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Unit 9 Can you come to my party单元综合检测 班级_____ 姓名______ 成绩______


1 I’m going to go shopping t________.

2 My father is usually busy on w_________ . but he’s not busy on weekends.

3 We are going to watch the football m_______ at 5:00pm.

4 If you are f______ this evening, you can come to my birthday party. 5 How many Chinese l_________do you have every week?

6 Mary c_____go to the party this evening. She has t______much homework.

7 I can’t go to the movies with you..I am b_________ my little sister.

8 Can you go to the c______ with me?

9 I have to do my geography p___________ on Saturday afternoon. 10 Can you come o__________ to my house tomorrow?

11 He isn’t free t______ !0:00 pm.


1 顺便来我家____________ 2 去看牙医____________

3 太多的家庭作业____________ 4 准备化学考试____________

5 讨论科学报告____________ 6后天 ____________


8 文化俱乐部____________

9 参加校队的网球训练____________

10 直到10点钟_______________


1 Can she _______ (come ) to my party?

2 Thanks a lot for your _________(invite).

3 Tomorrow she _____ (go) to the park with her sister.

4 Would you like ________(dance) with us?

5 Let them ______(discuss) the science report.

6 His ______ (invite) pleased(使—高兴) us. We all want to go to the party.

7 – What ____ you ____ (do) tomorrow?

-- I am _____ (play) soccer.

8 Thank you for ______(ask).

9 Tom can ____(visit) his aunt. He _____ (not have) to _____(stay)

at home .

10 On weekends she always ______(babysit) her cousin’s baby. 11 We have 5 English l_______ a week.

12 Can you come over to my house _________(discuss) the test paper? 13 --Let’s go shopping.

--Oh it’s boring ! How about _____(go) ____(fish)

14 I try ______( study) hard this term.


( ) 1 We are _______ today. Let’s go to the concert to relax.

A busy B hungry C tired D free.

( ) 2 Today I did _____ work, and I felt very ____.

A too much, tired B much too, happy

C many too, angry D many too, angry

( ) 3 He _____to go to school . Today is Sunday.

A does have B doesn’t have

C don’t has D don’t have

( ) 4 I’m going to Hongkong by plane ___Sunday evening.

A in B at C on D of

( ) 5 _______ he _____ finish it today?

A has, to B Does, have to

C Has , have to D Is ,have to

th( ) 6 ---______today? ---It’s Monday the 14.

A When B When’s C What D What’s

( ) 7 ---What ____ he _____ on Sunday?

--- He is babysitting his little sister.

A does, do B is, do C is , does D is doing

( ) 8 She has to ____ her mother _____ the housework.

A helps, do B help, doing

C help, do D helps, doing

( ) 9 The old man died (去世)____a cold morning.

A in B / C on D at

( ) 10 ---Would you like to help me? --- Sure, ______.

A I would B I’d like C I do D I’d love to

( ) 11 You should help your parents ____ the housework.

A to B for C with D at

( ) 12 I have two brothers. One is a doctor, ____ is a teacher.

A another B others C other D the other

( ) 13 I don’t like this black jacket. Can you show me ____ one?

A another B others C other D the other

( ) 14 Now we are cleaning the classroom. Some students are

cleaning the windows, ____ are cleaning the floor.

A another B others C other D the other

( ) 15 ---When does the baseball game begin? ----____?

A On thirty two. B At thirty two

C On two thirty D At two thirty

( ) 16 A classmate of mine invited me _____ his party on Sunday.

A for B to come C come to D to come to

五、句型转换 1 He has to study for the geography test.(划线部分提问)

_____ _____ he ______ ______ ______? 2 I am studying for a math test. (划线部分提问)

______ _____ you _______ _____ ?

3 Can you come to my party?(根据文具完成各句)

Sorry, _______ _______. / Sure, _____ ______ _______.

4 Thank you for your invitation.(改为同义句)

______ ______ your invitation. 5 My birthday party is on Friday, June 30 at 4:30. (划线部分提问) _______your birthday party?

七 汉译英

1 你能在周五和我们一起去听音乐会吗?

Can you go to the _______ with us _______ ________?

2 我们不必做太多的家庭作业。

We _____ ______ ______ do _______ ________ homework.

3 很抱歉这一周不能去你家。

____ _______ I can’t come ______ _____ your house this week.

4 假期过后请给我打电话。

Please ______ ______ ______ _____ __________.

5 多谢你的邀请。

______ _______ _______ _______ your invitation.

6 我的美国朋友打算下个假期来看我。

My _______ friend _____ ______ _____ _____me next _____.

7 请保持安静!我正在努力学习。

Please ______ _______! I’m ________ _______ ________.


1 .Miss Lee t_________us English this year. 2.S_______is the seventh day of a week.

3. If you are ill, you should go to see a d_______. 4. Mike c________come here today because he is sick.

5.I’m s_______ he can come here on time.


1. What ______the twins ______(talk) about now? 2. Can he ______(drive) the car alone now?

3. Thanks for ________(help) me with my English. 4. What about ________(go) to the movies?

5. Thanks for your_______ (invite) to visit next week.

III. 句型转换同义句

1. Thank you for your help. Thank you for____ _____

2. I'm going to see my teacher this Sunday. I ___ _____ my teacher this Sunday.

3. I have a toothache. I must see a dentist. I have a toothache. I ____ ____ see a dentist.

4. This is a nice present. ___ _____ nice present!

5. Thank you for your invitation. Thank you for ____ me.


Lucy-L Wei Hua-W


W : Hello!May I 1______ to Lucy, please?

