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八年级英语上册 综合能力特色培优专项训练(一) 人教新目标版

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Ⅰ. 单项选择

( )1. —________did she spend her vacation?

—In the mountains.

A.When B.Where

C.Why D.How

( )2. —Did you go to Central Park?

—________. I went to the beach.

A.Yes,I do B.No, I’m not

C.Yes,I did D.No, I didn’t

( )3. The weather was hot,so we ________ to have a swim at the pool.

A.felt B.made

C.enjoyed D.decided

( )4. I didn’t buy ________ in the shop.

A.special anything B.anything special

C.something special D.special something

( )5. He seemed ________ the house.

A.to leave B.leaves

C.leaving D.leave

( )6. ________ beautiful your dress is!

A.How B.What a

C.What D.How a

( )7. There are ________ people in the bus.

A.too much B.too many

C.much too D.much

( )8. I hope you can do it by________.

A.you B.yourself

C.herself D.your

( )9. Please ________ who broke the window.

A.find out B.find

C.look at D.look for

( )10. The old man was ________ excited ________ he couldn’t say a word.

A.too; to B.so; that


C.too; that D.so; to

Ⅱ. 完形填空 Jack __1__ in a small town in England. He always stayed in England __2__ his holidays, but last year he thought, “I’ve never been to __3__ countries. All my friends go to Spain, __4__ they like it very much, so this year I’m going there, too.” So he got on a __5__ to Spain and __6__ at the airport of the capital, Madrid, and stayed in a hotel for a few days. On the first morning he went __7__ for a walk. In England people drive on the left, but in Spain they drive on the right. Jack forgot about this, and __8__ he was walking on a busy street, a bicycle knocked him down. Jack __9__ on the ground for a few minutes and then he sat up and said, “Where am I?” Just then an old man selling maps went past him. When he heard Jack’s words, he said to him __10__, “Maps of the city, sir?”

( )1. A. flew B. lived

C. went D. dropped

( )2. A. for B. off

C. with D. into

( )3. A. all B. both

C. other D. any

( )4. A. and B. but

C. though D. however

( )5. A. bus B. plane

C. train D. bike

( )6. A. reached B. left C. arrived D. stayed

( )7. A. down B. up

C. away D. out

( )8. A. before B. while

C. since D. after

( )9. A. lay B. stood

C. fell D. jumped

( )10. A. once again B. on time

C. at times D. at once

Ⅲ. 任务型阅读


Greenland is the largest island in the world. It is in the north of Europe(欧洲).Near Greenland is another island. It’s smaller. Its name is Iceland. Do you think that Greenland is green and warm? Do you think Iceland is white with ice? If you think so, you are wrong. Not many people live on the big island of Greenland. There are more people in your hometown than in all of Greenland. That is because (因为) Greenland is not green. Greenland is white. Most of the Greenland is covered (覆盖着)with ice. The ice covering Greenland is higher than some of world’s tall buildings. What about Iceland? Is it colder than Greenland? No,it isn’t. Iceland has ice, but not so much ice as Greenland. Iceland has a lot of hot springs(温泉).They give out hot water and steam(蒸汽).So it is not as cold as Greenland. And there are a lot more people who live in Iceland.


( )1. Greenland is green while Iceland is white.

( )2. Iceland is in the south of Europe.

( )3. Iceland doesn’t have any ice.

( )4. Fewer people live in Greenland than in Iceland.

( )5. Greenland is larger than any other island in the world.

Ⅰ. 单项选择

1. B 2. D 3. D

4. B 不定代词 anything 用于否定句或疑问句中,形容词修饰不定代词后置。

5. A

6. A 此句为how引导的感叹句,结构:How+形容词+主语+谓语!类似结构的还有: How+主语+谓语;What+a/an+单数名词+其它;What+形容词+复数名词/不可 数名词+其它。

7. B too much“太多”+不可数名词;too many“太多”+复数名词;much too“十分, 非常”+形容词/副词;much“许多”+不可数名词。

8. B

9. A find out意为“查明,弄清楚”;find意为“找到”;look at意为“看??”;


look for


10. B so+形容词/副词+that从句 意为“如此??以致于??”。

Ⅱ. 完形填空

【主旨大意】 本篇短文通过讲述杰克去西班牙旅游,由于不懂交通规则而闹出笑话的故事,向人们说明了“凡事预则立,不立则废”的道理。

1.B 句意:杰克住在英格兰的一个小镇上。

2.A for his holidays表示目的。

3.C other意为“其它的”,后面直接跟名词。

4.A and表示顺承关系, 由上句可知。

5.B 从下文的airport判断: 杰克登上了去西班牙的飞机,故选B。

6.C arrive at / reach+地点名词 意为“到达??”。

7.D 结合上下文判断句意: 杰克外出散步。

8.B while后面跟延续性动词。

9.A 句意: 杰克在地上躺了一会儿, 然后坐起来说,“我在哪儿?”

10.D 句意:一位卖地图的人对自言自语的杰克说:“先生,您要买城市的地图吗?”Ⅲ. 任务型阅读

1.F 由“Greenland is white.” 可知。

2.F 由短文第二、三句话可知。

3.F 由“Iceland has ice,but not so much ice as Greenland.”可知。

4.T 由短文最后一句话可知。

5.T 由短文第一句话可知。


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