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put put 2.Vpp的构成: beat beat (不规则) thinkthought come came went go put beaten thought come gone

come 1.Jim has ________(come) back. seen 2.Have you ________(see) the flim? forgotten 3.I have _________(forget) my pen.

1.have you ________ ever been to Beijing? never No _____. just finished my work. 2.I have ______ already 3.I have finished my work_______. yet 4.Have you finished your work______? for 10 years. 5.She has taught English _____ since year ago. 6.He has worked in the factory ______1

3.关键词: just, yet; since,for; ever,never;already,before and so far.

4.have been to 曾经去过某地(已返回) have gone to 去了某地 (没有回来) been _____ to Shanghai? 1.Have you ever _____

2.Where is Lucy? She has gone ____ ____ to the lab. 3.Lucy has been _____ in China since 5 years ago × )判断 4.I have gone to Japan. ( 5.The scenery of Leye is very beautiful, I have been there twice. (√ )

1. Where is your father ? has gone to He _____ _____ _____ London. 2. How many times have _____ you _____ been _____ to Beijing? Never. 3. I can’t find your mother. has ____ gone ____ to the cinema. Oh, she ____ 4. I _____ France. have never _____ been _____ to


1.We have learnt English for 3 years. _____ since 3 years ago. ______ since came _____ we _______(come)here


How long have you learnt English? 5. for + 一段时间 since + 过去的时间点 就画线提问用how long

ⅱ.瞬间动作不能于表示一段时间的短语连用, 非延续性动词应改用延续性动词。 ( ×) I have bought a new dictionary for a week. I have had a new dictionary for a week. ( ) 我买一本新词典已有一星期了。 ( ) They have been here for two days. ( ×) They have come here for two days. 他们来这儿已经两天了。 He has joined the League member for two years. ( ×) ( ) He has been a League member for two years. 他已入团两年了。

The man has been dead for several years. The man has died for several years. 这个人已经死了几年了。

( ) ( ×)

1.I have borrowed the book for 2 weeks. A B C (B kept


2.The film has begun for 5 minutes.( ) B been on

leave --- be away, open – be open get to know – know buy --- have, die --- be dead, open sth --- keep sth open, get up---be up, come here --- be here, become --- be, fall asleep --- be asleep, borrow --- keep, come/go – be in/on close-be closed begin/start --- be on, finish --- be over, fall ill --- be ill, catch a cold --- have a cold, go there --- be there, come back --- be back, get to/ arrive/reach --- be (in),

go (get) out →be out, put on→ wear; catch a cold →have a cold join --- be in+组织机构/be a member of+组织机构,

补充练习: 1. When he arrived at the bus stop, the bus ________ for 20 minutes. A. has left B. had left C. has been away D. had b

een away
2. I ______ the League for 5 years so far. A. joined B. have joined C. have been in 3. The factory ________ since the February of 1988. A . has been open B. has opened C. was open D. opened

4. Mary and Rose _______friends since they met in 2000. A. have made B. have been C. made D. have become
5.You mustn't ________ until he comes back. A. be away B. leave C. be left


6.The meeting _______ for a week now. A. has finished B. has ended C. has been over 7.Miss Gao ______ this school for nearly 5 years. A. has been in B. has come to C. has taught 8.Ben ______ a teacher for 4 years . A. has been B. has become C. was D. became 9. I ______ home for a week. A. have returned B. have been back C. returned

10. How long _______ he ________ ? A. died B. has, died C. has, been dead

11. He ______ at eight yesterday afternoon. A. slept B. was sleeping C. has sleep D. had slept 12.He ________ the car for a week. A. bought B. has bought C. has had 13.-----How long _____ you _____ ill ? -----Two weeks. A. did fall B. have, fell C. have, been 14.Since 2000, he _____ his hometown. A. has left B. has moved away C. has been away from 15.I'll lend you the book , but you can only _____ it for 2 days. A. borrow B. keep C. take B C C C B;

16.The bus ______ on the road for 2 hours so far. A. has stopped B. stopped C. has been

17.Are you _____ the jacket these days? A. wearing B. putting on C. dressing D. on
18.He ________ foe 2 hours. A. got up B. has got up C. has been up 19. Tom is ill in hospital. He _______ a cold for several days. A. is B. catches C. has caught D. has had 20.----- How long can I ______ the book? A. borrow B. lend C. get D. keep ------ Two weeks.


1. 这辆自行车我买了两年了。 I’ve _____ had the bike _____ for two years.
2. He left Nanjing two years ago. has _____ been _____ away_____ from He _____ Nanjing for two years.

3. The monkey died last month. has _____ been _____ dead The monkey _____ for a month. 4. A: Hong long _____ you ____ ( D B: Two weeks. A.did,get ill B. have,fallen ill C. were,ill D. have,been ill



C the zoo. 1.She isn’t here now because she ____ A.has been to B. have gone to C. has gone to 2.The Greens _____ Guilin twice. D.have gone to A A.have been to B. have been in C. has been in C here 3.Lily has made lots of friends since she ___ A. come B. has been C. came D. coming 4.My parents ______ B in Beijing since 1995. A. are living B. have lived C. lived D. will live D 5.His grandma ______ for 2 years. A.Was died B. has died C. was dead D. has been dead

exercise mended the bike? 1.--Have you ________ mended it 10 minutes ago.(mend) --Yes ,I ______ seen the film “Titanic”. 2.--I have ______ see it?(see) did you _____ --When ____ left 3.I’m sorry, I haven’t got any money.I’ve_____ (leave ) my handbag at home. read 4.I have _______(read) the book. 5.It’s a long time since we ______ met (meet) last year. has just _____. come ( come) 6.Look! The train ______

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