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Unit 9 一:词组

1.have a great time doing=have fun doing 愉快做某事 2 summer school 暑假班 4.some of... ……当中的一些 5. be happy to do 高兴做某事 6. Sit by the pool坐在游泳池旁 8.See you soon.再见 9.summer vacation暑假

10.study hard努力学习

11 on a vacation =on vacation 在度假, 11.in the mountains在山里 12.write to sb.给某人写信 14 right now 此刻,现在

15.take a message for him捎个口信;传话 16.tell him to call me back让他给我回电话 17.How's .......going?.....进展怎么样? 18.Dry and hot 炎热干燥 19 sounds like 听起来像


How is the weather ?=________________________? It’s ______(正在下雪) It’s_______(正在下雨) It’s _______(多风的) It’s cloudy。____________

三.How’s it going? “情况怎么样?” =how are you? 答语常为:

Great. 很好 Not bad. Terrible. 还不错。

很糟糕。 练习:


’s your summar vacation____________(go)? Not bad 四词汇:

1 cold 寒冷的

It’s very ______, please put on(穿上 your coat 2 visit 拜访

Tom asks(请) me to__________my grandparents

She often________(visit) her mother 3 have a great time doing= have fun doing 高兴做某事 The children are having fun_________(make) a cake

They are having a great time ___________(swim)

4 country 国家,复数y 变i加es Canada is a great c___________. In those______(country). 5 cook 做饭

Cook dinner 做饭 What delicious dinner you are_______(cook)

5 tell+宾格+to do 告诉做什么 Please tell her_______(call )me 6 go skating(滑冰)

Do you want to go _______(skate)with me?

7 hot 热的

The weather is kind of________(热的) Dry 干燥的

It is_________here, it never rains Sunny,晴朗的 sun+ny It’s _____(sun)today. Summer 夏天

In s________, the weather is hot.

8 sit 变ing 双写t 加ing, Sitting I am____(sit) by the bed now.

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