone? -- ____ scientist named ____ Alexander Graham. A. / ; A; / B. a; The; / C. the; A; / D. /; A; an 22.– How was_____ dinner at Mike‘s house? -- It was great. Mike‘s mum is ____ wonderful cook. A. a; the B. the; a C. the; the D. a; an


1.—Where‘s Tony? -- He‘s left a __ saying that he will be back at 4:00. A. message B. news C. information D. advice

2.I don‘t k

now how to deal with my family problem. Can you give me some _____? A. advice B. messages C. information D. instructions
3.There are so many ___ over there. What‘s happening? A. flower B. people C. child D. car

4. My mother needs ___ to make the dessert. ? A. two honey B. two honeys ? C. two teaspoons of honey ? D. two teaspoons of honeys 5. – Oh, dear, I forgot the two ____. What should I do? -- Don‘t worry! We can go to the service desk for help. A. room‘s number B. room numbers C. room‘s numbers D. rooms‘ numbers

6. I have some problems with my English. Can you give me some _____? A. advice B. decisions C. information D. messages

7–I want to sell my car. What should I do? -- You can put ___ in the newspaper. A. an advertisement B. a sign C. an e-mail D.A piece of advice 8. Many ___like wearing _____ A. people; dark glass B. peoples; dark glass C. peoples; dark glasses D. people; dark glasses 9.Lots of things are made of ___. We must protect ___ A. woods; woods B. wood; wood C. wood; woods D. woods; wood

10.It took me ___ to write the book. A. two and half year B. half and two years C. two and a half years D. a half and two years

11.The ___ students were playing football while the ____ teachers were playing volleyball. A. boys; women B. boy; women C. girl; man D. girls; man
12.I have to do my homework for ___ every day. A. one and half hour B. one and a half hour C. one and half hours D. one and a half hours

13. Please give me ____ A. a bottle of milks B. two baskets of flower C. Three bags of salts D. four pieces of bread


1.Jim and Tom are good friends. ___ often help each other. A. them B. Theirs C. They D. Their

2. --There is still a copy of this book in the library. Will you go and borrow ___? --No, I will buy ___ in the bookstore. A. one; it B. one; one C. it; one D. it ; it
3.– The pet dog in your hand is very nice. Is it ___? -- Yes, but I‘ll give it to Jane for ___ 15th birthday. A. you; her B. your; her C.yours; her D.you; hers

4. –I could look after __ when I was five. -- Really? I can‘t believe it. A. himself B. herself C. myself D. yourself
5.- Who helped you clean the room yesterday afternoon? -- _____. I cleaned it all by myself. A. Everybody B. Somebody C. Nobody D. anybody 6.– Who is that girl? -- She is Mary, a friend of ____. A. me B. mine C. my

D. I

7.– Do you usually chat with your friends by fetion or QQ? -- ____. I like using the micro- blog. A. All B. None C. Neither D. Either 8.– Are the two boys here? -- No, ___ here. A. no one is B. all are not C. either is not D. neither is 9 The bike under the tree isn‘t ___. It belongs to___. A. Jim; Tom B. Jim‘s; Tom‘s C. Jim; Tom‘s D. Jim‘s; Tom

10.– How are the supermarkets here? -- The supermarkets there are quiet different from____. A. those in China B. that in China C. China‘s those D. China‘s

11. As it is known that the weather in London is cooler than ____in Beijing in summer. A. this B. it C. th

at D. one

12. – Who taught ___ English last term? Was ___ Miss Lee? --No, Mr Smith did. A. you; it B. you; her C. your; it D. your; that 13.– What a cool car! Can I drive it for a while? -- Sorry, it‘s not_____. I saw John driving it once. I think it may be _____. A. me; his B. yours; him C. mine; his D. my; him

14.– Will you take part in the English competition tomorrow? -- Sure. I see it as a chance to prove ____. A. myself B. me C. yourself D. you 15.Don‘t worry. He has much food. You can share__. A. some of mine B. some of his C. some of yours D. some of her 16. -- Would you like some coffee or tea? --______. Water is OK. A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. All

17.-- Did you find your watch yesterday?
-- No, I didn‘t find ____, but I‘ve bought _____. A. it; it B. one; one C. it; one D. one; it

18.Jason is looking for a house. He‘d like ___ with a garden and a swimming pool. A. that B. it C. one D. this 19. – I‘m hungry . Is there anything I can eat at home? -- ____, but we have some yogurt. Would you like to have some? A. some B. Much C. None D. Many

20.Come on, children! Help ___ to some ___ A. yourself; meat B. yourselves ; chicken C. yourselves; beafs D. themselves ; meat
21. The movie made _____ feel energetic. A. he B. his C. they D. them 22. Cheer up! ___ is too difficult if you put your heart into it. A. Something B. Everything C. Anything D. Nothing


1.--Your sweater looks nice. Is it made of wool? --Yes, and it‘s made ___ Shanghai. A. by B. in C. for D. from 2. I was born __ the morning _ February 25th , 1997. A. in; of B. on; in C. in; in D. on; of 3. –My old friend White is going to visit me. -- You haven‘t seen each other ____ five years. A. for B. so C. but D. or

4.– What time do you usually get up in the morning? -- _____ six o‘clock. A. On B. For C. In D. At 5. --Who is Jenny? -- She is my daughter. She was the eldest ___ the three girls. A. in B. between C. with D.among 6.It‘s polite ___ you to give seats to the elderly. A. with B.for C.of D.to

7.It‘s very nice __you ___my parents your best wishes. A.of; to send B. of; sending C. for; to send D.for; sending 8.– When was he born? -- He was born ____ July 4th,1989 A. in B.at C.from


9.– What did you have _____breakfast? --I went to school without breakfast ____getting up late. A. for ; as B. for; because of C.on; for D.for; because

10.--Do you know where our English teacher live? --She lives ____708 _____Nanjing Road. A.at; on B. at; in C,on; at D. in; at
11.– How soon will your parents return? -- I think they will return ______ half an hour. A.for C . since C.at D.in 12.– When did your uncle arrive_____ Shanghai? --He got to the airport___the morning of May Day. A.at; in B. in; in C.to; on D. in; on

13.It‘s very important ____ us ___English well. A.of; to learn B. for; to learn C.of; learning D. for; learning 14.—Your bag looks the same ____mine. --Oh, really? It‘s a gift _____ my father. A. with; to B

.with; from C.as; on D. as; from

15.Our teacher is very strict _____us _____ everything. A. with; in B. in; with C.to; in D. to; with

16.—Do you often go swimming ___Sunday morning? --Yes. Why not ____with me this Sunday? A. on; go B.in; to go C.on; going D.in; going 17.The _____ World Table Tennis Chamionship began ______ the morning of May 25th,2012 ____Moscow, Russia. A.fifty;in;in B. fiftieth; on; in C.fiftieth; in; on D.fifty; on; in 18. I like dancing_____ my best friend loves hiking. A. when B. while C. of D. so

