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TEXT 动名词练习

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TEXT 动名词练习

1) My wife said in her letter that she would appreciate ____ from you sometime.

A) to have heard B) to hear C) for hearing D) hearing

2) the baby start ____ oonce he saw the dog .

A)cried B)To crying C) to cry D) crying

3) The thief took away the woman's wallet without____.

A) being seen B) seeing C) him seeing D) seeing him

4) People appreciate ____wit him because he has a good sense of humor.

A) to work B) to have worked C) working D) have working

5) I've enjoyed ____ to talk with you.

A) to be able B) being able C) to been able D) of being able

6) No one can avoid ____ by advertisements.

A) to be influenced B) being influenced C) influencing D)having influence

7) They are considering ____ before the prices go up.

A) of buying the house B) with buying the house C) buying the house D) to buy the house

8) He thought that ____.

A) the effort doing the job was not worth B) the effort was not worth in doing the job

C) it was not worth the effort doing the job D) it was not worth the effort by doing the job

9) If I had remembered ____ the door, the things would not have been stolen.

A) to lock B) locking C) to have locked D)shavings locked

10) Your shirt needs ____. You'd better have it done today.

A) iron B) to iron C) ironing D) being ironed

11) You can't help ____ commercials; every few minutes the program is interrupted to give you one advertisement or another.

A) to hear B) to be heard C) hearing D) with hearing

12) My transistor radio isn't working. It ____.

A) need repairing B) needs to repair C) needs repairing D) need to be repaired

13) It is no use ____ me not to worry.

A) you tell B) your telling C) for you to have told D)shavingstold

14) He is very busy ____ his papers. He is far too busy ____ callers.

A) to write...to receive B) writing...to receive C) writing...receiving D) to write...for receiving

15) The suspect at last admitted ____ stolen goods but denied ____ them.

A) receiving...selling B) to receive...to sell C) to receiving...to selling D) to have received...to have sold

16) She apologized for ____ to come.

A) her not being able B) her being not able C) not being able D) that she's not able to

17) I really appreciate ____ to help me, but I am sure that I can manage by myself.

A) you to offer B) that you offer C) your offering D) that you are offering

18) Please stop ____, boys, I have something important to ____ you.

A) saying ...talk B) telling ... Say C) talking ...speak D) talking ... tell

19) Tony, would you go and see if Sam has any difficulty ____ his tape recorder?

A) to fix B) fixing C) for fixing D) fix

20)"Why isn't Nancy going to meet us?""It's my fault. I forgot all about ____ her."

A) telephoning to B) to telephone C) to telephone to D) the telephoning to

21)"Why were you late?""I had a hard time ____ up this morning."

A) to get B) get C) got D) getting

22) I remember ____ to help us if we ever got into trouble.

A) once offering B) him once offering C) him to offer D) to offer him

23) John regretted ____ to the meeting last week.

A) not going B) not to go C) not been going D) not to be going

24) It is difficult to get used ____ in a tent after a soft, comfortable bed to lie on.

A) sleep B) to sleeping C) slept D) to sleep

25) He gives people the impression ____ many poems.

A) of written B) to have written C) of being written D) to write

26) Do you feel like ____ out or would you rather ____ dinner at home?

A) going...to have B) to go...to have C) to go...having D) going...have

27) Prior to ____ the formal speech, first he will introduce himself.

A) delivering B) deliver C) being delivering D) being delivered

28)I don't mind ____ by bus, but I hate ____ in queues.

A) to travel...standing B) traveled...standing C) traveling...to stand D) traveling...standing

29) What about ____ double quantities of everything today? We have hardly time to go____ next week.

A) buying...to shop B) buy...shopping C) buying...shopping D) to buy...shopping

30) We had some trouble ____ the house and nobody seemed ____ where it was.

A) in finding...knowing B) finding...to know C) to find...knowing D) to find...to know

31) We can't imagine ____ in the entrance examination, for she has never been to school.

A) she succeeding B) her succeeding C) she succeed D) her to succeed

32) I don't like ____ at me.

A) them laughing B) their laugh C) them laugh D) them to have laughed

33) We suggested ____ in hotels but the children were anxious ____ out.

A) sleeping...to camp B) sleeping...camping C) to sleep...to camp D) to sleep...camping

34)I have no objection ____ the evening with them.

A) to spend B) to spending C) of spending D) spending

35) After ____ for the job, you will be required to take a language test.

A) being interviewed B) interviewed C) interviewing D) interviewed

36) The match was canceled because most of the members ____ a match without a standard court.

A) objected to B) were objected to have C) objected to have D) were objected to having

37) Jean did not have time to go to the concert last night because she was busy ____ for her examination.

A) to prepare B) to be prepared

C) preparing D) being prepared

38) It is no good ____ remember grammatical rules. You need to practice what you have learned.

A) trying to B) to try to C) try to D) tried to

39) After ____ him better, I regretted ____ him unfairly.

A) getting to know...to judge

B) getting to know...to have judged

C) getting to have know...judging

D) getting to know...having judged

40) He is looking forward to ____ his holiday in Britain.

A) spend B) have spent

C) spending D) been spending

41) Before ____ the house, you should get a surveyor____ over it.

A) buying...looking B) bought...to look

C) buying...to have looked D) buying...to look

42) In some countries people favor ____ together even though there is much more space.

A) to stay B) stay

C) staying D) stayed

43)"Why was Fred so upset?""He isn't used ____ criticized."

A) be B) to be C) to being D) been

44) It's no use ____ to get a bargain these days.

A) to expect B) expecting

C) wanting D) you expect

45)"Why were you so late for work today?

""____ to the office was very slow this morning because of the traffic."

A) Driving B) I drove

C) To drive D) That I drove

46) It was impolite of him ____without ____good-bye.

A) to leave, saying B) leaving, to say

C) to leave, to say D) leaving, saying

47) He kept ____to his parents.

A) putting off to write B) to put off to write

C) putting off writing D) to put off writing

48) I'll go with you after I get through with ____the house.

A) cleaning B) to cleaning

C) to be cleaned D) cleaned

49) With apples at 25 cents a pound, we couldn't resist ____four pounds.

A) to take B) took C) taking D) have taken

50 )How can you keep the machine ____when you are away?

A) run B) to run C) running D) being run

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