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八年级英语上册 综合能力特色培优专项训练(四) 人教新目标版

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( )1.The weather gets ________ in summer.

A.hot and hotter

B.hotter and hottest

C.hotter and hotter

D.hottest and hottest

( )2.Bob sings very ________ and he sings ________ in our class.

A.beautiful; the most beautiful

B.more beautiful; most beautifully

C.beautifully; the most beautifully

D.most beautifully; more beautifully

( )3.As we know, the Changjiang River is one of ________ rivers in the world.

A.long B.longer

C.the longest D.longest

( )4.Of all the students, Peter sings________.

A.better B.good

C.best D.well

( )5.—What is your favorite sport?

—Swimming, I think. It's ________ of all.


B.more difficult

C.the most interesting

D.the most boring

( )6.My friend and I have something ________ common.

A.at B.in C.with D.on

( )7.This plan is ________ to him ________.

A.down; decide B.down; to decide

C.up; decides D.up; to decide

( )8.We should ________ these problems ________.

A.bring; seriously B.take; serious

C.take; seriously D.bring; serious

( )9.She played a ________ in winning the competition.


A.prize B.role

C.seat D.service

( )10.One of the coffee shops ________ a good place ________ our time.

A.is; to enjoy B.are; to enjoy

C.are; enjoys D.is; enjoy

Ⅱ.完形填空 The Great Wall of China has a history of over two thousand years. It runs from the east to the west in North China. It is about 6,300 kilometers __1__. It is often __2__ “Ten-thousand-Li Great Wall”. It is one of the “Seven Wonders” of the ancient world. The Great Wall is wide enough for ten men to walk __3__. Horses can also run along it, too. The Great Wall __4__ stones and bricks(砖). There are huge stones on __5__ side and on the highest part. But now some sections of it are worn out.

There are tall watch-towers on the Great Wall. Once upon __6__ time, the soldiers kept watching the enemies(敌人) in the watch-towers day and night. They made __7__ on the towers to __8__ each other when the enemies came.

Nowadays we don't use the Great Wall to keep away the enemies any more. It is a famous place of interest to all the people in __9__. Every year __10__ people come to visit it from all over the world.

( )1.A. wide B . tall C.long

( )2.A. calling B.call C.called

( )3.A. side by side

B.one by one

C.one after another

( )4.A. was made of

B.was made from

C.was made in

( )5.A. both B.all C.each

( )6.A. an B.a C.the

( )7.A. fire B.a kite C.a face

( )8.A. tell B.talk C.speak

( )9.A. Asia B.the world C.Europe

( )10.A. thousand


B.a few thousand

C.thousands of


A teenage girl couldn't stand her parents' family rules, so she left home. She wanted to be famous. But she had poor education and several years later she had to ask for food on the street for a living. Now her father has died. Her mother is an old woman. But she is still looking for her daughter. She has been to every corner of the city. Everywhere she goes, she puts up a big photo of herself on the wall. At the lower part of the photo she writes,“I still love you... , come back home!” One day, the daughter saw one of the photos. The face was familiar(熟悉). “Is that my mother?” She moved closer and read the words “I still love you ...” She cried. When she got home, it was early morning. She knocked on the door. The door opened itself. She rushed to her mother's bedroom. Her mother was sleeping. She woke her mother up,“It's me! Your daughter is back home!” The mother and daughter held each other, full of happy tears. The daughter asked, “Why is the door not locked? A thief could get in.” The mother answered softly, “The door has never been locked since you left.”

The door of parents' love for their children will never be closed. 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。

( )1.The girl left home because her parents weren't kind to her. ( )2.The girl didn't have much money, so she couldn't be famous.

( )3.The mother put up her daughter's photo on the wall so that she could find her daughter.

( )4.When the girl came back home, she couldn't wait to see her mother. ( )5.From the story we know that parents love their children forever at any time.


1.C 比较极+比较极意为“越来越??”。

2. C 3. C 4. C 5. C 6. B 7. D

8.C take?seriously意为“认真对待??”。

9.B play a role意为“发挥作用;有影响”。


10.A one of+复数名词意为“??之一”,其后接单数谓语动词;不定式结构to enjoy...作后置定语修饰名词place。



1.C 句意:它大概6300千米长。

2.C 句意:它经常被叫作“万里长城”。此处是被动语态。

3.A 句意:长城足够宽,十个人可以肩并肩地走过。所以此处应该是“肩并肩”。

4.A be made of意为“由??制成”(能看出原材料)。

5.C side是单数形式,所以空格中的词表示“每一个”。

6.B once upon a time意为“从前”。

7.A 根据常识可知:很早以前人们用瞭望塔的火传递敌情。

8.A 句意为“当敌人入侵时,他们用点火的方式来传递信息。”

9.B 根据下文“每年全世界有成千上万的人来参观它”可知它在世界上很著名。

10.C 句意:每年全世界有成千上万的人来参观它。thousands of意为“成千上万的”。 Ⅲ.阅读理解

【主旨大意】 文章主要讲述了母亲寻找离家出走的女儿的故事。

1.F 由“A teenage girl couldn't stand her parents' family rules, so she left home. ” 可知。

2.F 由“She wanted to be famous. But she had poor education and several years

later she had...”可知女孩不能成名的原因是她没受过什么教育。

3.F 由“Everywhere she goes, she puts up a big photo of herself on the wall. ”


4.T 由“She rushed to her mother's...”可知她迫不及待地想看到母亲。

5.T 由“The door of parents' love for their...”可知父母的爱是永恒的。


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