连 词

1.—Why do you like staying in Kunming? --Because the weather there is __ too hot__too cold. A. either; or B.neither; nor C.both; and D.not only; but also 2.—Which do you prefer, tea or coffee? --I don‘t care. _____ is fine. A.Either B. Neither C.Both D.All

3.—Where is Jason? He said he would come tonight! -- Yes, he did say so, _____ we can‘t find him now. A.and B.so C.but D.or

? 4._____ Nina_____Tina is going with you because ? one of them must stay at home. ? A.Not only; but also B. Neither; nor ? C.Both; and D. Either; or ? 5.-- Can you help me clean the room? ? -- Ok, ____ I have to wash the clothes first. ? A. so B. but C.because D.as ? 6. – Mr Green, I think physics is too difficult for me. ? -- Tina, work hard, ___you‘ll find it not so difficult. ? A. or B. but C.so D. and

? 7.Neither Tom nor I ____ a basketball player. ? A. am B. is C. be D. are
? 8._____my father _____my mother are teachers. ? A. Both; and B. Not only; but also ? C. Either; or D. Neither; nor ? 9. Mr King has come ___ his father ____ he‘s busy ? with something more important. ? A. instead of; because of B. instead of; because ? C. instead; because D. instead; because of

? 10.______ They have some opposite views, they all ? think Chinese medicine is helpful. ? A. Until B. Although C. Since D. If

? 11._____there‘s going to ____ a football match this ? afternoon,______ I won‘t go watch it because I‘m ? very busy. ? A. Though; be; but B.Though; have; / ? C. /; have; but D.Though; be; / ? 12. Who else want to take part in the 400-meter race ? ____ John? ? A. besides B.beside C.except D.but

13. – When are you going to tell Henry the good news? -- I‘ll tell him ___ he comes back. A. since B. as soon as C. because D. until
14. The maths problem seemed to be easy, ____ few students worked it out. A. and B. so C.or D. but 15.____ Tom ____ Peter are fond of watching TV. A. Not; but B. Both; and C.Either; or D.Neither; nor

16.– What is our head teacher like, do you know? -- Oh, he is very kind ___ he looks very serious. A. because B. though C. if D. when 17. The film Kung Fu Panda is ___ interesting ___ I would like to see it again. A. such; that B. too; to C. as; as D. so; that 18.We have to get up at 7:15 tomorrow morning, ____ we will be late for the 7:40 train. A. before B. or C. if D. so

20. –Which would you like to visit, Shanghai Expo Garden

or Beijing Bird Nest? --____. I prefer to enjoy the 2010 FIFA World Cup at home. A. Both B. Neither C, Either D. None 21. I won‘t pass the exam ____ I work hard. A. whenever B. because C. if D. unless 22. He collected __many toys ____ there is no room to keep them in his house. A. so; that B. such; that C. too; to D. so; to

23.– Would you like to go to the concert with us tonight? -- I‘d love to, ____ I can‘t . I have a lot of homework to do. A. and B. but C. or D. yet 24. Look! What a beautiful school! There‘re trees on __ side of it. A. all B. neither C . every D. both

25.– How was your climbing on Mount Tai? -- I didn‘t believe I could do it ___ I got to the top. A. until B. unless C. after D. when

26.– When will you leave? -- I won‘t go ___ he comes back. A. until B. while C. when

D. why

27. Are they trying to improve their skills ___ they can do things better and better? A. however B. because C. since D. so that


1. More than nine ___ students are doing sports now. A. hundreds B. hundred of C. hundred D. hundreds of

2. One amazing thing in the countryside is that you can see ___ if you go out at night. A. million of star B. million of stars C. millions of star D. millions of stars
3.– How far is the post office? -- It‘s about ___ walk. A. ten minutes‘ B. ten minutes C. ten minute‘s D. ten-minute‘

? 4.– How long have you lived here? ? -- I ?ve lived here for ____. ? A. half a year B. a half years ? C. a half D. half year ? 5.– What‘s one fourth and a half , do you know? ? -- Yes, it‘s _____. ? A. three fourths B. two sixths ? C. one third D. three sixths ? 6.– How can I get to the zoo? ? -- It‘s not far. It‘s only ____ walk. ? A. half an hour B. half an hours‘ ? C. half an hour‘s D. half an hours

7.– What is another saying of Lesson 22? -- It‘s _____. A. lesson twenty- two B. the twenty-second lesson C. lesson twenty-second D. twenty-second lesson 8.After the Asian Games, __ people came to Guangzhou for a visit during holidays. A. thousand B. thousands of C. five thousands D. five thousands of

9. Our school is not far from here, It‘s about __ walk. A. ten minutes‘s B. ten minutes‘ C. ten minutes D. ten minute .

10. Our teacher told us to write a ___ composition. A. two-thousand-word B. two-thousand-words C. two thousands words D. two-thousands-word

11.About __ of the workers in the factory were born in the ___. A. two thirds; 1970 B. two thirds; 1970s C. two third; 1970 D. two third; 1970s

13. --____ people are taking action to protect the environment now. -- Yes, ____ of my classmates come to school by bike now. A. More and more ; Four fifth B. Less and less; Four fifth C. More and more; Four fifths D. Less and less; Four fifths 14. –How was your day off yesterday? -- Perfect! It was my grandma‘s _____ birthday. We had a big cake. A. eighty B. eightieth C.the eightieth D.the eighty

15. I was so sorry to hear ___ people lost the

ir lives in the disaster. A. two hundreds B. hundred of C. hundreds of D. two hundred of


1.—Hey, Paul! You ___play in the street. It‘s dangerous. ? -- Sorry, Mum. I won‘t again. ? A. needn‘t B. mustn‘t C.can‘t D. shouldn‘t
2.– May I play computer games, Mum? -- No. You ____ finish your homework first. A. must B. can C. would D.may

3.– Whose schoolbag is this? -- It _____ be Tina‘s. It has her name on it. A. can B. may C.will D. must

4.Li Yang said in order to speak English better,we ___ ? be afraid of losing face. A.should B.shouldn‘t C.have to D. mustn‘t 5.--Look, your sister is playing the piano over there. ? --She ____ be my sister. She has gone to America. ? A. mustn‘t B. can‘t C. shouldn‘t D.may not 6.-- Will you go to the museum with me this afternoon ? --Sorry, I____. I have to look after my younger sister ? at home. ? A.won‘t B.can‘t C.needn‘t D.mustn‘t

7.—Someone is knocking at the door. Who ____ it be? -- It ___ be Tom. Look, he is talking on TV. A. can; can‘t B. can; mustn‘t C. might; could D. might; may

8 .--Please___ forget to tell him about this matter. -- Ok, I _____. A. won‘t; won‘t B. don‘t; won‘t C. didn‘t; can‘t D. don‘t; wouldn‘t
9. –listen! Someone is singing in the next door. Who ___ it be? Is it Wei Fang? -- No, it ___ be her. She is at school now. A. will; may not B. may; won‘t C. must; mustn‘t D. may; can‘t

