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Sunit 4 Topic 2 重点

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Unit 4 Topic 2 重点

1.invent v. inventor n.

invention n. invented 过去式

2.allow doing sth.允许做某事

allow sb. to do sth 允许某人做某事 Sb be allowed to do sth 某人被允许做某事

3.too much +不可数名词

much too+形容词

too many +可数名词

4.show sth to sb= show sb sth show sb around 带领某人参观

5.be made of

be made from

be made in

be made up of

be made by

6.sb used to do sth

sb be used to doing sth

sth be used to do sth

sth be used for doing sth

7.learn a lot (from)

8.I wish I could/would…

I hope that I can/will…

hope to do sth

wish sb to do sth

9.develop v. development n.

10.about=around 大约

11.It’s said that…据说

It’s reported that…据报道 It’s thought that…据认为

12.during one’s life 在某人的一生中 = in one’s life

13.go this way 走这边

14.be created by 被……所创造

15.so far 至今为止

16.human beings

17.the same as 相似物

the same that 同一物

18. be similar to

19.no doubt doing 没有疑问做…

20.know for certain 确切知道

21.work for 从事

22.be surprised to do sth 为……而惊讶

23.think for oneself 独立思考

think to oneself 自己在心里想着

24..warn sb to do sth. 告诫某人某事 warn sb about/ of sth 关于某事告诫某人

warn sb not to do sth告诫某人不要做某事

25. say for certain 肯定地说

26.treat sb as 把某人当…对待 be treated as 被当做……对待

27. no longer=not… any longer/more

You are no longer a little boy.

=You are not a litter boy any longer.

28.be meant to do sth 应该做某事

29.in the…field 在……领域

30.make a great contribution to sth/doing sth.

31.in …direction 朝着…方向

32.work well 凑效,起作用

33.lose one’s way =get lost 迷路

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