L:This is Lucy 2______

W:Lucy, I hope you can come to my birthday party tomorrow.

L:Birthday party!Oh , that' s great!I’d 3______ to come.

Thanks a lot for 4______ me to your party. What time is it going to 5____? W : At six tomorrow evening.6_____the way,where is Tara now?

L: 7______,I don’t know. But can I 8________a message for her?

W:OK. Please tell her to come to my birthday party tomorrow.

L:OK. I’11 give her thees 9_____.

W :Thank you very much.

L: It’s a 10______


1. Thanks a lot for _________(teach) us so well, Miss Green.

2. Don't open your eyes. Keep them ______(close).

3. He would like ______(have) a cup of tea.

4. Thank you for your ______( invite) to your party.

5. When ____Paul usually _________(have) his piano lesson.

6. ______you ______(go) to the concert yesterday

7. These days I am _______(real) busy.

8. We both enjoy ______(go) to parties.,

9. There are two basketball _______(match) this week.

10. Tomorrow I am going to ______(visit) the ______ (visit) from Canada. III.句型转换

1. It takes me half an hour to get there.(对画线部分提问)

____ _____ does it ____ you to get there?

2. He is studying for a math test.(对画线部分提问) ____ ____ he____ _____ ?

3. She has to do the washing every day.(改为一般疑问句)

____ she____ to do the washing every day?

4. There will be a birthday party on Saturday.(对画线部分提问)

_____ _____ there ____ a birthday party?

5. We have to study for the math test.(改为否定句)

We____ ____ ______ study for the math test.

IV. 选词,并用其适当形式填空

play do come have to have ask come over to give visit lie

1. Are you ____ football this weekend?

2. Mary can't go with us because she_____ do her homework.

3. Please ____ my home to discuss the report.

4. Why not_____ to play with us?

5. Thanks for ____ us to join in your party.

6. My best friend____ me the day after tomorrow.

7. The children ____ a party tomorrow?

8. What ____ you ____ now?

9. Can you ____ me some advice?

10. The doctor asked the sick man_____ down and rest.

Self Check


1. Before 2008 we will finish_____ the Olympic Park.

A. build B. built C. building D. to build

2. I'm sorry to have kept you _____ for almost two hours.

A. wait B. to wait C. waiting D. waits

3. -Bob speaks Chinese quite, well.

-Yes, so he does. He practices _____ Chinese every day.

A. speaking B. speak C. speaks D. spoke

4. -May I use your dictionary?- _____

A. Never mind B. You are welcome C. It doesn't matter D. Certainly. Here you are

5. Jack is very funny. He always makes us_____

A. laugh B. laughing C. to laugh D. laughs

6. My mother is busy_____ the room.

A. clean B. to clean C. cleaning D. cleans

7. There is a telephone call_____ you,Kate.

A. to B. of C. at D. for

8. You can see many good programs______ TV.

A. on the B. over the C. over D. on

9. Please practice_____ English.

A. speak B. to speaking C. speaking D. to speak

10. Sorry, I'm busy today. I have_____homework to do.

A. much too B. too much C. too many D. many too

11. I study_____ my science test____ Thursday afternoon.

A. at; on B. on; for C. for; in D. for; on

12. Can you play football______ us this afternoon?

A. with B. at C. on D. around

13. Thanks a lot for _____ me _____ your party.

A. invite; for B. invite; to C. inviting; for D. inviting; to

14. -Would you like to come to dinner this Sunday, Xiaoming?- _____

A. I'd love to, but I have lots of things to do B. Oh, no. That'll be too tired

C. I'll stay at home D. Yes, please

15. - _______I watch TV now, Mum?

- Sure, but you ______ finish your homework first.

A. Must; needn't B. Can; may C. Can; must D. May; mustn't IV.根据句意和首字母提示完成句中所缺的单词

1. Today is Sunday. I'm f_______ till 21:30.

2. She often goes to the m_______.She bought a dress yesterday.

3. I do not go out. I'm in my office the w______day.

4. Don't talk! Please be q______.

5. Thanks a lot for a_____me to your party.

6. -Where are you going for the w ______ ?

-Xihu park.

7. Yesterday we learned the fifteenth lesson. Today we are learning l ______ Sixteen.

8. -Are you busy now?

-Yes,I'm studying for a math t______ .

9. She enjoys music very much. She's going to the c_______on Saturday.

10. If you have a toothache,you may see a d______ .


1. Her parents are out. She's________ (babysit) her sister.

2. Tom_________(can) come to my party because he is ill.

3. ________(who) is he talking with?

4. Please keep quiet! My sister's trying________(study).

5. He would love______ (have) a cup; of tea.

6. 1 have a________(real) busy week.

7. Thanks for your________(invite) to your house next week

8. Today is Tom's _______(fourteen) birthday.

9. Why_______(not go) to Wang Lin's birthday party?

10. We can give some flowers to our mothers on______ (mother) Day. VI.句型转换

1.Do you want to come to my birthday party?(改为同义句) _____ you _____ to come to my birthday party?

2. There will be a birthday party on Saturday.(对画线部分提问)____ _____ there _____a birthday party?

3. I have too much homework to do this weekend.(改为同义句)

____ _____ too much homework ___ ____ to do this weekend.

4. Let's discuss the science report.(改为同义句) Let's ____ ____ the science report.

5. Why not play soccer with me?(改为同义句)Why ___ ____ play soccer with me?

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