10.-- Must I finish cleaning the house before supper? -- No, you ____ if you have something else to do. A. can‘t B. couldn‘t C. mustn‘t D. don‘t have to 11.—Listen! Is Tom singing in the classroom? -- No. It____ be Tom. He has gone to Paris. A. may not B. needn‘t C. can‘ t D. mustn‘t 12.--_____ we swim in that river. -- No, you _____. It‘s dangerous to swim there. A. Must; can‘t B. Can; may not C. shall; don‘t D. May; mustn‘t

13.– Must I return the book tomorrow morning? ? --No, you ____. You ____ keep it for three days. ? A. mustn‘t; may B. mustn‘t; must ? C. needn‘t; can D. needn‘t; must 14.I think we ____go to buy something for dinner. ? There ____little food left in the fridge. ? A. needn‘t; is B. must; are ? C. shall; haven‘t D. must; is

15.– Must I finish watering the flowers now? ? --No, you _____. ? A. must B. won‘t C. needn‘t D. can‘t

16.– Excuse me, can I smoke here? ? -- No, _____ ? A. you must B. you‘d not better ? C. you can D. you‘d better not 17.– Must I go to the shop with you , Mum? ? -- Err… I can make it myself, Mike. You ___ go ? with me. A. mustn‘t B. shouldn‘t C. wouldn‘t D. needn‘t


1.Jay Chou‘s songs sound __ and most of the teenagers are _____ in them A .sweet; interesting B. well; interested C. nice; interested D. moved; interesting 2.– Have you ever seen Happy Feet 2? -- Sure. It‘s one of ____ I have ever seen. A. wonderful cartoons B. most wonderful cartoons C. mor

e wonderful cartoons D. the most wonderful cartoons 3.Although this house is ___ than that one, it‘s more comfortable. A. small B. smaller C. smallest D. the smallest

4.– I‘m really ___ before exam. -- Take it easy. You‘re the best. A. surprised B. nervous C. comfortable D. confident 5.– What a hot day! -- The weather report says it will much ___ tomorrow. A. hot B. hotter C. hottest D. the hottest 6.– How do you like your new job, Sam? -- It‘s so ____. I don‘t like it at all. A. interesting B. exciting C. relaxing D. boring

7.– Why didn‘t you go to school today, Jim? -- Well, I am not ___ to get back to school. You know, my leg was hurt last week. A. good enough B. enough good C. enough well D. well enough 8.– Do you know what has happened to the school bus in Gansu recently? -- The car accident which killed 18 kids! It‘s ______ one that I have ever heard of. A. a very serious B. a more serious C. the most serious D. the least serious.

9. Kate is very __ in history because she thinks it is very ____. A. interested; interested B. interested; interesting C. interesting; interesting D. interesting; interested 10. The old man over there lives ___, but he doesn‘t feel ____ at all. A. lonely; alone B. alone; lonely C. alone; alone D. lonely; lonely 11. The baby can eat ____ bread for breakfast. A. two B. many C. two slices of D. a few

12. --Have you seen Jim ____? -- Yes, I have. I saw him in the library yesterday. A. easily B. luckily C. recently D. hardly 13-- I made a lot of mistakes in my homework. -- You must write ____ than before. A. more careful B. much careful C. much more carefully D. much carefully 14.– Look! The picture painted by the little boy is _____ -- Yes. I‘ve nerve seen _____. A. such beautiful; the better one B. beautifully; a good one C. so beautiful; a better one D. very beautiful; the best one

15.– The cake tastes delicious! ? -- Well, at least it‘s ____ the one I made the day ? before yesterday. ? A. as worse as B. as better as ? C. no worse than D. no better than. 16. This cup of ice-cream is nice. It tastes_____. A. sweet; B. bitter C. hot D. sour 17.– Vegetable don‘t taste ____ than meat, Mum. --But in fact they are as_____ as meat for our health. A. delicious; more necessary B. more delicious; necessary C. deliciouser; necessarier D. more delious;less necessary

18. These days the students in their school are ____ ? ____ busy, for they have ____ schoolwork to do. ? A. much too; too many B. much too; too much ? C. too much; too many D. much too; much too 19. You should do your homework ____ next time. A. careful B. carefully C. more careful D. more carefully 20.– Do you think the fish tastes____? -- She cooked it ______, I think. A. good; good B. well; good C. well; well D. good; well

? 21. In the exam, the ____ you are, the ____ mistakes ? you‘ll make. A. carefully; little B. more carefully; more ? C. more careful; fewer D. more careful ; less ? 2

2. Computers are ___ than before . Why don‘t you ? buy a new one? ? A. very cheap B. much cheaper ? C. very cheapest D. the cheapest

? 23. You‘d better not go shopping now, for it‘s raining ? ____ outside. ? A. hardly B. heavily C. loudly D. strongly

24.I‘m afraid he is not working ____ these days. A. enough hard B. enough hardly C. hard enough D. hardly enough

25. – Can you hear me? -- No, I can‘t. Would you please speak _____? A. clearly enough B. clear enough C. enough clear D. enough clearly
26. The question is___ that nobody can answer it. A. very hard B. too difficult C. strange enough D. so strange

27.– Can you understand what I meant? -- Sorry, I can ____ follow you. A. always B. almost C. nearly D. hardly 28.– How is your English study? -- Not bad. But I ____ learning English grammar. A. am interested in B. am good at C. have a little trouble D. have no trouble
29. The film is very _____ . Tom is very ____. A. exciting; excited B. excited; exciting C. exciting; exciting D. excited; excited

30. I have never seen ____ film before. A. a so interesting B. a such interesting C. so a interesting D. such an interesting 31.-- Health is money. -- But I think it is ____ money. A. as important as B. more important than C. so important than D. the same as 32. – What do you think of the lecture of li Yang? -- I think it‘s ___, but someone thinks it‘ s _____. A. wonderful enough; bored B. enough wonderful; boring C. wonderful enough ; boring D. enough wonderful; bored.

? another ? other ? others ? the other ? the others

1. --Have you finished your report yet? -- No, I‘ll finished it in ____ minutes. ? A. another B. other C. more

D. less

2.How dangerous! She was driving the car with one hand and holding an ice cream with _____ A. the other B. another C. others D. other
3. He has two basketball. One is new; _____ is old. A. other B. others C. the other D. the others 4.-- Oh, the traffic is so heavy. -- Let‘s change ____ route to the airport. A. other B. others C. the other D. another

5. We should never give up our dream—even when___ think we are dreaming the wrong ones! A. other B. others C. another D. the other
6. The Chinese teacher with a pair of modern glasses on her nose has had twins, but they have different ideal jobs. One wants to be a scientist, and ____ wants to be an actor. A. other B. others C. another D. the other

?动词&动词短语 &动词时态

1.– What‘ s that noise? -- Oh , I forgot to tell you. The neighbours ____ for a party. A. prepare B. are preparing C. will prepare D. have prepared 2.– What ___ your father ____ yesterday? -- Nothing much. A. does; do B. did; did C. did; do D. is doing

3. The Smiths came to China in 2008, and they ____here for four years since then. A. live B. lived C. have lived D. will live

4.While we were talking in the classroom, Jack suddenly stopped ___ and lay on the ground, so we all stopped ____ what was wrong with him.

