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Go For It2013-2014七年级试卷

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听力部分 (30分)

一、 听句子,根据句子内容和所提的问题,选择符合题意的图画回答问题。每小题听


( ) 1. What does the boy like?

A. B. C. ( ) 2. Which is Kathy's family photo??

A. B. C.

( )3. When is the boy’s birthday?

( )4. What is Ben’s favorite subject?

( )5. Where are the keys?

二、听写单词,根据所听到的句子,补写出所缺的那个词。每小题听两遍。 (每小题1分,共10分)


6. My is an English teacher in this school.

7. The ____________________ fits you well.

8. Susan often

9. You can learn English on .

10. I think math is and we must learn it well.

11. Don’t play over there.

13. Look at the on the floor. Is it yours?

for me.

15. I’ll take this __________________ sweater.



( )16. What’s Jim’s phone number?

A. 6788503 B. 6789530. C. 6895703.


( )17. Who has a soccer ball?

A. Kathy. B. Kathy’s brother. C. Kathy’s sister.


( )18. When is the history class?

A. On Monday. On Thursday. C. On Friday


( )19. What color is the girl’s ruler?

A. Blue . B. White. C. Green.


( )20. What does the boy think of playing chess?

A. It’s easy. B. It’s difficult. C. It’s relaxing.


( ) 21. Who are the shoes for?

A. The girl’s father. B. The girl’s grandpa. C. The girl’s grandma.

( ) 22. How much are the shoes?

A. Twenty-five dollars. B. Thirty dollars. C. Thirty-five dollars.



( )23. What class is Ann in?

A. Class 2. B. Class 3. C. Class 4.

( )24. How many days does Ann come here in a week?

A. Two. B. Three. C. Four.

( )25. What are they going to do now?

A. Play ping-pong. B. Play basketball. C. Play tennis ball.


( )26. Cara and Ben are ________.

A. friends B. brothers C. sisters

( )27. Cara and Ben have ________.

A. one desk and two chairs

B. two desks and one chair

C. one desk and one chair

( )28. Cara’s ________ is yellow and Ben’s is green.

A. bed B. desk C. chair

( )29. Cara’s sweater is ________.

A. on the bed B. on the desk C. on the chair

( )30. Which is right?

A. Their two beds look the same.

B. Their school bags are under the chairs.

C. Their bedroom is very nice.

笔试部分 (90分)

五、单项选择。(每小题1分,共10 分)

( )31. --How can we read the letter “i” in the word “nice”?

--It’s ______.

A. /a?/ B. /i:/ C. /e?/ D. /a?/

( )32. –Look! Is that ____ watch on the desk?

-- Yes, ____ watch is Mary’s.

A. a, the B. a, a C. the, a D. the, the

( )33. –Do you want to eat the ____?

--Yes, they are healthy vegetables.

A. strawberries B. bread C. carrots D. rice

( )34. --What about this skirt?

--It’s too_____. I want a long one.

A. old B. small C. long D. short

( )35. –Do you usually go to work by bike?

--Yes, I do. _____ I sometimes walk.

A. And B. But C. So D. Or

( )36. I ____ do the cleaning at home, but my sister ____. She is helpful. 七年级英语试卷(3)

A. don’t, do B. don’t, does C. /, does D. /, do

( )37. Jacks likes ______ TV. He ______ TV every evening.

A. watches, watches B. watching, watching

C. watches, watching D. watching, watches

( )38. The best time to go to Hangzhou is ____ March or April. So she is going there

____ Women’s Day.

A. in, in B. in, on C. on, in D. on, on

( )39. You are good at English. Can you help _____?

A. Li Ying and I B. I and Li Ying

C. Li Ying and me D. me and Li Ying

( )40. --Let’s play chess.

-- _____. Let’s go swimming.

A. I have a volleyball. B. That sounds boring.

C. Do you like it? D. Great.


A )在方格里选择恰当的句子补全对话,将所选句子的代号填在题后的横线上。 Bob: What’s this, Jane?


Bob: Who’s that man in a white T-shirt? Jane: He’s my father. Bob: Oh, is the woman your mother? Jane:Bob: Oh, your aunt. And what’s in your hand? Jane:Bob: Do you like tennis? Jane:

Bob: Do you have a tennis game at school?

Jane: Yes. Do you want to come and watch it?

Bob: Jane: It’s on March, 15th.

Bob: Great! See you then.

B)在空格上填上恰当的单词补全对话,将所填单词写在题后的横线上,每空一词。 Woman: Can I help you, Sir?

