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一.用所给动词适当形式填空 1 .He didn’t pass the exam..I found him ________________(frustrate)

2 .I like my Chinese teacher. He always makes his classes ________________(interest).

3.Jim noticed a purse ____________(lie) on the ground on his way to school.

4.The boy saw a basket ____________(hang) in the tree.

5.My father usually gets me __________(water) the plant.

6.The teacher was angry. He kept the boy ___________(stand) there.

7.Let the little girl ___________(sit) down.

8.When the teacher came in,I noticed him ___________(smile).

9.I saw the light ________(亮着)and the door _________.(关着).

10.His mother’s bike is broken. She will have it _________(repair).

11.The students are often made _______(take) different extra classes after school.

12.He was often heard _________(sing) English songs.


1.I saw him listening the radio just now.

2.His mother made him clean the room yesterday.

3.Our the teacher often make me laugh in class.

4.I noticed a dog come in.

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