? A. to talk; to see B. talking ; seeing ? C. to talk ; seeing D. talking; to see 5. – We must act now because time is _____. -- Yes, Let‘s start. A. coming out B. giving out C. cutting out D. running out 6.– Do you know Lucy‘s grandma? -- Of course. She is a kind woman, but she ___ in the accident last month. A. killed B. was killing C. was killed D. is killed

? 7.—Is Jason going to the party? ? -- I‘m afraid not. He ____ to Hong Kong. ? A. goes B. went C. has gone D. was going ? 8.A lot of time ___ If you take a taxi instead of a bus ? to the airport. ? A. can save B. will save C. be save D. can be saved ? 9.– What were you doing at six yesterday evening? ? -- I _____ in the kitchen. ? A. cook B. cooked ? C. was cooking D. have cooked

10. George will send us an e-mail as soon as he ___ ? in London. ? A. is arriving B. will arrive C. arrives D. arrived 11.We had to ____ the sports meeting because of the heavy rain. A. put away B. put up C. put off D. put on 12. Please tell the kids ___ near the river. It‘s too dangerous. A. don‘t play B. not play C. not to play D. didn‘t play

13.– Where did you get the book? -- I _____ it from the State Library. ? A. borrow B. was borrowed ? C. has borrowed D. borrowed 14. – The sweater is very nice. I‘ll take it ? -- But you‘d better ___ first. I think it is a little large for ? you. ? A. pay for it B. put it on ? C. put it off D. try it on

15.– Shall we go put for dinner now? -- Sorry, I can‘t. I ___housework for my mother now. A. am doing B. is doing C. are doing D. did 16. – How long can I ____ the book? -- For two weeks. A. keep B. borrow C. lend 17.– When will he leave for Shanghai? -- As soon as he _____ his work. A. finished B. will finish C. is finishing D. finishes

D. buy

18.--Please tell the boys ___ any noise. We are having class. -- OK. I‘ll do it at once. A. not make B. to make C. not to make D. don‘t to make 19. Tomorrow is Tree Planting Day. We will go to the mountain in the morning. As soon as we ___ there, we‘ll begin to plant trees. A. arrived B. arrive C. will arrive D. have arrived

20.My pen pal said he would write to me, but I ____ any letters from him so far. A. won‘t receive B. don‘t receive C. haven‘t received D. didn‘t receive

21.– Why didn‘t you go to play football with us yesterday afternoon? -- I _____ my mother with the housework then. A. helped B. was helping C. had helped D. have been helping 22. My car alarm is always __ whenever my neighbour‘s cat goes under my car. A. going off B. going out C. breaking down D. setting off 23.– I __something wrong just now, May I use your eraser? --Of course. Here you are. A. write B. wrote C. am writing D. have written

24.– Your school is so beautiful. It‘s like a big garden. --Yes. Many trees and flowers ____ in our school every year. A. are planting B. are planted C. were planted D. will be planted 25.– Excuse me, where is M

r. Brown‘s office? -- Sorry, I don‘t know. I ____ here for only a few days. A. work B. worked C. have worked D. will work

26.– May I borrow these two books, please? -- Yes, you can ____ them for two weeks. A. borrow B. lend C. buy D. keep

27.– May I speak to MR Black? -- Sorry. He ____ on the farm. A. works B. worked C. is working D. has worked

28.– Have you ever been to Hong Kong? -- Yes, I ____ there last month. A. went to B. have been C. went D. is going
29 . – These maths problems are too hard to ____. Can you help me? -- There are many ways, but the most important is to try your best. A. work out B. come out C. put out D look out

30.– Can you open the door, please? -- Oh, sorry. I ____ my key at home this morning A. was leaving B. has left C. will leave D. left 31.Mr Chen has a loud voice. He ___ clearly, even in that big classroom. A. can be heard B. can hear C. can be hearing D. can have heard

32.– I‘ve not finished my project yet. -- Hurry up! Our friends ____ for us. A. wait B. are waiting C. will wait

D. have waited

33.– When will he leave for Shanghai? ? -- As soon as he _____ his work. ? A. finished B. will finished ? C. is finishing D. finishes 34.– I can hardly hear the radio. Would you please ___? -- Yes, of course. A. turn it on B. turn it down C. turn it off D. turn it up 35.– Are you going to the bank, Laura? -- No, I _______ to the bank already. A. have been B. have gone C. am going D. had been

36. There ____ many restaurants in town, but they ___ eat the food there at first. A. used to have; didn‘t use to B. used to have; didn‘t used to C. used to be; didn‘t use to D. used to be; didn‘t used to 37.Mr Smith __ this blue-ray DVD for nearly two weeks. A. has borrowed B. have lent C. had bought D. has kept

38.– Are you and your classmates still raising money ? for charity? ? -- Yes. We never ___ hope of helping the ? who are in need. ? A. give out B. give up C. take off D. take out 39.Great changes ___ in the city in the past five years. A. have happened B. have taken place C. have been happened D. have been taken place

40. Tom ____ English since he came to America. He speaks English well now. A. learns B. learned C. will learn D. has learned

40.-- _____ forget to go to the English Corner to practice speaking English, please. -- I won‘t. I enjoy ___ conversation with the native speakers. A. Don‘t be; had B. Don‘t ; having C. Not to be; to have D. Be not; have 41. --Look, Dad! I pass the exam though I‘m ill. -- Congratulations! I‘m very ____ what you‘ve done. A. angry with B. pleased with C. afraid of D. sorry for

42. – Please _____ forget to tell him about his matter. -- OK, I _______ A. won‘t; won‘t B. don‘t ; won‘t C. didn‘t; can‘t D. don‘t; wouldn‘t 43.– When will you tell him the good news? -- I will tell him about it as soon as he _____ back. A. comes B. came C. will come D. is coming 44.– Look! A new building ____ over there.

