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八年级英语上册 综合能力特色培优专项训练(七) 人教新目标版

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( )1.—It's so cold today.

—Yes, it's________colder than it was yesterday.

A.some B.more

C.very D.much

( )2.Teachers often tell us________in the river after school.

A. don't swim B.not swim

C.not to swim D.to not swim

( )3.We never know ________.

A.where is he

B.where he is

C.where is he from

D.where is he going

( )4.—Mom, when can I go out to play football?

—Finish your homework first, or I________let you go out.

A. don't B.didn't

C.won't D.haven't

( )5.I agree ________you and I'll help ________ the housework.

A.with; with B.with; to

C.to; to D.with; at

( )6.There will be ________ pollution and ________ trees in the city.

A.less; more B.fewer; much

C.less; much D.fewer; more

( )7.________ of people are dancing over there. Two ________ students are from our


A.Hundred; hundred

B.Hundred; hundreds C.Hundreds; hundred

D.Hundred; hundreds

( )8.Lots of animals are in great ________.We should play a part in ________ them.

A.dangerous; save B.danger; saving


C.danger; saved D.dangerous; saves

( )9.________ very interesting for me ________ in an apartment.

A.It; to live B.It's; to live

C.It's; lives D.It; living

( )10.Let's ________ and ask him to ________ his dog.

A.wake up him; look at

B.wake him up; look for

C.wake him up; look up

D.wake up him; look like

Ⅱ.完形填空 Life today is much easier than it was hundreds of years ago, but at the same time, there are many new problems today. One of __1__ problems is pollution. Pollution comes __2__ many different forms(形式). We see it, drink it and even __3__ it. The pollution is getting more serious. The more people there are, the __4__ pollution there is. A long time ago, pollution wasn't so serious, __6__ there were not so many people, but now, humans are polluting the whole world. Many countries are making __6__ to fight against pollution. They __7__ people from using coal(煤) in houses and factories, and from putting __8__ smoke into the air. They also advise people to use their cars less and go to work by bus, bike or even __9__. The earth is our home. We must __10__ it. This means keeping its land, water and air clean.

( )1.A. big B.bigger C.the biggest

( )2.A. in B.to C.out

( )3.A . want B.hear C.make

( )4.A. more B.less C.most

( )5.A. if B.because C.so

( )6.A. predictions B.friends C.rules

( )7.A. finish B.stop C.save

( )8.A. clean B.free C.dirty

( )9.A. walking B.flying C.driving

( )10.A. agree with B. complain about C.take care of



Imagine this: your parents go away on business, but you have to stay at home alone. Would life be as easy as when your parents are around? Would it be a perfect holiday for you?

“I can fill an empty stomach with tomatoes and egg soup, but that's all. I think many of my classmates are the same. We wouldn't know what to do, or how to look after ourselves,” said Zheng Chenyu, “And I'd forget something important. I'd probably watch television and burn the soup.”

“As soon as I leave home, I'll learn to cook. But now my parents do almost everything for me. I’m very lazy,” she said. Most teenagers have only time for their homework. They don't learn any life skills until they go to college.

However, Sima Yige doesn't think so. “I think I'd be all right. I wouldn't just eat sandwiches or fruit. I know how to cook some simple dishes because my mum showed me,” the 13-year-old boy said. In his opinion, many teenagers depend too much on their parents, and there is much more to learn than cooking, like “tidying up your room or even dressing yourself properly”.


1.Why would Zheng Chenyu probably burn the soup?


2.When will Zheng Chenyu learn to cook?


3. Translate the underlined sentence into Chinese. ________________________________________________________________________

4.What does the underlined phrase mean in Chinese? ________________________________________________________________________

5.Would life be as easy for teenagers living alone as when their parents are around? ________________________________________________________________________


1.D 考查比较级的用法。比较级前可用much, even, a little等修饰。故选D。

2.C 考查固定词组。tell sb not to do sth意为“告诉某人不要做某事”。故选C。

3.B 宾语从句中的特殊疑问句要用陈述语序。


4.C 考查动词的时态。根据句意“妈妈,我什么时候可以出去踢足球?”“先写完你的



6.A little修饰不可数名词,many修饰可数名词,little和many的比较级分别为:less 和




9.B it作形式主语,后面的不定式作真正的主语。

10.B 代词作宾语时放在动副词组中间;look for意为“寻找”。


1-5 CABAB 6-10 CBCAC


1.Because he can't cook anything else.

2.As soon as he leaves home.



5.No, it wouldn't.


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