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1. My Friend(我的朋友)

I have a good friend. Her name is Mary. She is in China now. She is 12 .(=She is 12 years old.)

Her telephone number is 87634966. Her birthday is March 5th. She often plays tennis with her friends. She likes music very much. She likes blue and white very much.She is a nice girl. She always helps me .We are good friends.

2.以 My Favorite…为题,写一篇短文

My favorite subject is English. I like it because it is interesting. I have English every day. I am in the school I think it is useful for me. And I like English very much.


I don’t like sports, but I like fruit and vegetables very much. I eat them every day. For breakfast, I like milk, eggs and bread . For lunch, I like chicken, hamburgers and apples. For dinner, I like fruits, vegetables and beef.

4.My Day(我的一天)

classmates at school. In the evening I watch TV for one hour.


Hello,boys and girls! I'm Li Mei. Look! This is my family photo. This is my grandmother. She is 58. This is my father. He is a teacher. He is 36. And my mother is 36, too. Who’s that boy? Oh, he is my brother. He is 13 and I am 12. My brother and I are students.


Look! This is Tom’s room. His photos table. The keys are on the desk. The computer is on the desk,too. Where is Tom’s baseball? Oh, It’s under the chair. Tom’s shoes his room?


Jim has many sports things. He has 10 basketballs, 4 footballs, 2 ping-pong balls, 15volleyballs and 9 baseballs. He doesn’t have a ping-pong bat, but he has 8 tennis balls. His favorite sport is tennis . He likes sports very much, because he thinks sports are useful for him. He often plays tennis and basketball with his friends after school.


My name is Wang Mingming.My birthday is June 5th. I am Chinese. I am a student. My favorite subject is English. I like it because it is interesting. I can play basketball and soccer, but not very well.I think they're interesting. I’m a good student in my class. My English teacher says I am a good student. My teachers all like me and I like them, too.


Come and buy your clothes at our great sale!

We sell all our clothes at very good prices. We have green sweaters for only $15! For boys, we have black trousers for only $22. And shorts are only $16! For girls, we have skirts in purple for only $20. Our jackets are only $30! And we have black shoes for only $28. Socks are only $2 for three pairs! Come to Mr.cool’s Clothes Store now!


We have some interesting and fun things for you this term. On September 21st, we have a school trip in the afternoon. October is a great month. On the 12th and the 15th,we have two ball games, soccer and volleyball. School Day is on October 22nd. Your parents can come to our school. Next month, we have an art festival on November 3rd. We have an English party on November 30th. And on December 2rd, we have a book sale in the school library.

This is a really busy term! Have a good time!

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