-- Yes, it‘s very tall. A. is built B. is being built C. has built D. is building

45.– I usually go there by train. ? -- Why not ____ by boat for a change. ? A. to go B. going C. to going D. go 46. These old photos can ___me __ the life in the past. A. remind; of B. think; of C. wake; up D. cheer; up 47. .– I hear Jim is going t to ___ at the school meeting. -- Do you know what he is going to _____? A. speak; say B. say; talk C. say; speak D. talk; speak

48. – How about your English class? -- It‘s very interesting. We are often made ____ by his funny stories. A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughed D. laughs 49. – Do you know why the train is always late in winter in the north? -- Yes. The heavy snow always ____ the train from _____ on time. A. stop; arrives B. stopping; arriving C. stops; arrived D. stops ; arriving

? 50.– Would you mind having this letter ___? ? -- Sorry, I have something more important _____. ? A. typed; to do B. to typed ; to do ? C. typed ; done D. to typed ; done
? 51.– Look! How clean our classroom is ! ? -- Yes. It ___ by Dongdong. I saw him come out of ? the classroom just now. ? A. cleans B. will be cleaned ? C. must be cleaned D. is cleaned

52. -- Why did the boy not ride his new bike to school? ? -- Because his mother told him ____. ? A. not to B. not to do C. not doing D. do not to
53.– How about going hiking this weekend? -- Sorry. I prefer ____ rather than ____. A. to go out; staying at home B. to stay at home ; go out C. staying at home ; go out D. going out ; stay at home

54.– What are you doing these days? -- Everyone is busy ____ New Year‘s cards and ____ ready for the New Year. A. buying; getting B. buy; get C. to buy; get D. buy; to get

55.– What are you doing these days? -- I‘d like to have this package _____. A. be weighed B. to be weighed C. weighed D. to weigh

56.– Excuse me. But I don‘t think you can smoke here. ? -- Really sorry. I ____ this is a non- smoking room. ? A. don‘t know B. didn‘t know ? C. have no idea D. haven‘t known
57.– Jack ! Why are you still here? They are all ready to start. --I‘m sorry, but I _____ when to meet. A. didn‘t tell B. don‘t tell C. wasn‘t told D. haven‘t told

58. E-mail, as well as telephone, ___ an important part in daily communication. A. is playing B. are playing C. have played D. play
59.– Do you know that Mike‘s grandma died yesterday? -- Oh, poor Mike. Come on. Let‘s cheer him___. A. up B. in C. out D. at 60. I met a friend of mine _____ in the street yesterday? A. by accident B. by the end C. by mistake D. by car

61.– The light in your office is still on. -- Oh, I forgot ______ A. turning it off B. turn it off C. to turn it off D. having turned it off 62. Trees and flowers ____ every year to make our country more beautiful. A. is planted B. was planted C. are planted D. were planted

63. So much work ___them ____ exhausted. A. make; ne B. makes; feel C. made; felt D. m

akes; are

64. In the last two months, he ____ several English ? novels. ? A. reads B. read C. had read D. has read

65. No matter how many difficulties there are, we‘ll try to _____ them. A. get up B. get back to C. get off D. get over
66. Princess Huanzhu is a hit TV series; even my grandmother who is over eighty ______ a couch potato. A. has been to B. have gone to C. has become D. has had

67. When you have any trouble, do remember to ____. ? Two heads are better than one. ? A. make a decision B. give up ? C. ask for help D. give advice 68. Jane , together with her friends, ____ Paris to hold a fashion show tomorrow. A. are leaving for B. leave for C. leaves to D. is leaving for

69. It‘s reported that another bridge _____ over the river in two years. A. will be built B. is being built C. has been built D. was built

70.– How long may I ____ your ipad? ? -- For less than two days, and you mustn‘t ___it to ? others. ? A. borrow; lend B. keep; lend ? C. lend; borrow D. keep; borrow 71.– How does Katrina usually go to work? --- She ___ ride a bicycle, but now she ____there to lose weight. A. used to; is used to walk B. was used to; is used to walking C. was used to; is used to walk D. used to ; is used to walking

72.He‘s failed in the competition and looks sad. Let‘s ? _____. ? A. cheer up him B. laugh him ? C. laugh at him D. cheer him up 73.– How long have you ____ the bike? -- Sorry, I can‘t. My parents often tell me ___ that. A. kept B. borrowed C. bought D. lend 74.– How about____ in the river with us? -- Sorry, I can‘t . My parents often tell me ___ that. A. swim; don‘t do B. swim ; to do C. swimming; not to D. swimming; not to do

75.– What ___ your father doing at eight yesterday ? evening, Sandy? ? -- Let me see. Oh, yes, he was ___ a newspaper. ? A. was; reading B. were; watching ? C. was; looking D. were; seeing

76.– Would you like to play with us this afternoon, Sam? -- I would rather _____ at home than ____ football. It‘s too hot outside. A. stay; playing B. stay; play C. to stay; to play D. to stay; playing

77. We both come from Australia, so neither I nor he ? _____ French. ? A. speak B. doesn‘t speak ? C. speaks D. doesn‘t speak 78. It‘s said that petrol(石油)_____ in less than 100 years. So we should try to walk more instead of driving cars. A. used for B. used up C. will be used up D. will be used for

79.– The windows are broken and need repairing. ? -- I think so. They can hardly ___the cold wind now. ? A. keep out B. give out C. take out D. put out
80. It seems that she won‘t stop ___ the piano until she wins the first prize. A. practising playing B. to practise to play C. to practise playing D. practising to play

81.Look. There are many foreigners ___ the Great Wall. A. to visit B. visit C. visiting D. visting

82. The concert will begin soon, so Rose, with the other performers, ____ busy getting everything ready. A. is B. are C.

was D . will be 83. – How does Jack usually go to school? -- He ___ ride a bike, but now he ___ there to lose weight. A. used to; is used to walk B. was used to ; is used to walking C. was used to; is used to walk D. used to ; is used to walking

84. Many accidents ___ by careless drivers last year. ? A. are caused B. were caused ? C. have caused D. will cause
85. An official ___ by some reporters on food problems in Shanghai yesterday. A. is interviewing B. is interviewed C. was interviewing D. was interviewed 86. When he was a child, his father told him that the earth ____ round the sun. A. goes B. went C. had gone D. is going

87.– It‘s too hot. Would you mind my ___ the door? ? -- ___________. Please do it now. ? A. to open; OK B. opening; Certainly not ? C. opening; Of course D. to open; Good idea 88. Tom ____ his homework yet, so he won‘t go out with his classmates. A. does B. has done C. doesn‘t do D. hasn‘t done 89. When he was walking in the street, he heard somebody ____ for help. A. calls B. called C. to call D. calling

90. Who ____ my English book? It was here just now, ? but I can‘t find it now. ? A. will take away B. is taking away ? C. took away D. has taken away 91. Yao Ming is one of the best players in NBA. We are all ____him. A. angry with B. strict with C. worried about D. proud of 92. You‘d better put the books here. They , with the dictionary, _____ back where they are. A. should put B. could put C. can be put D. must be put

93. --How do you know he is able to play the piano well ? -- I often see him ____ in the music room. A. to practise B. practising C. practise D. practises 94. Jack‘s mother told him ___ for school again. A. don‘t be B. not to be late C. not be late D. to not be late 95. I ___ the charity show on TV when the telephone rang. A. watch B. watched C. am watching D. was watching

96. Scientists are trying to ____ new ways to solve the population problem. A. catch up with B. keep up with C. come up with D. make up with
97. The new computers ____ to the village school as presents last month. A. are given B. given C. were given D. gave

98. Tom ___ the USA. He ____ back in two months. A. has gone to; comes B. has gone to; will be C. has been to ; comes D. has been to; will be

99. Bod, ____ the window quickly. ____ strongly the ? wind blows! ? A. will close; Because B. is closing; How ? C. close; For D. close; How 100. You‘d better ___ out of the windows in class. ? A. look B. not look C. to look D. not to look 101. John, look at your room. Your model cars are everywhere. Please _____. A. put away them B. put them away C. put off them D. put them off

102.– How about going hiking this weekend? -- Sorry, I prefer ____ rather than____. A. to stay at home; go out B. to go out ; stay at home C. staying at home; to go out D. stay at home; go out

103.– The boys of Class 2 are going to the seaside this weekend. -- Yes, remember ____ them___ in the

sea alone. It‘s dangerous. A. to tell; to not swim B. telling; don‘t swim C. to tell; not to swim D. telling; not swimming.

