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八年级英语上册 综合能力特色培优专项训练(二) 人教新目标版

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Ⅰ. 单项选择

( )1. I________ go to the theatre, because I don't like operas at all.

A. always B.often

C. sometimes D.never

( )2. —________were you away from school last term?

—More than two weeks.

A.How often B.How long

C.How soon D.How much

( )3. ________ you don't know him. But he________ your father's good friend.

A.Maybe; maybe B.May be; may be

C.May be; maybe D.Maybe; may be

( )4. ________ he is ill,________ he goes to school.

A.Although; but B./; /

C.Although; / D.But; although

( )5. [2011·德阳] Speak aloud, please! I can ________ hear you.

A.almost B.hardly C.usually

( )6. We exercise at ________ three times a week.

A.little B.less

C.least D.few

( )7. I like ________ books at home on weekends.

A.reading B.looking C.seeing D.watching

( )8. You should have ________ breakfast and eat ________ healthy breakfast.

A.a; a B./; a

C.a; / D./; /

( )9. It's relaxing ________ camping in the country.

A.to go B.went

C.goes D.go

( )10. Jack is an ________ boy from Australia.

A.8 years old B.8-year-old

C.8-years-old D.8-years old



It is very important to stay healthy. I have a neighbor. She is an old lady. She can do all the housework, __1__ newspapers, watch TV and search on the Internet to learn something new. I often see __2__ do taijiquan in the morning and dance in the evening. She looks young and beautiful __3__ she is over seventy. Last week a reporter from a magazine interviewed her and asked __4__ she kept so young and healthy. She replied with a smile: I have a secret of staying young and healthy. It is quite __5__. Keep your mind active,take an interest in the world __6__ you, and learn at least one new thing every day. Try to do different kinds of housework and do sports as __7__ as you can. Don't think you are too old to go back to __8__. I know a man who entered a medical college when he was 70 years old. He studied there for 6 years and now he is a doctor. Another man went to a tennis school at the age of 71 and now he is good at __9__ tennis. Some people may say staying young is easy only for those who live in the future. In fact, no matter how old you are, you can make it. Please tell the story to your family. It would be a good start to __10__ the lady's example. I hope all people will stay young and healthy.

( )1.A.look B.read C.see D.watch

( )2.A.her B.him C.other D.others

( )3.A.than B.since C.though D.because

( )4.A.what B.why C.who D.how

( )5.A.early B.dear C.easy D.late

( )6.A.under B.around C.above D.between

( )7.A.soon B.busily C.hardly D.often

( )8.A.place B.song C.school D.dance

( )9.A.buying B.losing C.sending D.playing

( )10.A.follow B.give C.make D.bring


There are two main(主要的)kinds of sports. These two kinds of sports are team sports and individual(个人的) sports. Team sports are such sports as baseball,basketball and volleyball. Team sports need two separate(独立的) teams. The teams play against each other. They compete(竞争) against each other in order to get the best score. For example, in a football game, if Team A gets 7 points and Team B gets 3 points,Team A wins the game. Team sports are sometimes 2

called competitive(竞争性的) sports.

Besides team sports, there is another main type of sporting activity. It's individual sports. In individual sports there are no teams. People play individual sports such as swimming, skiing and running.

Of course, it is possible(可能) to compete in individual sports. It is possible to keep a score in individual sports. The main difference, however, between team sports and individual sports is that team sports always require(要求) more than one person.

( )1.There are________ types of sports according to the passage.

A.one B.two C.three D. four

( )2.In a football match, Team A gets 0 and Team B gets 2, then ________.

A.Team A wins

B.Team B wins

C.both Team A and Team B win

D.both Team A and Team B lose

( )3.The main difference between team sports and individual sports is that ________.

A.people don't compete in individual sports

B.people don't keep a score in individual sports

C.individual sports are easier than team sports

D.team sports can't be done alone but individual sports can

( )4.________ is an example of individual sports.

A.Handball B.The high jumping

C.Soccer D.Volleyball

( )5.Which of the following is NOT right?

A.Team sports need more than one person in the games.

B.Individual sports need fewer people than team sports in the games.

C.Team sports are better than individual sports.

D.It is possible to keep a score in individual sports.


1.D 根据“because I don't like operas at all.”可知“我”从不去剧院,故选D。



3.D maybe意为“也许”,是副词,相当于perhaps;may be中的may是情态动词, 表猜测。


5.B almost意为“差不多,几乎”;hardly意为“几乎不”;usually意为“通常,常


6. C

7. A

8.B 表示“三餐”的名词前一般不用冠词。若其前有形容词修饰时,可加不定冠词a。

9.A it 作形式主语,后面的不定式作真正的主语。

10.B 合成名词8-year-old作定语修饰名词boy,A选项一般位于be动词后作表语, 不能作定语修饰名词。




1.B read newspapers意为“看报纸”;阅读书、报纸、杂志等要用read。

2.A 由上文“She is an old lady.”可知,她是一位女性。

3.C 考查让步状语从句。Than意为“比”;since意为“自从??以来,既然”; Though意为“虽然,尽管”;because意为“因为”。句意为“尽管她七十多岁 了, 可看起来依然年轻、漂亮。”

4.D 由下文可知,记者想知道她怎样保持年轻和健康的。

5.C 由下文可知,保持年轻和健康是很容易的。

6.B 由句意“对你周围的世界感兴趣”可知。

7.D 由上文可知,家务和运动要尽可能经常地做。as often as sb can意为“尽可能经常


8.C 由下文可知,此处是“返回学校”之意。

9.D 考查固定搭配: play tennis意为“打网球”。

10.A 句意:效仿这位女士(做),是一个良好的开端。




1.B 细节理解题。文中第一句已经说明了有两种主要的运动。


3.D 细节理解题。从文中最后一句可以得出答案。

4.B 个人运动的项目只有the high jumping“跳高”,而其余几个都是团体运动。

5.C 细节理解题。文中并没有提及团体运动比个人运动好,而是客观介绍了两种运动


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