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七年级上Unit4. Exercise 1(满分100分)

一. 从B栏中找出与A栏句子相对应的答语。(10分)


1. What’s her name? A. Your baseball? I don’t know.

2. What’s your family name? B. Yes, they are.

3. Are these your grandparents? C. No, they are Jim’s grandparents.

4. Is my pen in the pencil case? D. No, it’s on your desk.

5. Are the books on the sofa? E. Brown.

6. Is your key on the computer? F. Yes, it is.

7. Who is your friend? G. No, it’s my cousin.

8. What’s this in English? H. Ann.

9. Is that boy your brother? I. Jim.

10. Where is my baseball? J. It’s a map.

二.句型转换。(20分) 提问)

_________ __________ your books?

2. My mother can bring the ruler to me. (一般疑问句)

_________ your mother _________ the ruler to you?

3. My notebook is on the desk. (一般疑问句)

________ _________ notebook on the desk?

4. We have two new students in our class. (同义句)

_________ _________ two new students in our class.

5. She is a student. (复数句)

_________ are __________.

6. My key is in the backpack. (复数句)

My ________ _________ in the backpack. 提问)

_________ _________ backpack?

8. She’提问)

__________ __________?

9. This is “ in English. (提问)

_________ _________ in English?

10. Is that a desk? (否定回答)

No, _________ _________.

三. 根据句意填写单词,首字母已给出。(5分)

1. Kids like playing computer g __________.

2. Your sister needs her hat. T ________ it to her.

3. You can’t live here. You don’t have an ID c ________.

4. – Where are your shoes?

– They are u ________ the bed.

5. He can’t go in without(没有) k _________.

四. 选出错误并改正。(10分) A B C D


_________ __________



五. 单选。(15分)

1. I need my notebook. Can you ________ it to school?

A. take B. bring C. get

2. Look!There is a clock _____the wall.

A. in B. on C. at

3. - ______ is Li ping?

- He is in the classroom.

A. Where B. What C. How

4. Your brother’s CDs ____ in the drawer.

A. is B. isn’t C. are

5. There_____ two pens on the desk.

A. are B. have C. is

6. - _______ the watch on the desk?

- Yes, it is.

A. Does B. Is C. Are

7. He sits _____ Jim and me.

A. between B. on C. in

8. There ______ a computer on the desk.

A. are B. has C. is

9.______ you take the books to my room?

A.Can B. Are C. Do

10. - Who is your sister?

- ___ girl in the room.

A. A B. The C. An

11. - _____ on your bed?

- My alarm clock.

A. What’s B. Where’s C. What are

12. - Is my photo in the drawer, mom?

- ___________.

A. Yes, I am B. Yes, it is C. No, I’m not

13. - _____in the drawer?

- No, they aren’t.

A. Where are B. What is C. Are they

14. Look ______ the map. This is a map ______China.

A. at; of B. in; in C. of; at


15. The map is _____ the wall ______ our classroom.

A.in; at B. in; under C. on; of


This is a picture of my bedroom. It’. it. the wall. You can see the wall, too. They are the pictures of famous(著名的) football players(运动员). Look at my bed! It’s clean and tidy(整洁的are my CDs? Look! They are on the dresser.

1. A. classroom B. room C. home

2. A. This B. These C. Those

3. A. in B. under C. behind

4. A. Me B. I C. My

5. A. on B. in C. under

6. A. on B. in C. under

7. A. basketball B. clock C. book

8. A. clocks B. pictures C. keys

9. A. love B. dislike C. look

10. A. How B. Where C. What


There are two rooms in Kate’s house. This is Kate’s room. There is a bed, a table, a computer and some chairs in it. There’s a backpack and some books on the table. There is a picture on the wall. Kate is in the room. She is looking at the picture. Her father and mother are at work.

1. There are _________ room(s) in Kate’s house.

A. one B. two C. Three

2. Is there a dresser in Kate’s room?

A. Yes, there is B. No, there isn’t C. We don’t know

3. There isn’t a _________ on the table

A. backpack B. book C. pencil case

4. Who is in the room?

A. Kate B. Kate’s mother C. Kate’s father

5. Kate’s parents are __________

A. at work B. at home C. students

八.阅读, 判断正(T)误(F) (10分)

This is my room. The books are in the bookcase. The picture of my family is on the wall. My backpack is on the chair. And I have a baseball. It’s on the floor, between the bookcase and the desk. A computer is on my desk, and a video is behind the computer. And I have a hat. It’s on my bed.

1. I have some books. They are in the bookcase.

2. The picture of my family is on the desk

3. I have a basketball on the floor.

4. A sofa is in my room

5. The computer is on my desk




假如你叫Mary, 你的弟弟Sam 上学时忘了一些东西在家里。你出门前给妈妈写一张便条,请她把这些东西送给弟弟。(数学书在桌子上,棒球在床下,笔记本在床上,光盘都在抽屉里。)

Dear mom,

______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Thanks, Mary


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