104. Don‘t make so much noise. Some adults ____ an ? exam in our school. ? A. have B. having C. are having D. is having

105.– There are many people ___ trees by the river. -- Yes, many trees ____ in our city in spring. A. planting; are planting B. are planting; are planted C. planting; are planted D. are planting ;are planting
106.– How many times ___ you ___ the Great Wall? -- Once. I ____ there three years ago. A. did; go to; have gone B. had; gone to; went C. have; been to; have gone D. have; been to; went

107. The boss made him work 14 hours a day. That ? means, he _____ work 14 hours a day. ? A. was made B. made ? C. was making D. was made to 108. He use to ___ in a small village, but now he has been used to ____ in the big city. A. live; living B. live; live C. living; living D. living; live

109. Jim‘s father was ill in hospital, so Jim had to ____. A. look at him B. look over him C. look for him D. look after him

110. – Would you please ___ your storybook ___me? ? --Sure. But you must return it to me before ? Wednesday. ? A. borrow; to B. keep; for ? C. lend ; to D. buy ; for 111. – Mum, can I have something ____? -- Oh, dear. You can only drink some water. There is _____ in the kitchen. A. to drink; nothing else B. drinking ; something else C. to eat; something else D. eating; nothing else

112.Nick, would you mind ___ those old jeans? They look terrible. A. not to wear B. not wear C. wearing not D. not wearing
113. Listen! The phone ____ . Please go to answer it. A. rings B. is ringing C. rang D. will ring 114. Yesterday evening, I ____along the street when I suddenly met my maths teacher. A. walk B. walked C. was walking D . am walking

115. May I have a rest? I have already finished ___ ? the report. ? A. write B. writing C. to write D. written
116. I bought a new sweater last weekend. It ____ me 120 yuan. A. paid B. take C. cost D. spent 117.– How soon ___ all the work____? -- In a week. A. will; finish B. is ; going to finish C. will ; be finished D. are; going to be finished

118. When he saw a ticket on the ground, he stopped ? ____. ? A. to pick it up B. pick it up ? C. to pick up it D. pick up it 119. Tom ____ there for 10 months since he ___ back to his hometown. A. has lived; gets B. has lived ; got C. lived; go D. lived ; has got 120. As soon as he ____, he will write to me. A. arrives at B. arrives C. reaches D. gets

121. How long ____ it ___ to go there by train? ? A. do ; take B. does; take ? C. does; spend D. does; play 122. A young man practised __ Englsih with Mr Green. A. speak B. speaking C. to speak D. speak it 123.– Why didn‘t go to the cinema with us this afternoon? -- I ____ at the station for my uncle from Beijing. A. was waiting B. have waited C. am waiting D. will wait

124. – Why is the classroom so dirty? ? -- Sorry,

sir. It ____ yesterday. We forgot to do it. ? A. doesn‘t clean B. didn‘t clean ? C. isn‘t cleaned D. wasn‘t cleaned
125. At last the boy was made __ and began to laugh. A. stop crying B. to stop to cry C. to stop crying D. stop to cry

126. – How did the accident happen? -- You know, it ____ difficult to see the road clearly because it_____ A. was ; was raining B. is; has rained C. is; is raining D. will be ; will rain


1.– How much is the pair of shoes? ? -- Twenty dollars ____ enough. ? A. is B. are C. am D. will be

2. The number of people invited ___ fifty, but a ? number of them ____ absent for different reasons. ? A. were; was B. was; were ? C. was; was D. were; were
3.The concert will begin soon, so Rose, with the other performers,_____ busy getting everything ready. A, is B. are C. was D. will be

4. How time flies! Three years ___ really a short time. ? A. is B. are C. was D. were
5. There ___ many flowers along the street. It looks more beautiful than before. A. is B. was C. are D. were 6. The teacher and writer ___ doing morning exercise at this time yesterday. A. is B. was C. are D. were

7.– What __ the number of the students in your school? -- About two thousand. A number of them ___ from England, A. is; are B. is; is C. are; is D. are; are
8. Neither you or he ____ Hawaii before. A. has gone to B. have gone to C. have been to D. has been to 9. In our school library, there ___ a number of books on science and the number of them ___ growing larger and ;larger. A. is; are B. has; are C. have; is D. are; is

10. – David, there ___ a dictionary and some books on your desk. Please put them away. -- OK, Mum. I‘ll do it right away. A. is B. are C. has D. have

? 反意疑问句 ? & ? 回 答

1.– You like listening to Taylor Swift‘s songs, don‘t you? -- ______. She has a sweet voice. A. Yes, I do B. Yes, she does C. No, I don‘t D. No, she doesn‘t

2. – Jane‘s eaten breakfast, ______? -- Yes, I guess so. A. isn‘t she B. hasn‘t she C. doesn‘t she D. wasn‘t she

3.– You finished your homework last night, didn‘t you? --_______, though I wasn‘t feeling well. A. No, I hadn‘t B. Yes, I had C. No, I didn‘t D. Yes, I did 4. – He didn‘t go to school yesterday, ____ he? -- No, he didn‘t feel well. A. did B. does C. didn‘t D. doesn‘t 5.– Billy had a great time the day before yesterday, ___? -- Yes. He went to the amusement park. A. hadn‘t he B. wasn‘t he C. wouldn‘t he D. didn‘t he

6.—Jenny usually helps others, _____? -- Yes, she is kind-hearted. A. does she B. is she C. doesn‘t she

D. isn‘t she

7. The tall girl hardly ever writes anything special, ___ she? A. don‘t B. does C. doesn‘t D. hasn‘t 8.– You haven‘t been to Beijing, have you? -- _____. How I wish to go there! A. Yes, I have B. Yes, I haven‘t C. No, I have D. No, I haven‘t

9.– It‘s impossible for me to finish the work on time, ? _____? ? -- I d

on‘t think so. ? A. is it B. isn‘t it C. can I D. can‘t I 10. There was little water left in the bottle,_____? A. weren‘t they B. were they C. was there D. wasn‘t there