Mr.:do you like, Jane?

Jane: A chicken hamburger and some fruit salad, please.

Woman: Do you want something to drink?



Mr. Smith: No, Jane. Coffee is not healthy. You must drink orange.

Jane: is OK.

Mr. Smith: Jack, what about you? What do you want?

Jack: French Fries are my Mr. Smith: You can’t have them in the evening. They will make you fat. So, please some fish and tomatoes.

Jack: Mm….OK, dad.


51. I like autumn because I like the (凉爽的)wind.

52. There are about twenty-five boy students in our (班级).


54. September is the __________________(九)month of year.

55. Let’s have some _____________________(西红柿). They are good.

56. Science is _____________________(难的), I don’t like it.

57. Let’s go to the ______________________(水果) shop to buy some apples.

58. May Day is a great _____________________(节日).

59. Tom ___________________ (需要)a pen, a notebook and a pencil-box.

60. P.E. and _____________________(地理) are my favorite subjects.



A. Thursdays B. Wednesdays

C. weekdays(周日) D. weekends(周末)

( )62. Pizza is a kind of _________.

A. drink B. fruit C. toy D. food

( )63. Paula’s favourite sport is ______.

A. tennis B. table tennis C. yo-yo D. soccer 七年级英语试卷(5)

( )64. On Wednesday evening Paula usually ______.

A. does her homework B. watches TV

C. washes her clothes D. goes to see her friends

( )65. Which of the following is WRONG(错误的)?

A. Paula goes to school from Monday to Friday.

B. Paula goes to bed after ten o’clock.

C. Paula plays sports in the afternoon.

D. Paula usually has pizza for lunch.


Everyone has a family name. In China, the family name is the first name, but in English countries the family name is the last name. Do you know how English people get their family names? And what do they mean? English people usually get their family name in these ways (方式).

Some family names come from the places(地方) of their homes. A man live on or near a hill(山), his family name may be Hill. In England, people's family names may be Wood, Lake because they live near the wood or the lake.

Some family names come from a person's job. If a person is a cook, his family name may be Cook.

And many people get their family names from their father's family names. If you hear the name "Jackson", you can know that he is the son of Jack.

( )66. In the passage, English people usually have _____ ways to get their family names.

A. two B. three C. four D. five

( )67. A man lives near the lake. His family name may be ______.

A. Hill B. Wood C. Lake D. Cook

( )68. Jack's family name is Cook. His family name may come from the ______.

A. place B. hobby C. job(职业) D. country

( )69. A boy's family name is Jackson because he is ______.

A. Jack's father B. Jack's best friend

C. the grandfather of Jack D. the son of Jack

( )70. The passage mainly talks about ______ in English countries.

A. family names B. English people C. hills and lakes D. jobs and homes


71. 你可以打89220067给她。

You can ______________________________ 89220067.

72. 放学后咱们打棒球怎样啊?

What about after school?

73. 他找他爸爸要本词典。


He _______________________________________ a dictionary.

74. 做这件事前请先考虑考虑别人。

Please ___________________________ other people before you do it.

75. 他不想开会迟到。

He doesn’t want to __________________________________ the meeting.

76. 我妈正忙于给我爸写封邮件。

My mother ____________________________________ an e-mail to my father.

77. 这条蓝裤多少钱?


We have some interesting and fun things you this term. On September 21st, we have a school in the afternoon. October is a great . On the 12th and the 15th, we have two soccer and volleyball. School Day is on October 22nd. Your parents come to school. We have an English party month . It’s on 3rd. We have an art festival on November 30th. And on 3rd, we have a book sale in the school This is a busy term!

78.____________79._____________ 80._____________ 81._____________ 82.___________

83____________84._____________ 85._____________ 86._____________ 87.___________ 十一、读写综合。(本大题分为A、B两部分,共15分)

A. 信息归纳。阅读短文,完成下面的有关Kelsey表格(每小题1分,共5分) Kelsey is my good friend. She was born on October 12th, 1994. Her e-mail is . Now she studies in No. 12 Middle School. Her favourite food is chicken and French fries. But her mother doesn’t let her eat French fries too much because they are unhealthy. She says English is very interesting and she likes it best. She often talks with her friends in English. She likes tennis very much. Saturday is her favourtite day of a week because she can do anything she likes to do on Saturdays. So she often plays tennis on that day.

Information Card


假如你名叫Jack, 新学期你来到新的学校,请写份60词左右的发言稿, 在下周一








Good morning everyone. My name is Jack.

That’s all about me. So would you like to be friends with me ? Thanks.


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