11. --Linda had nothing for breakfast this morning,____? -- No, She got up too late. A. had she B. hadn‘t she C. did she D. didn‘t she

? 12. I hear the tall girl wearing glasses is your new ? classmate. She‘s from America,_____? ? A. has she B. isn‘t she ? C. hasn‘t she D. does she ? 13.– You didn‘t go to school yesterday, did you? ? -- _____, though there was a heavy rain. ? A. Yes, i did B. No, I didn‘t ? C. Yes, I didn‘t D. No, I did

? 14. Eric‘s never seen a three-D movie at the cinema, ? _____? ? A. hasn‘t he B. has he C. isn‘t he D. is he

15.– Alice had nothing for breakfast this morning,___? -- No. She got up too late. A. had she B. hadn‘t she C. did she D. didn‘t she



1.– I don‘t think I can go any farther. -- _____. Let‘s stop here for a rest. ? A. Neither can I B. Neither do I ? C. I don‘t think so D. I think so 2.– Would your sister go to Hainan this winter? -- If I don‘t go, ______. A. neither does she B. so does she C. so will she D. neither will she 3.– She sings so well. I like her very much. -- ______ A. so am I B. So do I C. So I am D. So I do

? 4.– I have a lot of rules at my house. ? -- ______. ? A. So we do B. So do we ? C. So we are D. So are we 5.– Bob is trying his best to improve his Chinese. -- Yes, so he is and _____. A. so does Tom B. so Tom does C. so Tom is D. so is Tom

6.– I hear Huang Gang made an English speech at the graduation ceremony yesterday. --______ A. So did he and so I did B. So he did and so did I C. So he was and so was I D. So was he and so I was 7. Let‘s go out for fun,_____? A. will you B. won‘t you C. shall we

D. do we



1.--___ do you help your mother clean the house? --Once a week. A. How far B. How long C How soon D. How often 2.-- Can you tell me___ it is from the city center to the train station? -- Sure. It‘s about three kilometers. A. how much B. how long C. how far D. how soon

3.-- _____ will your English teacher come back? -- In two days A. When B. How long C. How soon D. What time

4.-- _____ do you surf the Internet? -- Every day. A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How far 5.-- _____ have you been away from home? -- For about three months. A. How far B. How long C. How soon D. How often 6.-- _____ is your father? -- He is a policeman. A. How B. What

C. Who

D. Which

7.--_____ is it from your home to school? -- About half an hour‘s walk. A. How far B. How long C. How much D. How often 8.--____ will you come back, Mum? -- In ten minutes. A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How far 9. -- _____ have you been in China? -- For two years. A. How long B. How soon C. How often D, How many


感 叹 句

1.--___good time we had at the party last night! -- Yes. It wa

s such an exciting party that I would never forget it. A. What B. How C. What a D. How a
2. --____ the little boy looks! -- That‘s true. He has just found his Teddy Bear. A. How happy B. What happy C. What happily D. How happily

3. ___ poor! They can‘t even afford their education. Let‘s help them , ______? A. How ; will you B. What ; shall we C. How ; shall we D. How ; don‘t you
4. – The CCTV reported the Premier Wen Jiabao played basketball with some students on Children‘s Day. -- ______! And Premier Wen always encourages us to study hard and do more sports. A. What amazing news B. How amazing news C. What an amazing news D. How an amazing news

? 5.____ pretty your dress is ! Where did you get it? ? A. What a B. How a C. What D. How

? 6.-- _______ wonderful music! ? -- Yes, it‘s written by Jay Chou, a pop singer. ? A. What B. What a C. How D. How a


1. –Do you know the man___ is reading a book ? over there? ? -- Yes, he‘s Mr Green, our PE teacher. ? A. which B. what C. whom D. who 2. This is the subject __ most of students chose to try this term. A. that B. who C. whose D. what 3.– Have you finished the book ____ you borrowed from the library? -- Not yet. A. which B. it C. what D. who

4.– Do you know Li Na? -- Of course, She‘s a great tennis player ___ comes from Hubei, China. A. who B. what C. which D. whom
5. There will be a stamp show in the museum____ we visited last week. A. who B. when C. which D. what 6. The photos successfully show the rich culture____ makes Guangzhou so famous. A. where B. that C. who D. why

7.– I like the music ____ I can sing along with. -- And I like the singer _____ is tall. A. that; which B. which; who C. which; what D. that; where 8.– Who has been to the Great Wall? -- He is the only one of the students ___ been there. so far. A. who has B. who have C. that has D. which has

9.--Did you visit the small town last month? --Yes. The town ___ we visited is the one____ the famous painter was born. A. where; which B. that; which C. where; where D. which; where 10. – Where is the photo ___ I took yesterday? -- It‘s on the desk. A. who B. whose C. which D. where

11. To my surprise, the quiet girl likes music ____ is very loud and energetic. A. that B. who C. whom D. where

12.He is the cook ____ we talked about just now. ? A. which B. who C. whose D. what 13. – Excuse me, could you tell me___? -- Yes, he ____ to the Disneyland. A. where was Tom; have been B. where Tom was; have gone C. where is Tom ; has been D. where Tom is; has gone

14. I like to live in a house ___ is big and bright. A. B. who C. how D. why d that

15. The second song____ she sang just now is very ? popular. A. whom B. which C. who D. that 16.– Are you going to take a trip after the exams. -- Yes. Mom will take me to Beijing if I ___ the exams. A. will do well in B. do well in C. did well in D. am doing well in

17. The girl ___ often reads English around in the morni

ng is one of the best students in my class. A. who B. whom C. which D. what

18.– Do you know the boy ___ is sitting next to Peter? -- Yes. He‘s Peter‘s friend . They are celebrating his ____ birthday. A. who; ninth B. that; nineth C. whom; twelfth D. he; twentieth 19. Do you know the girl ___ reads English under that big tree every day? A. which B. who C. whom D, whose

20. The story ___ I read in the newspaper was about a common problem among teenagers. A. whose B. who C. that D. where

21. Watch the old lady and her dog ___ are crossing the street. A. which B. that C. who D. they


1.– Do you know if Miss Jones ____ here tomorrow? -- If she ____ here tomorrow, I will tell you. A. will come; comes B. will come; will come C. comes; will come D. comes; comes 2.If you_____ your homework, you can go out to play football. A. finish B. will finish C. finished D. had finished

3.– I don‘t know if my mother_____. -- I think she ___ if it doesn‘t rain. A. comes; will come B. will come; comes C. will come; will come D. comes; comes
4.– Do you know if he ______ tomorrow? -- I will let you know if he _____. A. goes to work; goes to work B. goes to work; will go to work C. will go to work ; goes to work D. will go to work; will go to work

5. I don‘t know if he ____ tomorrow. If he ____tomorrow, please ring me up. A. comes; comes B. will come; will come C. will come; comes D. comes; will come 6. They ___ off the fashion show if it____ next weekend. A. will put; will rain B. put; will rain C. put; rains D. will put; rains 7. All the students in Class 5 will climb the mountain if it ____ rain tomorrow. A. won‘t B. don‘t C. didn‘t D. doesn‘t

8.– I don‘t know if Dr. White ___ to the party next week. -- I think he will come if he ____ free. A. comes; will come B. will come; will be C. comes; is D. will come; is
9.– Let‘s go fishing if it ____ this weekend. -- But nobody knows if it ______. A. is fine; will rain B. will be fine; rains C. will be fine; will rain D. is fine; rains



? 1. – Do you know ______? ? -- Yes. She is doing her homework. ? A. what is your sister doing ? B. what your sister is doing ? C. when your sister is doing homework ? D. where is your sister doing homework

2. Have you ever thought about __ in the future? ? A. what will you be ? B. what you will be ? C. what would you like to be ? D. you would like to do what

3.– Do you know the woman under the tree? -- Sorry, I don‘t know_____. A. how is she B. what is she C, who she is D. where she is 4. --Can you tell me ____ after this exam? -- I will hang out with my friends. A. what you did B. what did you do C. what will you do D. what you will do

5. This kind of blenders is new to me. Can you show me ______,George? A. what to turn on B. to turn it on C. how to turn it on D . how to turn on it

6. – I don‘t know _____ tomorrow. -- You can ring him up to ask. A. that Tom will come

B. why will Tom come C. how will Tom come D. if Tom will come 7.– What did you say to your grandmother on the phone just now? -- I asked her _____. A. if is she cooking for lunch B. if she is looking for lunch C. what did she cook for lunch D. what she cooked for lunch

? 8. – I really hope to get in touch with Tony. ? -- Sorry, I don‘t know_____. ? A. why does he love China ? B. how he returned to Australia ? C. what his phone number is ? D. where he studied French 9. I want to talk with Gina in her room, but I don‘t know _____. A. which room she lives in B. which room did she live C. which room she live D. which room does live

10.The students are studying hard ,for they know____. A. what are they studying for B. why are they studying for C. what they are studying for D. why are they studying for

11. He asked us _____. A. that we would have a trip B. when we would have a trip C. where will we have a trip D. how will we have a trip

12. Go and ask your tutor if you really want to know _____. A. how to do B. what to do it C. how it to do D. what to do 13.– What did your granddaughter say just now? -- She wondered______. A. what time was it B. whether the book was written by Mark Twin C. how could she use the Mp4 D. when she will have a final test

14. I‘m sorry I can‘t hear_____. A. what they are talking about B. what are they talking about C. what they are talk about D. what can they talk about 15.– Are you going to have a sports meeting tomorrow? -- Yes, but I‘ll call Kate to make sure ____. A. why to start B. when to start C. what to start D. how to start

16. Could you tell us_____, please? A. when did we start B. when will we start C. when we are going to start D. when are we going to start

17. – Do you know ____ tomorrow? -- At 8 o‘clock. A. when did she come B. when she came C. when will she come D. when she will come

18. – Excuse me, could you tell me____? ? -- Sorry, I don‘t know. I‘m new here, too. ? A. when the museum opens ? B. where is the post office ? C. how long the old lady had lived here ? D. that you will go to the park 19. I don‘t know ____ the charity show tomorrow. Can you tell me? A. when we start B. when did we start C. when we will start D. when will we start

? 20. Do you know where ____ from? ? A. he come B. he comes ? C. did he come D. does he came
? 21. – We can use QQ to communicate with each ? other online. --Good. Will you please show me____? A. Which to use B. how to use it C. what to use D. where to use it


22.-- The teacher asked us_____. A. when did I finish my work B. why didn‘t we tell him about it earlier C. what we were interested in D. where we are going to have our lunch


1. –Sorry, but I can‘t go with you today. I am busy with my coming test. -- _______. A. It doesn‘t matter B. My pleasure C. I don‘t think so D. Sorry to hear that
2.– How about going to the Disneyland together? -- _______ A. Enjoy

yourself! B. Good luck! C. What‘s up D. Sounds like a good idea!

3.– Jack, would you mind if I use your ipad? -- _________. A. Of course not ; go ahead B. Yes, please C. Of course, do as you like D. No, you‘d better not 4.– Big animals can be a lot of trouble. Maybe you should get a small pet, like a goldfish. -- _______ A. That‘s all right B. That‘s a good idea C. You‘re welcome D. Never mind

5. – Mr King We have finished planting all the trees. -- __________. A. Never mind B. That‘s too bad C. Don‘t mention it D. Well done 6. -- ______? -- He‘s a tall man with short hair. A. How is he B. What does he like C. What is he D. What does he look like

? 7.– Well, we take great interest in most of the food ? on menu. ? -- Thanks. _____? ? -- Yes, fried fish, beef, chips and cola, please. ? A. Can I do for you B. At your service ? C. What to follow D. Shall I take your order 8.– Would you like some yogurt? -- _____. A. Yes, I would B. No, thanks C. Thank you D. It doesn‘t matter

9.– What‘s your brother like after he has lived in America for about two years? --_______. A. He isn‘t the same as he used to B. He told us many funny stories C. He likes America very much D. He‘d like to stay with us 10.– Which is our new headteacher? --___? I saw you talking with him on the playground. A. Haven‘t you met him yet B. Don‘t you meet him C. Didn‘t you meet him yet D. Hadn‘t you met him

11. – Can I use your bike? -- _________. Here is the key. A. You‘re welcome B. With pleasure C. Thank you D. I hope so 12. – Would you like to go out to play football? -- ____, but I should finish my homework first. A. Yes, I do B. I like C. Of course not D. I‘d love to 13.– Don‘t be late again, Mike. -- ______. A. No, I don‘t B. Don‘t worry C. Sorry , I won‘t D. Yes, I will

? 14. --______. ? -- Thanks, I will ? A. Wish you a happy journey ? B. Give my best wishes to your parents ? C. Thanks for your help ? D. Congratulation 15,-- I‘ll go to Japan for a holiday next month. -- Great!_____. A. Good luck B. Have a good time C. Best wishes D. Glad to see you again

? 16. – Excuse me. Is there a station near here? ? -- I‘m sorry I don‘t know. ? -- ______. ? A. Thank you all the same B. I‘m sorry , too ? C. I shouldn‘t ask you D. I‘ll ask others
? 17. – What can I do for you? ? --______. ? A. Yes, you can give a skirt to me ? B. I‘d like a skirt. ? C. No, I can do it myself ? D. I can do what I want.

18.– Mike hurt his leg while playing football yesterday. -- _____. A. That‘s nothing B. That‘s all right C. Never mind D. I‘m sorry to hear that 19.--Would you like to watch the movie with me tonight? --_____, but I have too much homework to do. A. I‘d love to B. That‘s all right C. It doesn‘t matter D. Not at all 20.– Would you mind if I sit here? -- _____. It‘s for Miss Zhang. A. Better not B. Never mind C. Not at all D. Of cours

e not

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